Hey, I know many of you thought I died in Asia and left no trail.
Not the case, I have just been hustling like a madman.

But I didn’t feel like writing so I opened up via video instead. Take a look at:

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Achieving happiness – How to turn around a shitty mindset

This is something quite personal that I wrote to myself. I know that I am not the happiest most grateful person in the planet and have a lot to improve on this area so I wanted to distill everything to the core essentials. The ABCs of what it takes to be happy and I wanted it to be done in a way that is memorable and sticky. In a way that anyone can take and instantly implement.

I am sure if we all live the 5 keys that are in this post we will have lives that are way better than they would be otherwise.

Read this sentence with care and take a moment to take it in:
‘To get what you want, you have to deserve what you want’.

Think about that…
If we look at it only from the surface level it appears to be a pretty simple statement and the way people would typically think about it would be via material things.

But I would argue is that it applies more to emotional states.

Now, think of this:
‘To get happiness, you have to deserve happiness’.
Or put more accurately.
‘To be happy, you have to deserve happiness’.

What that actually means is that deep within you, you have to want to be happy.

Let’s dive deeper in to things.
IF the above statement is true and in order to be happy, you would have to deserve happiness.

THEN in order to be really happy we would simply need to deserve it.

Now the question becomes:
Who is deserving of happiness?

That is a big question.
Probably too big for one man to answer.
What would be a lot easier would be to invert the problem and try to nail who is not WORTHY of happiness?

We could probably form a list of universal characteristics and traits of unhappy people.

Unhappy people:
-Are ungrateful.
-Find ways to complain.
-Turn small problems in to big problems.
-Focus on problems NOT solutions.
-Are reactive as opposed to proactive.

Obviously there is more and this kind of list is FAR from being conclusive. BUT for the sake of simplicity, lets focus on these because these are the BIG and universal ones.

Now, these traits will not kill you instantly but instead they will suffocate you slowly in to a slow and miserable death of all happiness.
But why specifically are these traits so problematic?

It comes down to two reasons:
1st reason: They are habitual and work under the surface and this makes them almost impossible to spot. So they run subconsciously and largely on autopilot.

2nd reason: They are both causative and correlative. Meaning that the more you engage in to these behaviors the unhappier you will be and as a result you are more likely to engage in these behaviors. This will form the unhappiness loop that can be near impossible to escape from.

So, now that we have nailed what causes unhappiness, we could probably get what causes happiness.

IF we assume happiness works on the opposite spectrum to unhappiness then happy people would have the opposite characteristics and traits.

Happy people:
-Are grateful.
-Find ways to NOT complain.
-Turn big problems in to small problems.
-Focus on solutions NOT problems.
-Are proactive as opposed to reactive.

And why are these traits potentially so powerful?

Two reasons:
1st reason: Just like unhappiness, happiness can run on autopilot which makes it effortlessly to engage in.

2nd reason: These items are both causative and correlative. This means that just like a person can be in the unhappiness/misery/victim loop, they could also be in the happiness loop.
In conclusion then:
-Happiness is a skill that can be trained and conditioned through awareness and focus.
But most importantly
-Happiness is not about ‘faking it’, it is not some kind of positivity parade where people are smiling on the outside while feeling negative on the inside.
-Being happy is up to you. And since it is up to you, it is your responsibility to fix it if you truly want it.
Because remember:
‘To get what you want, you have to deserve what you want’.

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Economics 101, how to actually get results from your work.

It is well known that I am selfish and I like to write for myself.
And what I am writing is what I think I need to most hear in my own situation.

In essence it could be viewed as me advising myself.
Because we often know what to do but all the ideas are cluttered in our heads.

So if I write like a know it all.
It is because I have went and analyzed the concepts in my head so many times.
Over and over again.
To gain clarity.
And only then do I go to the world and state my view.

I am in Taipei. It is foggy in the hills =)

I believe there is enormous power in giving yourself advice.

If we just ask the right questions and stay open minded.
We can find the answers.

And it isn’t actually all that difficult.

You most of the time know what to do if you just open your mind to it and seek clarity.

And that is where personal journals can be really powerful.
That is why a lot of successful people do it.
It helps seeing patterns in life.

For me a pattern I have noticed lately:
Whatever work I have, it will fill the time allocated to it.

And that seems to be consistent, every time.

I can go and find assistants etc.
But I will always find a way to be busy.
That part seems to never change.


I’ve more and more come to realize.
Your input is not just the work you put in.

Input * efficiency = Results.

We know this from economics 101.
So knowing this. The way you do your work matters a lot.

Think about global competition.
A lot of people, Chinese, Japanese etc.
They can work 12 hours a day.

But, fortunately we live in a knowledge work society.
So it is not just how long and much you work. But how smart, how good is your efficiency.

And yes, on a certain level you should work a lot. I would never dispute that.

However what we traditionally think of as work, might not be the most efficient way to go about it.

Because you also need to make sure that there is no wasted activity and that the direction of your work is spot on. That you are working on the right direction and doing the right things.

And almost certainly there is going to be a lot of waste if you are doing 12 hour work days.

It is impossible to do your best work while being super intensely focused and smart about it.

That is when proactive recovery comes to play big time.

My Sunday relaxation destination

You have a choice: You could put the blinders on and just put your head down. Do a shitload of work like a typical small business owner. End up working 12 hours a day with around 50% waste.
You could work 7 hours really smartly. Aim to be as purposeful and planned as possible.
And instead of doing 12 hours with 50% productivity you could do 7 hours with 80% productivity.

The productivity is almost the same 6 hours of productive work versus 5,6 hours of productive work.

However one strategy is sustainable and will give you a lot better of a life.
Furthermore, if you use even part of these extra hours in active recovery.
You are well ahead of the grinders.
Taking off time will also make sure that you have time to be strategic and zoom out from the business. You will have time to really get clear on what you are trying to achieve.

And then whenever you do work, you are in that achieving mode.

So it is not about working ridiculous hours.
But its really about minimizing waste.
Still working but finding ways of doing everything just a bit smarter. With a purpose and aim.

You use your brain to escape hard labor.
You are the operator with intense realism. A general who sees the battlefield as it is.
One who is able to take advantage of opportunities and avoid the pitfalls.

In order to get to this point.
You have to start valuing inputs over outputs. And initially this will be difficult because these things will often be difficult to measure. Everybody can measure the amount of hours you put in but that is fools gold. Your goal should be the opposite, achieving as much as possible with minimum inputs.

Putting in your best work will be more and more important in the knowledge economy. We live in an environment where the perks go to the best. People don’t care about merely very good, they want and talk about only the best.

Look at the best athletes, CEOs, actors, consultants. There is huge wage gaps between the best and the tenth best in any position. The tenth best player in a football team is almost as good as the best player but he gets paid only around 20% of what the best gets paid.

So everyday.
Be less busy and a bit smarter about the way you do things.
Make it your purpose to show up with your best possible performance.
Fresh and super focused and clear on what you are going to do.
People don’t want the second best and neither should you.

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Taking my company public

Every year I want to try out something out that is a little bit different to what I have been doing.
For 2015 it was starting a web-development agency business.
For 2016 it was focusing on Shopify Ecommerce.
And since its now 2017 I want to try out some thing new again, something different, challenging and interesting.

So I am starting to push out a lot of content for my business. So in a sense I am taking my company and myself ‘public’.
This means I will be pushing myself out there and generating inbound leads for my business and really aim to position myself and my Shopify agency as top experts in my field.

So I thinking and planning of the best way to do this and decided that I am going to be pushing content on YouTube.
And then shamelessly promote that content throughout the Internet.

I believe in this plan because in my mastermind group this has been proven to be a good (Although very time consuming) way to get new leads for business.

I hope and believe long-term I will be a lot better off because of this.

Initially with content marketing it is most likely going to be like a J-curve. It can take a long time and a lot of effort to get noticed but once the work is done it should eventually reap continuous benefits.

And that is the aim here:
1. Create content that speaks to my target customer.
2. Position myself as an authority.

So the goal is to drive leads through that.
Not to grow a subscriber base but to get the right people on the phone with a right mindset.

Check out my YouTube channel here.
Check out my companys website here.
If you haven’t yet, you can also connect with me via LinkedIn.

Lots of cool stuff coming up on YouTube.
Ecommerce is always interesting and it is more relevant than ever so keep in touch 🙂


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2017 is here!

A new year is always a chance for a fresh start.
And whilst any moment is a good moment to start a better life it is a psychologically good to put something behind you when starting over.

So why not plan and refocus.

I know my 2017 will be focused on running my company. It will be a very important year. Probably the most important year so far.

In 2017 I look forward to having every process fully automated. I just need good commitment for a few more months before it can be feasible reality.
Now I have automated lead generation and project management to the point where they are running around 80% without me. I want to get close to 100% and stable before hiring my first salespeople. After that I should be free from the day to day operations.

Now, I got to say that 2017 didn’t start too gloriously for me.

In the morning hours I ended up puking in the toilet from too much beer.

That is why I am taking 100 days break from drinking.
So no alcohol for 100 days.

In exactly 100 days I will be flying from Taiwan back to the philippines. So that is actually very convenient.

Apart from these things I think it is good to just map out priorities so that they are clear and concise in my mind.

2017 Focuses:
1. Build a lasting agency. Focus on inbound and delivery more than outbound and sales. Running my agency will be a lot more focused on content marketing and I on the other hand will seek to be the main expert in the company. This means that there will be all the bells and whistles of online marketing soon. Traffic, a tripwire, lead magnet etc etc.. 🙂

2. Become a master delegator. With so much cheap labor, I shouldn’t do things myself. I am going to be a leader, use others, not being the hero.

3. Take better care of myself. This is a bit related to the last point but I want to make sure that I do my evening meditation almost every time.

4. Take care of my diet. Lets bring back the healthy diet. No drinking for the first 100 days, but also I want to average at least one healthy meal for every day. I will also be stricter in eating my vegetables.

5. Take time to exercise. Now, it is difficult to put goals and promises to these because situations vary a lot when you travel.

So those are five focuses of mine. Seems like they are all long-term oriented.


Now the 1st of January also marks the end of my dieting 10% bodyfat challenge.

I definitely lost a few kilos.

However I am very much in the dark regarding this because I haven’t seen a single scale in Asia.

The last time I measured was in Warsaw 40 days ago.
And I was couple kilos from my goal.

So I think it is fair to say that I missed it by just a kilo or so.

However, commitments are commitments.

So, I am going to get to 10%. And I am going to record it.

That is not really even important for my body but for my resolve.

You cannot back down on your commitments.

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Moving from entrepreneur thinking to executive thinking

At some point in any successful entrepreneurs life comes a moment where they have to start delegating things because they can’t be doing everything by themselves. This is a pivotal moment in the early life of an entrepreneur. Delegating tasks to others brings with it possibilities where the company is now capable of producing an output that is more than just a single person could produce.

So in essence the entrepreneur is multiplying his systems and having it run at least partly without him doing the work and thus taking a little bit of load off from himself.

Sadly this is a point where a lot of entrepreneurs get stuck. Hiring that first person to work for you can be such a big leap.

To be frank. Hiring for the first time takes balls, ambition and humbleness.

Balls in pulling the trigger and not procrastinating on the decision or waiting for the perfect moment.
Ambition to grow bigger than yourself.
And humbleness to admit the limitations of your skills and work output.

Essentially when you make your first full time hire you are committing to taking someone under your wing and making a statement: This company can support two people now.

This has been on my mind a bit lately since I just did my first full time hire.

The differences between an entrepreneur and an executive:

1. The executive makes decisions for the company – The entrepreneur makes decisions for himself.

It is a switch in thinking more and more about my company’s finances as it being company’s money and making decisions accordingly. The money is there for the company to do well, it is not the entrepreneurs retirement fund as long as it is in the company. As a result the executive invests the money more objectively and coldly without being too attached to it, the money is less personal.

2. The executive is no longer trying to find a working business model, he is trying to test direction.

This is probably the biggest distinction there is. Whereas the entrepreneur is looking to validate and test his grand ideas – The executive is looking to position his company. The goal of the executive is to make sure it is run by good processes etc.

The executive already has a working business model so instead of exploring options he is exploiting the business model.

3. Leveraging people to run the company.

The executive is using mostly other people to get what you want. Instead of doing things himself, the executive uses delegation and leadership, he uses his brain instead of his muscles to get  to the point where he wants to go.

As the entrepreneur phase is over, they are less and less involved in the day to day operations . The executive has his company work without him. It is the difference between being the COO and the CEO of your company.

4. The executive doesn’t have the focus on himself.

The products need to be deliverable without the executive. You will not see a real CEO next to a production line putting pieces together. That is not the work of an executive.

Instead a CEO will focus on two things:
1. Provide company with direction and identity.
2. Enable people to do their best work.
That is it.

When one becomes an executive and a leader it actually becomes less about them and more about the people. The job will be more about developing people, showing them the road and getting the maximum out of them.

It is in this phase where entrepreneurship becomes more about how to be an awesome leader instead of how to be the best operator you can be. This means that your internal qualities actually start to matter more because they will form the expectations and the standards for others to follow. As a result of one being a founder and a leader his values and attitudes will be reflected through the whole company.

It is not so much about what you do anymore but more and more about who you are.

Once you enable people to do their best work and to take risks you will be delighted about how much talent there actually is around.

It is just common that most people, even if they would make great business people just want the steady paycheck. However in their heart they still love testing ideas, looking at what works and can think a bit outside the box.

These people are golden as they are your front level soldiers that you can grow and work close together with.

So that being said, the goal is actually pretty simple. Become an executive and have a company that can eventually run without you.

Personally I want to get to a point where I invest a focused 135 hours on business.
And that is it. That is the kind of company I am looking to build.

I have noticed that with people the pressure will be on me as the leader in a way that it has never been before. After all I am adding fixed costs to your monthly expenses. And in a sense upping the stakes voluntarily and once you up the stakes you either deliver or you pay for it.

It is a different kind of stress to doing it all yourself but at the same time, I would say it is definitely worth it since with responsibility also comes the perks:
-Work with people that you like and trust.
-Make a BIG impact on peoples lives.
-The ability to delegate activities that aren’t really producing for you.
-Building a team will make you feel less like you are alone in this.

So essentially it makes running a company more satisfying.

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The six month vision for my company

Lately the future of my company has been on my mind a lot and I have been thinking hard core about what I want from my business. As some of you know I run a web-development agency.

And the last few weeks I have been going all out on business and have had that laser focus on it. So, it makes a lot of sense to reflect and map out a bit and get my goals right.

I know that personally I tend to be a bit more instant gratification and tend to be motivated by short-term goals so I created a six-month business vision. It’s really a vision of where I will be at the start of next summer and how I am going to get there.

Here goes.

I will continue to drive, sell and produce relatively simple Shopify eCommerce sites that don’t contain fancy design elements or aren’t too complicated.

Our competitive advantage:
Because our offering is focused and specific in a somewhat narrow niche we are in a position where we are able to deliver these with both expertise and cost-effectiveness. It is this cross-road that leads to our high profit margins and relatively easy delivery. We are a boutique agency that is able to be efficient because a lot of the work will be based on specific mapped out processes and repetition.

Main points of the vision:
-Create a business that will both support my lifestyle but also be easy to run. This is done via a full-time project manager who will handle repetitive and low level micro managing tasks freeing more and more time for me to do other things and run the company.
-Reputation as a reputable vendor with more long-term clients, referrals and inbound clients. We want to have an upsell strategy for every client. There will be a referral process in place and I will focus on building more of an authority and presence throughout the web in order to gain some profitable inbound leads.
-I will be the main mastermind behind the organization having eCommerce specific knowledge that I then pass on to people.

-The workforce will exist in the Philippines with a strong in-house virtual workforce. We will mostly avoid working with freelancers as they tend to be difficult to manage, unreliable and expensive.
-We will deliver our eCommerce solutions at least 80% by our full-time employees that are working virtually on regular working hours.
-The workforce itself will be mainly consisted of relatively poor mothers who are hard working and obedient. They will work hard to not get fired because their families would starve and they will be eternally grateful for the company for being saved from the slums.

Individual positions:
-I will have one girl working for me who already has experience on project management and HR (Ready to pay a little bit more on this). She will be able to bring some knowledge and leadership to the organization. Most of her work will be consisting of being a key account manager. This is the only senior position in the company, the only person who is allowed to be in her thirties (Rest of them need to be younger).

-I will have another woman who is more introverted working on the code side of things. She is more of an entry entry-level developer who is hungry to learn and develop. There are some things she can’t probably do at the beginning and those things will be outsourced until she learns them.

-My cheap lead generation girl who is a part timer. She doesn’t have much of a brain but puts in the effort and doesn’t complain.

Project management:
-I have 1-2 project managers.
-IF I have more than 1 project manager there will be a lead project manager that will be the only one I communicate with regularly. I will only lead one person on project management.
-We have reached a point where the company can deliver its projects and communicate with clients 100% without my involvement. I can take a vacation and projects would still get delivered.

-Outbound contacting is done in-house by people other than me.
-On sales, we have moved the focus to be more balanced with referrals, building relationships and warmer sales. We have a relationship strategy in place to squeeze every penny out of our clients.
-Sales calls is still done by me (But we have got to a point where they are ready to being outsourced after $10k a month revenue is consistent.)

My personal input on the company:
-Show up on sales calls that are scheduled by my assistants and close deals.
-Monitor the efforts and results of the project manager. NOTE: Not managing the projects but the project manager.
-Continue to make sure that the lead generation is running smooth. (Easy)
-Be a strategic leader guiding the ship and shining it. People outside need to know that I am a captain. It is my own personal brand, (outwardly it appears to be a Finnish company).

Financial goals by June 1st 2017:
-Monthly revenue $10k with a solid 60% profit margin. Profit is consistently over $6k a month.
-Cost estimation: Fixed costs: ~500$ a month maximum + employee costs: 2500$ a month maximum + alternative costs.

So that is the 6 month vision.

Here is the 2 year vision:
-After everything is running somewhat smoothly I will put my time and focus on improving lifestyle and further free up my time from day-to-day operations.
-I want to keep this easy to run for myself but to still grow the company. Eventually I want to have 10 people on regular payroll. The reason why I want this is mostly because it is going to bring stability to operations so that if one person drops or something it will not be a big deal. This will lead to less fire killing.
-The company is 100% capable of running 100% without me. I want to act more as a board and have a COO & CEO who are 100% responsible for the results that they and their underlings provide.
-The goal is to run a company that is easy to manage (Micro management is one of my biggest pain points.)
-Profit margins are consistently 60% with a minimum $10k revenue and I can scale operations with sales people and step away from the company.

-If after 3 years I am not enjoying and having fun anymore then I will be looking to sell and do something else. I will be 30 and will not want to be doing anything that I don’t enjoy.

Immediate action steps:
-Flying to Manila in 10 days to train a full time assistant in person (Having part time assistants never really worked out). Going to provide her with thorough training so that she can take off the micro-management tasks from me. She is going to be instantly able to free up at least 15-20 hours of my time and most of the stress which will have a significant positive impact on my life.
-I will continue to sell a standardized product that I will be able to replicate very cost effectively with cheap labor force. I will expand our documents to include some specific areas and put more focus on working the systems during the next couple months.
-After the assistant is trained I will have her look for potential developers and will hire a full-time entry level developer that I aim to train in to a star and keep her around for a long time to come.

Was very helpful to take the time to write these down. I have more focus on where I want to go now.


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Feeling down? Take ownership of your thinking

awesomeMost of the time when we are all stressed out and exhausted it seems to be a lack of mental ownership and direction. I wrote this as an internal note for those moments when I feel overworked a bit tired and I want to yield and give up under pressure.First of all it comes down always making sure that we are fucking sharp. We are performing on your best. You want to always have that mental edge over people. Peoples interests don’t usually align 100% with yours and that’s why its important that we as hustlers and leaders are capable of outwitting and outsmarting people. And I don’t mean this as a shady way but we are sharp enough to take advantage of peoples weaknesses and then we can strike on that.
Whatever it is.
A salary negotiation. A sales call. Persuading your employees to work harder. Making sure you are not taken advantage of.With most people you should be able to run mental circles around them, having more awareness and focused on what is important. Being clear headed when they are clouded. You should have clarity of what you want when they are hesitant. You are proactive when they are reactive. You are just more alive and focused when they are distracted and all over the place. This is the mental edge. Just this kind of general sharpness.
And this kind of sharpness can be applied to your own thinking.You thinking that you are feeling sad or overworked means that you are not being sharp.
You are focused on the completely wrong things. It is reactive thinking, it is not going to help you. Instead you need to be tough and focused like a laser beam.

I noticed most of the time when I feel down its either of the two things:
1. I lack my WHY. I am not operating with a clear sense of reason which leads me to not be engaged.
2. I am not moving towards my why (Not getting results). This leads to the chasing of why feeling purposeless.

This is also which leads to inaction.

Laziness is stemming from couple of things. Not seeing the results or not being fully connected to the why.

Instead you want to quickly reframe all of you thinking, just shut the fuck up when you are having those internal complaints about some bullshit and get to the point.

In a western modern world, there is nothing to complain about and nobody gives a shit.
So stop telling yourself that you are tired or some bullshit like that.

You are good to go. There is always more energy that you can tap in to.
If you are having problems with anything there is always a solution.

In life this is what I have been training for. I have been going after my goals hardcore for a long time so that I can take it without flinching.

My hero’s wouldn’t be wimping.
Nobody I admire would crack under pressure so I am not going to do that either.

So even if I am not connected 100% to my why, I am still doing it just to do it.
And doing it feels good.

Focusing on doing feels good.
Actually, focus alone feels good.

Once you loose that, your mind starts to wonder too much.
You can have stupid thoughts like:
Am I depressed?
Why am I unhappy?
Maybe I don’t really like my life.

And once that happens you are in risk of feeling bad or not being fulfilled or bullshit like this.
Shitty questions lead to shitty stated. Ask better ones and you will feel better. Be focused.

Keep your focus. Take ownership and responsibility of focus.
That is how I have got my victories by being ridiculously focused and connected to that.

And one thing I love about life is that it is an arena for me to live out my values.
Life is where you put everything to practice.
It gives you real time feedback and sharpens you like nothing else.

Here is some things that I have been focused on the last few days. These alone have brought me a lot of fulfillment:

First thing: Stop resisting anything that happens to you.
If things are difficult just make sure to never ever complain. You are making it 10 times harder than it needs to be with your own bullshit stories.
Be really careful if you label something as bad. Things themselves can be challenging enough without you labeling them negatively (resisting).
So just shut up and do it. Don’t focus on the pain because there is nothing you can do.
It is not up to you. It is outside of your circle of influence and it shouldn’t concern you.
It comes down to being proactive in your thinking, having an ownership of your mind.

Second thing: Reframe everything that goes on.
Instead of having to do anything, you get to do it.
The same things can be seen from different lights, we want to focus on the most empowering view.
If things are difficult. I am thinking: this is how it should be. I am living on the elite level. Bring it on. I’m fucking stronger than this and its not going to break me.
It should become a game, you will see all the positive things. This will transform you in to a killer.

Why would I burn out?
I’m not a candle!-Grant Cardone

Third thing: Live with virtue.
Life is an opportunity for you to practice virtue.
Everything is an opportunity to live with virtue and see the benefits of it.
You get to practice right thinking and you get to put it in to practice with action.So just a very simple 1, 2, 3 process you can do to feel a lot better about everything that happens to you.1.Stop resisting.
3.Live with virtue.


1.Disconnect from your pain.
2.Find the pleasure in it.
3.Reconnect.If you do this. You own yourself and you will be a fucking hero in life.

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Challenges in Hong Kong

So I left Europe for a few months and flew to Hong Kong. This sunset was the last I saw on my home continent for a long time

So I left Europe for a few months and flew to Hong Kong. This sunset was the last I saw on my home continent for a long time

Business challenges:
-My main source of leads dried out pretty badly for me. A good lesson of how relying on a single source of leads can be dangerous. However I believe good things can and will come out of it, within my circles we were always talking about how we need to get the heck out of freelancer sites.

Life challenges:
-I validated what I already knew. It is difficult to work from hostels where everyone around you has a travel mindset. I very much feel I don’t belong on these places anymore but I thought it would okay since at least this time I had offices that I could work from. However it is still challenging since I often need to work around normal hours (especially here in Asia!). I can’t really make it work, so I am heading to a hotel in just a few days.

Overall I feel damn great being here. This is the adventure I have been craving for and I feel that at least for now I am on the path that I should be on. And it is definitely a bit scary, the safe feeling thing would be to go back to university and study to have a degree but I don’t think about that anymore, in a sense you could look at it as burning the boats. I know I will be okay and I am really happy about the path that I am on.

Even if the work I do is not always necessarily the most fun but I aim to do it in a fun environment and in a fun way. But one thing that has kind of been creeping on me lately has been cash flow. I need to stop using my personal savings and get my cash flow in good order soon. It is easy to be comfortable when you have cash in the bank but the flip side of it is that you essentially have very little pressure to produce results.

Working from the 31st floor, overlooking the Hong Kong skyscrapers

Working from the 31st floor, overlooking the Hong Kong skyscrapers

Almost everyone needs people to push us forward and help us to be more accountable in our lives. When you know that you can always sell some stock and be okay it makes it feel like more of a hobby because you don’t need the results.

It might take you ten years to find your place in the business. In the mean
time you’ll have to find a way to pay the bills, and you’ll have
to do anything and everything you can to be around people
practicing your craft.
-Dustin Hoffman

The problem is that as an entrepreneur or a salesman you should need the results a little bit. You should have that fire under your ass that forces you to produce results, otherwise nobody does. And that little bit of extra pressure is often the one pushing you to do the little bit uncomfortable things: Charging what you’re worth, going for that sale one more time, closing harder, aiming to finish projects quicker. In general I see it as only a good thing.


So, I think it is time to finally start paying myself a salary.
The problem is that both my living costs and the fixed costs of my business are pretty high at the moment and I am actually burning through more cash than I thought.

For a person who is traveling on short term the rent will always be a major expense.
And even in Manila I am expecting to pay around 800€ month for my total living expenses.

I have to go for something a little bit nicer since I need to have nightly salescalls from my apartment which means that I need to have a nice room with good soundproofing and a solid internet.

That’s why it looks like I am going to live in one of the famous skyscrapers of Manila. Right there in the heart of the city.

But I think the monthly expenses will be something like:
800€ for the flat – Including utilities, gym and pool.
600€ for food, drinks and going out.
300€ for transportation and airplane tickets.
200€ for other expenses.

That is already 1900€. And although I am living nicely, that is the living costs in one of the more cheaper cities.

20161119_084011So I guess we can conclude couple of things:
1st: If you live in a relatively wealthy country, you are unlikely to save a lot of money on rent by moving short term to a poor country because you need an upscale local apartment and upscale always costs money.
2nd: Setting up for short medium term is probably a lot smarter in terms of rental prices and hassle. With monthly deals you don’t have all that much negotiating power and its not worth your time to haggle endlessly.

But overall an entrepreneurs life shouldn’t be about worrying about costs and saving money on every turn. That will be poisonous to your mindset, it will make you think small and that small thinking will probably put a bit of a ceiling on your achievements.

Anyway in four days I am off to an actual hotel and can do sales calls and cold-contacting from there. Take care.

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Bucharest – Warsaw – …

My time in Romania has now been over for a week, I had a good 48 days there, now it is time to move on from there. I just don’t think Bucharest has too much to give me anymore.

Overall I would say it was a mix of some good and some bad things. As a country it is a bit communist looking and poor. Cool people, really friendly, easy to open girls. But overall I never felt at home there. Sometimes it is not easy to explain why but I just didn’t feel the fit personally.


I ended up choosing Warsaw as the next place because its an opportunity to live with people doing the same thing. It was never my intention to spend my winter in a cold country but I got an offer that I just couldn’t refuse.

I am still at a point where I am learning massively about business and I need to keep going. I need to think about going forward and the next steps.

I know from experience that if I have hustlers around me pushing and vice versa it is going to make a massive difference. Right now I am hooked on business and learning everything I can about my craft (Ecommerce). Everything feels almost effortless because the WHY I am doing it is so clear in my mind so I know that a month in Warsaw is going to be worth it because I only need one of two good ideas from there and it is going to be massively beneficial.

Now, 1 week ago I just had a one week semi-vacation in Romania. And a great thing about vacations is that it gives you time to reflect and reflect and readjust.

I always end up becoming more grateful on vacations and I now realize that my life is already pretty damn good. I don’t have to worry too much about money, freedom or any of the basic needs. I got all that.

Nicolae Ceaușescus palace in Bucharest

Taken from Nicolae Ceaușescus palace in Bucharest

So I guess I am sometimes having existential struggles (Got some white man problems).

For me to figure out what I really want from life is an incredibly difficult equation to solve because getting to the root cause of your unbiased wants is super complicated.

Every time I take time off from hustling I start to get deep and ask what I actually want out of life now?

When you are working hard, you get the feeling that you really must want this because you are doing this. It is almost like you look at your actions and reflect back, I must want this because I have committed so much time and effort to it. I have sacrificed this much, of course I want this.

Another issue is commitment and consistency. Once you have committed to a path, you really don’t want to give it up. Turning back would mean admitting that you have lost, it would mean that all that work you put in to it was a waste.

And a third big thing is the peer group and the influence of its values on you. If you are hanging out on Wall-street you will start to adopt those values, if you hangout in Hostels you will start to adapt to those values. So the best thing with major life decisions could be to try to remove yourself from outside influences as much as possible for a short period of time. You want to have a purity of mind.


Brasov, Romania

So what did I find out from my vacation?

The following things.
-It is good that I have been pushing it hard on business, that is awesome but I have done it with a price that is a bit too high to pay. After all I am not in a massive hurry to get there, I need a tiny bit more balance and not work my self to the ground. With this improved balance I will get my personality back and it will be an opportunity to develop a bit more of a lifestyle where neither the girls or the money is neglected.

I go to the point where I was super committed to business but my lifestyle and personality became dull. I became less and less social and more focused on making it on the detriment of everything else. My social life really suffered and I started to think that it was a bit too much of a sacrifice.

So, I want to have adventures and fun in my life too and not just work 0n the computer all the time.

Unfortunately the week of did answer one burning question, could the business run smoothly without me?
And the answer was no.
So at least so far I have created a business and a system that is dependent on me (A job). I need to be there for things to happen.

I know at some level, when starting my company the point was to create a job to make a living (I am not going to retire at 27). But if I create a job and take all this risk and effort to do so, I want to create a really damn good job that I enjoy.

After all I took the risks and put in all the work so of course I want to be well compensated for the work as well. I wanted to create a freedom to travel anywhere and live a lifestyle that very few people get to live.

If I wanted to stay in Finland I would have started something local.
Now I am probably playing on a field that is a bit tougher but I am doing it because I love traveling. I want to see almost every place in the world that is possible to see.

And the world for me is just getting better, right now there is A LOT of places I can’t yet go because of poor internet. However in the next decade there will be very few places in the world that I couldn’t live in.

Think about that for a second.


Warsaw life

20161025_165109 20161029_210156

If the aim is to have an experience rich life, not necessarily financially rich life. This is the best time ever to be in online business.

At the end of the day there is very few people I would switch spots with.
I am on an awesome path and I can only see it getting better from here.

Being at a position where I am able to do spontaneous things without asking anyone. is awesome. And I want to use that right I have created for myself 🙂

So I just went ahead and booked flights from Warsaw to Hong Kong.

Its going to be quite a big change but I have been in Europe for so long that I started to crave new experiences. And that’s why I am heading over there.

Really have no plan except to stay in Hong Kong for at least three weeks.

After that, I have no idea.

And that’s how I like it! 🙂

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If you don’t work now, you’ll hate yourself later

I need to have a little rant about the fact that working hard is underrated.

I see it all around me: our society celebrates people who get results without working.
This mindset is pure stupidity and its getting shoveled in to your thinking.
You are basically being trained not to appreciate working.

This how much we celebrate Fridays and simultaneously frown Mondays in our our culture.
These kind of things are poisoning you from the inside.

Here is something I have come to realize as I have started to work more and more: work can be one of the great love affairs of your life.

Think about it, very few things can provide your life with a purpose.
Work is your chance to create something, to have a reason for existing, a meaning to your life.

And yet, in our culture work is tremendously underrated.

Instead we overvalue free time, although it doesn’t make us happy because it doesn’t challenge us.
Too much free time by contrast can make us miserable.

We perform best in a flow state where we are appropriately engaged and challenged. Where things are not too easy but not too impossible either.
Work provides us that challenge.

And without that challenge, we slowly become weak.

Even old people start to deteriorate fast the moment they lack the challenge in their lives.

I believe that we have a need to be significant and to create, to better things around us in certain way.

That is our highest purpose and nothing fills that purpose better than work.

We were made to produce. That is why stagnating is not rewarding, it goes against our core nature.

If I don’t live life on the attack I notice I become passive and too reflective.
Instead a bit of black and white thinking helps.
The most hardcore worker guys think black and white. They just push with occasional breaks.
They put their head down and dont complain.
For work ethic black and white mentality is good. You should be a bit black and white and judgmental in your thinking.

I can’t help it (Not that I wan’t to help it) but I view people who don’t put in the work lazy losers.

For me working is easy because I really appreciate work.
I ‘game myself’ to like it. Just like I never consider poker to be work.
I don’t consider running a business to be work. It is game and games are fun.

So become a man of action, spend the vast majority of your time on the attack. As a man your were meant to be a predator not prey.

Take massive action to get feedback.

This ensures that your lessons are actually based on your own experience.
They are hand tailored to you and you become your own coach and your own guru.

This is the way of deliberate practice.

You learn what you are naturally good at in the battlefield of life and you find out your weaknesses.
You get to focus on your sticking points and if you are willing to listen life will tell you where your problem points are.

So be proactive.

Once you become a man of action other people will see it from you, it will be written all over you.
Other people will respect this automatically, it just comes off in your vibe that you are going places.

You will naturally develop a charismatic aura and that sparkle in your eye.

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My new life in Bucharest, life update

Hey guys,

Had a layover in Istanbul for 20 hours. Saw a lot of these things

Had a layover in Istanbul for 20 hours. Saw a lot of these things

I am now living in Bucharest Romania. The last 5 weeks of my life have been a great proof of how much the people you have around you matter and influence you. I have immersed myself with top people who are ambitious and want to strive for big things in life, similar to me. And we just feed off of each others energy.

Its like you put yourself on steroids by surrounding yourself with similar people. This also means that you have the responsibility to be on top of your game because you, similarly influence them.

I got to say, whit these people here I have felt a sense of belonging that I haven’t felt since I lived with the poker community on Malta in 2012. It is like my extended family where we get each other and nobody else seems to get us. Similarly we seem to not understand most people who aren’t ambitious, striving to be awesome etc.


A walk around Bucharest always reveals something massive

So, the 5 big rules I am focusing on my life right now:
-Calorie restriction – 1530 kcal + exercise.
-Daily game – At least 1 approach every day.
-Exercise 4 times a week – Gym sessions. Mostly weights with at least one cardio session per week.
-Focused time blocked work – 35 hours, no distractions.
-Meditation – 20 minutes every evening.
Results of my 5 week euro tour so far:
-I got my six-pack back after just 4 weeks of dieting.
-I’ve implemented a lot of positive habits. Especially on nutrition.
-Have given up drinking more than 1 beer a week.
-Good game momentum where approaching is quite effortless.
-And of course, loads of moments with awesome people.
-Have lost 1,5 kilos over the last 3 weeks.

So that’s it. I just got confirmation that I am going to Warsaw after Bucharest for one month of continued immersion. We will just keep on shattering our old identities and crush it more and more.

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My three month diet challenge

Hi, I am going to do a challenge.

Because I just had a test for my body composition couple days ago,
And the results were as follows:
Fat: 13,5 kg, almost 19%.
Muscle 29 kg.

The doctor testing me suggested that I drop 2kg of fat.

However, I heard from informed sources that getting it down to 10% is going to have a positive impact on your willpower, thinking and energy levels.

So that is what I am going to do.

Here is how its going to be done. Really simple

I have a calorie goal that I am going to hit every day. So I will constantly be at a small, manageable deficit.

I am going to track my calories with Myfitnesspal. Aiming to lose 0,5kg per week.

Now there is 6,5kg of fat to loose. So I should be done in 13 weeks from now. That’s just 3 months. Good thing is that the year is ending in three months. And this means that when people are celebrating 2017 I will be celebrating my 10% lean body.

So these are the practical numbers of weight loss:
Now, keeping it really simple. To loose weight, I need to use more than I consume.
My resting metabolic rate is around 1905kcal. This means that I could be in a coma and burn this many calories.
So to loose 0,5kg next week my goal is to hit 1560kcal

I want to also show to people who say losing weight is difficult that they are just bullshitting themselves.

Now, I know that the calorie model is not perfect. Items don’t burn the same way in a human body as they do in a vacuum. However it is a model that is good enough. And good enough is perfect.

Small gains over time turn in to big results.

The way I am going to do it is chipping away few hundred kilo-calories per day.
I don’t know why people don’t get this. The way you loose fat is little by little. Today I lost 40 grams, Yesterday 30 grams.
It is obvious, it is a grind.
Put in the work, extract the result 🙂

So, this is me just putting it out there. End of 2016 I will be at 10% bodyfat.

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Picking up girls in Helsinki

My sex life in Helsinki hasn’t been as great as I expected.

I’ve been struggling with pickup, mostly with hooking girls attention.

Overall, if I think about pickup and my results
I feel like I have failed for the last year.

At this point I thought I would be better with girls, have more lays etc.
Just haven’t been able to make that happen yet.












Still intermediate results with girls.

I have a solid ground to build on. The basics are there but they aren’t really converting into results at the moment.

To be frank I’m a bit puzzled on how difficult it has been the last month here in Helsinki.

It is difficult for me to understand how is it possible that I had better results with girls 3 years ago.

Sure, I always pushed for the close like a predator.
Sure, I was an approach machine. Always going and opening conversations.
Sure, it was more important to me back then and I gave it more thought and effort.

But still, I should be better at this point than I was three years ago.
No question about it.

The only reason I can make for my results is that I am just rusty and a bit out of practice.

And if that is the reason, then it is shocking what a great difference momentum can make.

Sure, I have things to fix in my game:
1. Show more sexuality.
2. Turn on the emotional communication a bit more. Communicate intensely.
3. Flirt more by using playful teases and challenging.

Often the hardest thing isn’t fixing errors it is knowing which errors I am making.

Anyway. I can see myself getting a little better as I go out. I just need to recondition this muscle and I should be better than I have ever been.


Being on my best level sounds damn dangerous for the girls in Latvia.
I’m coming over 9.8.2016 😉

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This is what I believe

So I just turned 27.

Life is going crazy fast.

Now as an older wised man, I thought I would share some philosophy that has been on my mind the past 1-1,5 years. These are things that altough I might have been aware of them before they have really resurfaced as I have been building my business and struggling at times.

Maybe they can be seen as things to gain comfort from. To look at as its not that bad. If I am struggling and life keeps hitting me in the face it helps to remember these 3 points.

So here we go. This is what I believe:

1. Life is long enough if you use it well.

It can be rewarding to let go, but be careful. Too much letting go leads to sloth. Too little to joyless life of a ratracer. Balance

It can be rewarding to let go, but be careful. Too much letting go leads to sloth. Too little to joyless life of a rat racer. It is a balance.

In the western world we are all given enough opportunities to improve our circumstances, the worthy will always rise to the top.

If you want to get better, put in the work. If you want money, you focus on that. If you want more girls, you focus on that. Whatever you focus, you will get. To get what you want you have to deserve what you want.

The problem with life is that it easily gets too comfortable. However the good news is that since most people love being comfortable rising to the top shouldn’t be that hard.

2. Practice virtue in life.


Nowadays we have the wrong role models, be exemplary and you are guaranteed to find a new level of self-respect

The greatest growth is on the edge of our comfort zone. Pushing yourself and striving to be better is immensely more rewarding than instant gratification.  Be proactive, if its up to you to decide how you are responding to life’s situations.

So many things are in your control, if it is up to me it is up to me.

If it was a video game what kind of a character would you like to be?

In the end everything can be taken from you except your self-control, your ability to master your own thinking. That is the last control you will always retain.

3. Always keep perspective.

Getting to nature will ground you

Getting to nature will ground you. Practice perspective and you will be less reactive unimportant to day-to-day issues.

No life is free from misery. You might think others have it better but its most likely your mind playing tricks on you. The good and bad moments are what makes life worthwhile, they form the soup of life with many different ingredients. There is no good without the bad, keep this in mind.

And, whatever happens to you, objectively it probably isn’t that bad. Men before you have been through worse, much worse. So be careful of your own bullshit and the stories that your mind starts telling yourself. Be mindful when you are getting negative.

Since complaining never makes things better it is up to you to choose the most empowering response.

Always think. I don’t have to do this, I get to do this, I choose to do this.

Because things aren’t forced upon you and even a relatively bad event is still an event in your life that you get to enjoy.

At your deathbed you wished you could live everything all over again so don’t be ungrateful when you get obstacles.

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Working on making business easy and fun

My business is now 15 months old and I am reaching a critical point on the journey.

The business is running more and more on its own.

With automation and processes there are now less to do and less things that I don’t like. As a result I don’t have to walk around worrying all the time, go to sleep stressed, only to wake up everyday to kill fires and do juggle between a ton of activities.

Of course getting to this point is a result of hard work. It is those compounding 2-5% a week improvements that add up to something functioning over time.

And all this made me realize something shocking: For most small business owners stress and struggle are choices that they subconciously make.

Let me explain:
Have you heard of an entrepreneur who thinks that to do things well they need to be done by him?
Have you heard of a small business owner who sounds proud of how he works 10 hours a day and can do multiple tasks at once?

It is entrepreneur martyrdom and I know that I have been a bit guilty of it on my journey.

And as a result I fucked up massively…

How do I know?

Because after one year in my business I was able to make huge gains by questioning my processes and the way I delivered my product. And you know one has fucked up if after a full year it is possible to make simple changes that lead to huge rewards.

I definitely lacked in self-awareness. I was guilty of fire killing. I wasn’t preventing fires. This is the opposite of being proactive. I should have known better…

The solution for me was to hire an expert to deal with this. A guy who implemented processes for me. A true systems and project manager guru.

And now just two weeks later I have more work done than ever but I am feeling 70% less stress and I have cut the delivery hassle to third + I stick to deadlines now.
And the clients are loving me.

And the result for me: More time to work on the business and sales.
Resulting in more revenue and higher quality sales.

And of course most importantly a higher quality life.

Clients aren’t on my skin all the time anymore.

I am no longer an underling in my own company. Boss stress is always better than employee stress because there is nobody commanding you.

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Lazy blogging

I didn’t really intend this silence to happen, it just did. Suddenly I had way more responsibilities than I expected.

I was an exchange student and my business was gaining momentum. On top of these I was learning a new language and a platform. It was like juggling multiple balls at once, there was little room for anything else. I stretched myself too thin and overlooked important things such as gym and socializing. I just grinded and there is a time and place for that, sometimes you need to put your head down and just work.

But the grinding meant that blogging, what had once been a fun past time had become a strain, an obligation. One more thing in a long list of tasks to be completed. Not good.

The fun wasn’t there anymore.

I think I am over the biggest hump now though. It is like I have fought myself some extra time to have a bit of time to breathe.

For a moment life became a bit of a grind again, it was fun at times but once I took a few days off I felt really relieved. I didn’t want to go back to work.

Of course I did. But I did so with some changes.

And the thing I am implementing now is automation.

I try to distance myself from the day-to-day production of my company as much as possible and focus on generating sales.

So right now I am building processes for my project manager who is hopefully able to take a ton of bricks of my back.

Now it’s all about creating systems and then working those systems.

Exciting times are coming, I am going to go bigger and bigger on this entrepreneur thing!

Lets finish the blog post with a travel plan:
1. Moving from Spain to Finland late June or early July.
2. Living in Finland for the month on July.
3. In August move to a house with fellow entrepreneurs and kill it together

Not taking the next semester in school, I would rather be rich and free!

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Beginning a new life in Spain

As some of my beloved readers know a month ago I made a big shift in my life and decided to leave Finland and go live in Spain. I am pleased to say that my first month in Spain has flown by faster than I could have ever imagined.

I have had a smooth beginning and been busier than I have ever been in my entire life, it has been crazy…

Last spring I realized that I am getting older and I am getting older quite fast, so in my mid-twenties panic I decided to use the last opportunity I had and book a Erasmus semester abroad. This was something that I always wanted to do but couldn’t really, because of my commitment to make money. Now the opportunity was at last available for me.


It was so damn fucking cold in Finland that they spray the plane with special liquid so it doesn’t freeze

In exchange studies you get to meet a lot of people from all over Europe. It is like getting a lot of social reference experiences in a short period of time, kind of like pickup.


Here is some pics from Madrid


The biggest club I have ever been Club Kapital in Madrid, 7 stories and live shows 🙂 A pickup newbies heaven, approach, approach, approach!


Poor people waiting for their food, I just put it here to remind myself: never be like them!


Madrid chicas, just realized this was the only selfie I took. I need to get more self-centered again 😉

Actually I am often feeling like the older guy here. In comparison I am quite a bit older, that 3-6 years makes a quite difference when you are still only 26. I now have a bit harder time to keep up with the kids on drinking and partying, luckily I have the wisdom and the confidence that comes with age, I know my limits.


My arrival to León, there is a beautiful river crossing the city and the weather was nice. Good feeling to arrive in to my new hometown 🙂



This is the room I got, 195€ a month plus utilities. I don’t necessarily live how I wan’t but I live where I wan’t, to me that is more important.


A little field trip to Asturias


Some of my fellow students




I didn’t give a shit about these churches. But the guide kept going on and on in Spanish, I understood nothing

I remember hearing that there is a hormonal change happening around 25-26 that makes you naturally more confident. I don’t know whether it is true but I almost never find myself freezing and going in to my head anymore. It is awesome. Of course let’s be a bit scientific here, I have immersed myself in to pickup for couple years and also done hundreds of hours of mindfulness meditation, literally staring a wall, partly to get rid of this compulsive negative panic thinking.

Right now I am actually getting back to 15-20 minutes of daily meditation, it is really important for my well being. In general I am getting healthier again with my lifestyle, I just love the feeling of being sharper than everyone else in the room.

Part of getting myself really sharp is spending enough time alone. There is a certain threshold of socializing that seems to be too much for me, that I must not reach. I am a natural introvert and I need time to bounce back from social events. And a thing I have noticed around the last year is that the more I work the more I need time to bounce back from all the socializing. I need to respect my nature to be sharp.

I already know that my exchange study experience will be quite a bit different than what most people have. I believe in hustling, in living a life of discipline. I will keep working on my business even when everybody around me is just going for tapas and getting drunk every night. Of course I try to find some kind of happy balance but A man needs to be consistent with his values. I know the kind of life that is right for me.

I am sure I will still have a chance to experience most of the good things of Erasmus while making progress financially. After all it is one in a lifetime opportunity to have sex with Erasmus students as Erasmus.



Here is some mountain pics to finish this post

20160216_122039 20160216_125319 20160216_162944

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Stop going through the motions: making pickup fun again

I think these kind of posts should come with a warning: If you are not doing enough approaches you will not understand this. Read it at your own risk because with it, you risk getting more confused.

In game you will go through ups and downs, just like in most things in life. However in game the ups and downs tend to be pretty drastic. It is said that the biggest thing between a guy who is just good and guy who is great is just consistency. And to get consistency I find that it is good to come back and revisit the basics every once in a while. One great resource I have is my blog posts; they are powerful because these are my exact thoughts with my own wording. It is helpful to reconnect with my epiphanies and remember what I have already discovered; it is almost like having a coach. If I am not getting good results, the best way to reconnect with my successes is to visit my past.

Collage of human head, molecules and various abstract elements on the subject of modern science, chemistry, physics, human and artificial mindsNow.

In my game I am in a place now where it all makes sense to me again. I am not confused about things, I know exactly what to do. I have such a clear mind about this right now that I wanted to spend couple hours just writing it down in summary.

Good game is not flashy.

The game is not about this flashy attraction stuff, the goal shouldn’t be getting instant makeouts or flakey phone numbers to feel good. Rather it is about slow arousal, seducing over time. The goal is not so much to make them attracted. Rather the aim is to take tiny steps together that lead towards sex. Starting patiently, slowly and steadily up the ante, getting the ball rolling towards the close.

2 goals when talking to a girl.
1. Turn them on
2. Get them to chase you

What most guys don’t realize that she doesn’t allow herself to get turned on by a guy she doesn’t really trust. It is like the emotions of uncertainty and anxiousness prevent the seduction from happening. Rather than being flashy, game a bit under the radar. Give her a chance to rationalize that he is just social guy, nothing wrong here. There is a saying that good game should not look like good game.


Taking the stress out of pickup and making approaching fun.

For me success in approaching comes down to couple things.

Firstly, the most important thing: Self-amusing, not taking yourself too seriously. Very important to not be afraid to make it awkward, as a matter of fact it is better if you make it awkward, realize that awkward is funny. Making it awkward also powerfully demonstrates that you can handle it without going inside your head or becoming weird. On the nights that I embrace the awkwardness, my vibe is shitload better.

“Anything you do to not make it awkward will be awkward.”

I think one of the best skills for any guy is the ability to throw yourself in to a situation without anything in his mind. The best guys can open without a plan, with a clear head. If you are thinking about what to say, you are already caring, you are already in your head and you are placing too much value on the interaction. No thoughts, nothing, just throw yourself in to the fire and most likely it will go good, your natural self will come through.


There is this inner genius that exists in us when our minds are blank, when we become self-forgetting. Let your mind come up with something and it almost always will. But first you must throw yourself in to the situation and then and only then can your mind express its ingeniousness. The reason why I sometimes don’t have anything to say before opening is that I am trying to preplan it and preplanning leads to being stifled, it leads to having massive a filter.

At times it should look a bit sloppy. Sloppy means it is natural, girls love natural over technical. It is masculine to be free, it’s like the girls sense that it is in your core and that is why they actually think positively of approaches that are imperfect but natural. The key is not caring, not being too effected by others opinions, this is masculine and it is powerful. The girls will sense that you are not even trying. Just having fun, fucking around, self-amusing, shooting the shit with completely random topics.

And this is where it gets kind of paradoxical. It is not even approaching so much to get a result it is more exploring the possibility of the interaction and then seeing if it has potential to develop in to something, if it can’t at least you had fun.


This is very different from the typical mindset where you either win or you lose. In a sense it is not even an approach per say. You make it easy to yourself because there is nothing to fear, you are not putting yourself too much on the line which is easy for your ego to handle and as a result you will be freer. In general it is good to not have too big of an ego about your pickup skills, because you are open to ‘failing’ and  people can connect with you better. When you don’t have massive expectations, you are free to just be you.

I think of ‘approaches’ as more like testing, the best way of describing it is that you are kinda just seeking out the ovens that you can slowly start to warmup. Because usually it is not on or off right away, it is more like seeing which ovens you can start to heat up slowly.

You are not putting in any more effort than is really required, and because you don’t put so much effort in to it, you make the interaction a lot more manageable. You start with a little bit of a lower stimulation which means she will not overdose on it. She will not feel this big emotional drop because you didn’t take her too high to begin with.

So much of it is just reconnecting with that boy in yourself, you reconnect with the zone where you feel free and automatically have fun. Game is supposed to be fun. Don’t work hard all week to go out to hate it.


That is why I don’t really do direct approaching anymore. After a while direct approaching is kind of boring. I don’t want to get to the ‘He is here to meet me’ frame it is way better to get to the low pressure. You get the girl to wonder whether it will happen and you look like you don’t really expect it to happen, this gives it space to just happen.


It was really good for me to go out 5 nights in a row in Madrid with my old Budapest wingman because it all makes sense again. It is like a bootcamp where I get to connect with my soul and fix some of my issues. A lot of action, sober and then breaking everything down will get you results fast.

Going out a lot you kinda find your own style, your own game. It was also relieving because game has been difficult for me for a while now probably because I have lost my love for life, life has become too much of a grind and it has begun to lack joy and humor. So my mission for the next few weeks is to cultivate that joyous life attitude again. Not taking myself so goddamn seriously all the time.

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2015 review and my 2016 goals

The goals, my review of 2015:

1. 15000€ in sales. Make profit – FAIL
On my typical fashion I was way optimistic about this, I wasn’t able to make as many cold-calls that I wanted. I wasn’t disciplined enough to really commit to my business, I ended up being disgusted by it and I started to feel that I am more and more just begging for euros, trying to close them on a solution that is good for their business but probably not as good as the solutions that other people have in offer.

2.Get 12 girls – FAIL
I got a bit over half-way.  This failed not only because of my attitude but because it wasn’t high on my priorities. On the plus side I held some girls for a while. Unlike in the past. I often felt a bit apathetic, I wasn’t focused when going out and ended up doing too much drinking and wasting time. As a result, my momentum sucked and I didn’t go out enough to achieve 12. 12 is not high but it is high enough that it typically requires some effort.

I started the year very well and the difference in attitude I had then and the attitude now is stunning. But I know what I was doing different and got little better at the end of the year.

Couple things that seem to be crucial for me:
1. Being really clear of my why.

2. Destroying the ego constantly by being rejected a ton.

3. Regular meditation makes me more conscious of the choice to choose. Also I am more creative in my verbals.

4. Not drinking, because drinking fades the intent it puts you off your mission. I often ended up drinking for courage, which is stupid and lame.

 For every new girl I get, I get to drink. FAIL
Dammit. Failed this one too. This one failed on November, December when it was time to leave all my friends and I wanted to celebrate my leaving of Vaasa. Excuses aside it was 100% my decision to drink and 100% my fault that I didn’t have sex with more girls.

4.Improvement in my areas of interests (Learning, reading)–Read/listen 50 books. SUCCESS
I redt 44 complete books. On top of these a bunch of half-ones, a lot of useful youtube talks while at the gym and walking, couple good audio programs, my business mastermind calls, my own studying of Google adwords, landing pages, ecommerce etc…

5.Using my time effectively. (Living life) – No more than 5 hours a week of bullshit TV. BS=Anything that is not aligned with values. SUCCESS
This is pretty easy. I sometimes find myself to get addicted to NFL and 5 hours goes fast when you are engaged. Now on December I also stopped checking out the news all the time. As a result I am probably little bit more calmer and a lot more focused, I am going to keep it up. I know I am efficient with my time, I am good at getting things done in a short time frame. What I need to work on is prioritization and being efficient on the right things.

6.Eating healthy – Have more consciousness of what I eat. Don’t eat junk foods more than once a week. Don’t buy chips, candy, chocolate <75%. Don’t eat more than 4 liters of ice-cream. SUCCESS
Apart from Budapest this was a glorious success. I don’t eat bullshit, it is now carved deep in to my identity. When I go to shop and see people buying crap I often feel like I am simply just not one of these people. It is like they are alien to me.

7. Achieve the bachelor’s degree in business. SUCCESS
Technically didn’t yet, but all the work is done and now it is just bureaucracy wheels need to turn for couple months. I am going to give myself a pass on this one 🙂

8.Exercising to have a healthy body – Exercise at least 3 times a week. SUCCESS
This is good. I started tracking my hours, in the last 60 days I did 66 hours. That is good. Exercise wasn’t always perfect but I aim for consistency.

9. New goal: Travel to 3 new countries.  SUCCESS
Albania, Montenegro and Croatia coming up. All new countries. Traveling 2.8-26.8. Good experience, something new to my life. Always nice 🙂

10. Complete 500XP points on Duolingo.  -Goal * 25% FAIL
Started this goal literally 5 days ago… That was a bit too late to complete this but I got to 310XP. It was fun and it seems like an efficient way to learn the language. Going to do a bit more before I hit Madrid, Spain in a week.

11. New goal: Do 1000 cold-calls. FAIL
One thing I found out this autumn: Focusing on cold-calls is damn though when you don’t have full day on it. When you have other things to focus on your life it is easy to do something else than the hardest thing, especially since you have to squeeze your calls in to tight windows. I ended up doing only about 500, in my defense they were very targeted… I do enjoy the little momentum boost you get from cold-calling I can’t see myself doing it for much longer.

I am going to focus on another business model for 2016. I need a new beginning.

12. New goal: Make daily plans, alarm set Sun-Thu at a certain time to remind me. FAIL
I had the alarm on for a few weeks, then got bored of it, because my goals were almost always a bit same. So I gave up this habit.


Conclusions: 6/12 I failed on the most important, hardest goals and the least important goals. Maybe the top ones were too difficult and maybe the bottom ones were too unimportant. Middle ones were achievable and still important enough.

For next year I want to set less goals, so my goals are all important. I want to be focused on the most important things.

The  2016: Goals

A thing I am going to do a little differently in 2016 is I am going to focus a little bit more on effort and a bit less on results. I have tracked my time usage in the past 2 months and I will keep it up at 2016. Success requires concentrated effort and that is what I aim to put in. Time invested * Return on time investment = results.

People usually act for one reason: to reach a goal. Thus motivation is a goal-directed drive, and it seldom occurs in a void.

So here is my goals for the year 2016:

1. 30000€ in sales. Make profit 
I failed at my revenue goal in 2015 but that doesn’t mean that I wouldn’t put it a bit higher for 2016. Making money is important and 2016 will be a good year to make money. Always aim high because after all making money is 50% of what life all about.

2.Get 12 girls
I need to redeem myself after a disappointing 2015. Everybody is curious whether I still got what it takes to go double digits and beyond. It is important to maintain momentum here, this needs focus. If I haven’t achieved good success by autumn I will probably go to either sunny beach or Thailand.

 For every new girl I have sex with, I get to get drunk. Otherwise it is 4 alcohol servings limit per night.
Goes well with number 2. The less I drink the more I get laid. My game is at its best after 0-2 drinks. My life is at its best when I keep it well under 4 beers. No hangovers, clear mind, happy body 🙂

4. Track and put in the hours accordingly:

Activity                    Day    Week  Month    Year

Business:                 3,5       24,5      98       1176
Getting smarter:    2          14         56        672
Exercise:                   1           7          28       336
AM + PM routines:0,5     3,5       14       168
Totals:                       7         49       196      2352

Now this may seem like little, especially on the business side, but since I am going to be in school also my time will be quite limited. I know however if I can somewhat keep up in the spring I have a chance to succeed in this.

In general here we are talking about a primary activity. Full focus activity.
Not counting breaks longer than couple minutes. I have defined the definitions with more detail on my notepad.

Some of my most loyal readers might note that there is a little 1 month vacation rigged in to these numbers. The schedule might be a bit though to follow but I think it is the only way to succeed in what I am about to do.


That’s it. Only 4 goals for 2016!
The reason I can get by with only 4 is that I know these are challenging enough so that they require effort, and they require me to not be unfocused. For next year to be a success my path needs to be narrow and my focus sharp.

Now that we still have a few hours left of 2015 it is a good moment to look back at some of the later parts of the year. I have moved many times in my life and every time I do it is easy to get a little bit nostalgic about it all, the thing that bothered you don’t anymore and the things that you didn’t appreciate before suddenly seem cool. I think it is the principle of scarcity working on our brain. It only becomes valuable right before you are about to lose it. But I need adventure, always have. Living gives me the spark in my eyes and makes me feel alive. Here is some of my last pictures.


Representing my Uni. @ Tampere. This was already a couple months ago but it was when I lost my 4 limit control and started to get drunk way too often.


Checked out a local hockey game. Still can’t believe how small the arena was. They didn’t even have cheerleaders because they wouldn’t fit in.


Couple sunsets from my last days. I don’t think I even noticed these before I was about to move.



20151218_124039Packed all my stuff in to this van.


This is all I own. It all fits very nicely in to a back of a van. Time to move on, new adventures 🙂

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Year is ending and I am about to move countries

Another one year stint is almost done and now it’s time to move out of Finland and on to Spain.

Is it is time to move on and there is only one month left, I must wonder, what I was left with from 2015.

As we age and have lived awesome lives, we can look back on our years and characterize them in some way.

If we summarize my years:
2009: Finished high-school and spent 6 months in the military. Very lost, kinda depressed and bitter at the end of 2009. It was good to hit the bottom and be concerned about my future.

2010: Got off the army in January and launced my self to success. It was my coming up in poker, started business school. First year of really hustling it up. All was new and interesting.

2011: Started to have financial security. Kinda got settled in Vaasa.

2012: Started enjoying the fruits of my poker labor, spent the summer in Malta, had a pretty cool trip to the Maldives.

2013: My coming up in pimping game. If there is something I will remember this year is that I got laid more than I ever did before… Some other cool things happend also, I moved to Prague with awesome people and had the most fun year of my life so far…

2014: I won a big poker tournament for $27k but didn’t end up making as much money as I hoped, this was also the year where I fell out of love with online poker, ending an awesome era in my life. It wasn’t an useless year though because I still penetrated 13 girls which is my one year record.  And I also spent 101 days traveling southeast Asia. Things I will never forget.

So 2015: Hmm. Wen’t back to school. Didn’t play poker anymore. I felt this year was a little bit like 2009 as I was lost in the beginning of the year. I didn’t know what to do, no direction. But I wanted to do something. In the beginning of the year my financial goal was very modest, just make 1000€ online. I knew it doesn’t need to be much. Just get started.

If I look back at this past year, the overarching theme has been learning. I kinda hate to say that I only achieved things that aren’t really countable, you learned. Big deal? Not really. But I think it had to be done. If I look back at my poker success back in 2010-2013 it was really seeded in the many years before that in 2004-2008. Without me learning the basics and doing many mistakes back in those years, nothing could have happened in 2010-2013. I hope business turns out to be the same. Learning period followed by a long crushing period.

So what did I achieve in 2015?

I started my first business, traveled a bit. Not too much to be honest.

I would say the biggest things I achieved were intangibles…
I learned a TON about:
Cold-sales, internet marketing, websites and web-development, outsourcing, recruiting, project management, client management, contracts, copywriting, marketing funnels, salespages…
And that’s maybe only 20% of the things, it’s a long list.

And even though I cant see results in my bank account yet, these things still matter and I am a lot better prepared for 2016 because 2015 happened.

I have no idea what will happen in 2016, whether I will continue in web-development. I don’t know, I guess the first few months will show me… If I don’t have good success till the summer I want to focus on something else.

I am not stuck with any single idea, even though I know I don’t want to just give up.
I always have some other product ideas too, some of them even seem promising after little initial look.

I am quite certain though that if I do end up doing something different it will be something Internet marketing related.

I find this field interesting, I think it has a bright future and it can be managed anywhere in the world.

It can be something that will allow me to escape the cold darkness whenever I wish to 🙂

I gotta conclude by admitting to myself that life would be boring if you always knew what was going to happen.

So this aint so bad after all..

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The lonely world of cold-calling

On the surface sales calls seem like a social activity. You are contacting people, meeting them and communicating. And yet at the same time I felt the most lonely ever last summer when I was doing a lot of calls.

It will feel alienating because you will get a lot of rejections. As a result you will start to form this subconscious image in your head that you are alone versus the world. You vs the world who doesn’t want to talk to you :). It can be really though for your psyche. You will feel alone at times, so it is crucial to have a good supporting social circle.

On top of this, on the sales calls you always have an agenda. Its though to be socially if you always have an agenda. This is something I noticed big time last summer in Budapest. Almost every time I talked to someone I had a huge agenda.
Sales calls, agenda to close.
Picking up girls, agenda to close.

And I didn’t do anything else :)…


The plan

I didn’t realize it at the time, but its really important to try to balance it with short social events. Most of the days it would be really good if you are not alone. Without relating to people I felt so lost. Even if I did well, I doubt I would have been happy.

I was too alone in the world.

It’s interesting to compare this to another quite lonely profession poker.
Grinding sales has a lot of similar elements to pro poker. But I find it even tougher to relate with people.

Lets look at some science…
If you think of the big 3 that psychologist agree that will make us happy with our jobs:
Autonomy – How much say you have in how things are done.
Competence – How good are you at your job?
Relatedness – How well you can relate to other people in your job?

Both have autonomy down. You are the boss. You can choose to work or not work.
Both have competence down. As long as you are good at em 🙂

How about relatedness?
Sure you are grinding both alone. However in poker I never felt alone. I was so in the game with the regulars I play with every day. Even though I never talked to any of them I still related to them. It felt like a social event, weird, but that’s how it felt to me.

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Getting in to polygamy

I always though if I had this thing from Susie and that thing from Jane and that thing from Annie that would be my perfect girlfriend. I tried and tried to find love but never did.

It seems god just never granted all the qualities in to one girl.

Somehow I never thought about it but the solution is obvious. How do you have the best from Susie, Jane and Annie?

By girlfriending them all behind their backs.

I like it. I think my ideal (maximum) number of girlfriends is 3.
Every time. Its relaxing. Its fresh and it doesn’t get boring.

I find it really cool. There’s a bit of a different dynamic with every one of them. With one I am more of a playful asshole, with the other I can have a deep conversation and with the third I am more boyfriend like. It is better if they are different from each other. You don’t want clones.

As you know.. I am a big fan of win-win solutions.

This is a situation where we all win. I get to have 3 girlfriends and they get to have 1/3 of my time. Equal, fair exchange.

“Girls don’t want to win, they want to be with a winner”

But it gets better.

If you have 3 then you can evaluate how much you like them every week on their performance.

Maybe one is causing a bit of drama, you just demote her.

I developed this top 3 system, the third girl is in danger of being crossed off the list every week. The other two can only get demoted.

This system forces them to be on their best behavior. And it will put you on your best behavior as well.

You automatically become your most PIMPest self.

They try to make you jealous. No reaction.
They try to play games. No reaction.

All you do is evaluate the rankings. You know that you have couple queens waiting for you. No stress.

As a matter of fact it would be relief to get rid of one.
This will make them chase you like crazy.

Try it out. It’s fun 🙂

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Traveling the balkans from Corfu to Dubrovnik

Be trippingI did a little 3,5 week trip to get a little break from all the hassle.
9 cities in 4 countries.
1 City in Greece, 4 in Albania, 3 in Montenegro and 1 in Croatia.

We wanted to do it cheap as I always do.
I think the whole trip was around 1000€
Helsinki-Corfu 87€
Dubrovnik-Helsinki  117€
Total= 204€

Accomodation randing from 7-25€/per night
Around =400€ Max. total.

Corfu, Greece:

20150803_072728We stayed in a kind of secluded hostel that just had a beach, quite far away from Corfu Town.

20150804_124918Good idea in Corfu, rent a car, get lost and find some sights.
Pro tip: Invest a little bit more to get a car with a good engine that will save you nerves when you try to get up the mountains.


20150804_152158Corfu has a castle.

20150804_154753_PanoThe castle provides nice views over the town.


20150805_150752The best view I have ever had from any hostel, ever.

20150805_193943The amusement park that reminds me of Chernobyl.

20150806_124134_PanoThis is how rivers are formed.

Albania_blue_eyeThe had a blue eye that you could jump in to. Very refreshing, it was cold mountain water that somehow springs from the ground with quite a force. Not my pic, in reality this was quite crowded.

20150806_124147I gotta give it to Albania, even in touristic places the prices were reasonable. They just haven’t learned the art of the rip-off yet.


20150806_153343_PanoMy first time hitch hiking, we got picked up by a nice friendly police officer who didn’t like to wear a seat-belt and did like to driver recklessly fast.

Berat, Albania:

20150808_102528A nice mixture between the old and the new. Not many countries in Europe has farm animals on the road anymore.

20150810_081427_PanoOn to Berat and our hostel is on top of the steep hill, nice views, not so nice to climb up.

View of Berat town.
There was a lot of close by little cities in Albania.
Most of them didnt have too much to see.
Just a beach or a castle. Nothing special.
A lot of them only worth 2 nights maximum, then you have seen it all.



20150809_123553Berat had a little bit of a old-town going on with grannies trying to sell us marmalade.



Tirana, Albania:

20150812_033625The most bizarre pizza place we walked in to. Weeknight @ 4 in the morning they had 14 people working there. No customers. Albanian efficiency. Any time now somebody might order 100 pizzas. This pic shows guys making us one Pizza 🙂



20150810_172155_PanoAlbania is the home of this beautiful pyramid? I don’t know what it was for but you can climb it for good views. A great reminder of the past communistic dictatorship that they went trough.

20150812_133640It was quite damn steep.




If theres something unique to Albania, it is the bunkers. Fun fact: Theres over 700,000 bunkers built in the country – one for every four inhabitants with an average of 24 bunkers for every square kilometre of the country. They were just hysterical of somebody coming and attacking Albania. In reality, no one gave a shit about Albania 😀

Skhoder, Albania:

20150813_194507Just having some beers, when a cow strolls by. Why now?




Montenegro:20150819_000119First real nightclub of the trip and only real nightclub we went to.



20150817_143409Some island with old houses from the 1500 hundreds.

20150817_181907_PanoBeach boulevards <3

20150818_132115I took a little minitrip by myself to the nearby island. One of the best decisions I made the whole trip. Amazing views.

20150818_133059_PanoYou could climb the rocks and jump off of them.

20150818_133630Good views from the rock. I don’t understand how people would rather just lay of the beach rather than do some cool stuff.



20150818_174801Yet another old town. There were so many that they became less  exciting.

Kotor, Montenegro.

20150820_114502This  bay was ranked as one of the top 25 most beautiful bays in the world.

20150820_114809_PanoWe climbed on to this little mountain and took some pics.

20150819_202514You can see the trail lit up.











Dubrovnik, Croatia:

20150824_172924This was our final destination.

20150824_175303Fat tourists came up with a cable car and didn’t bother strolling past the observation deck.

20150824_185308Sunset pictured from Mount Srd, right next to Dubrovnik.

20150824_185316_HDRSerbia-Montenegro attacked Dubrovnik from the nearby mountain. There’s still trenches there, this is where they were bombing the city from.



20150821_144011_PanoThe views from our hotel room.








20150824_164528Climbing mount Srd with this shitty trail. The views were spectacular.


Initially I was hesitant to see this many places in such a short time but it ended up working
pretty fine and it didnt feel like we were in too big of a hurry since travelling didnt take that
much time.



20150824_171614Just had to take a selfie. 2nd last day in Croatia.

20150824_172453Take the path less traveled, you might see goats.


That was the Balkans, my first and only real travel this year. I completed 3 new countries which was the goal for the year and now its time to get back to the grind. Grind school, grind sales.

That was a good one month worth of vacation. I think it was about my maximum, any longer and it would be too long.

It is difficult for me to let go and waste time just idling around. I hoped to get some work done too and I got a little bit. In the future I would love to combine work and vacation in to one. That is something I am striving to do.

It was a nice trip. First time I am really traveling with fiends, I have always done these by myself. This was a little different as I have limited control over things, overall though all went fine and it was fun.
I don’t think I will do any more backpacking for couple years now.
I will be back home till Christmas, exchange study in Spain till summer. Have a half a gap year next fall and see where I am then. Hopefully able to self-sustain myself somewhere warm and sunny 🙂

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Pictures of a river and the mathematics of cold-calling

20150611_165256_HDRI have been putting in hours cold-calling companies to sell them Bangladeshi made websites. Right now my results stand at 400 connected calls and 1 sale. And these weren’t just pickup the phone and try to call at random type of calls, they were targeted. It hasn’t been an easy road. My results suck, I did way worse than I could have expected going to this summer and that’s why I have been kinda quiet on the bragging front. These bad results put a rainy cloud over my awesome summer in BP. I don’t like to loose money.

The dream. Mobile lifestyle, moving with the office.

The dream. Mobile lifestyle, moving with the office.

I gotta say though that I have learned as much practical skills in the past 5 months trying to run my company, cold-calling and going over all this stuff. I’d say that I have learned more practical stuff than in my 3,5 years in business school. I have no hesitation saying that. This kinda makes me think that I should just pursue a private hands-on education, which I think would fit my goals way better than the cog-in the machine type of education where they make the students good at one specific thing so they can get a job in a big company.


Promised some river pics


Rivers are so cool


Mathematically it should make sense, just gotta get that close % up quite a bit.

The mathematics of cold calling for websites:
In my experience, if I keep my ass in the chair and keep hitting that call button: I can get 5 decision makers per hour which is around 2,5/hr counting all the precalling preparation that is required.

Lets say I would be able to close 2% of the calls but  where I reach the DM, which should be possible, but I am not even near that at the moment. That would be 1 out of 50. If you manage to call 75 decision makers that would be 1,5 sales per week.


Running bad on sales? Burn your mascot

So from a sale my company would profit after tax around 800€ per sale…

And with the 2% it would take 50 Decision makers to get a sale.

With 20 hrs to reach 50 DMs. That’s 20 hours total time per single sale.

We would end up with an hourly: 40€/hr

However, a project takes about 10 hours to deliver (Could be less to be honest, but lets be conservative for once):

So: 27€/hr

This is of course a super simple model.
There will always be a lot of BS little tasks to do, but on the other hand this model doesn’t count referrals.

All the rest u can take out without paying loads of tax. That’s the math on it. The math makes sense, that’s why I am still in it.

Now I understand if you would go to your average school playground not many kids would dream of becoming a telemarketer. It has some good things in it though 🙂

One thing that I love. Momentum. The high you can get from it is really cool, back when I was playing poker for a living I kinda wished it wasn’t full on introverted-logical job because when I wen’t to meet girls/socialize I was always a bit out of it at the beginning. But sales calling makes me curious IF I have the synergy: how good I could really be with girls? It has already made me a lot less carefree and fearless of rejection. It numbs you emotionally, in a good way. I just give less and less give a fuck about anything.

The big 3 skills. Awesome to learn sales. I have a lot more confidence on the phone and these things produce spillovers to all areas of life. I love the synergy, there never was any of that with poker. Both pickup and cold calling are cold prospecting. You’re gonna get rejected in both. Both build something from nothing. Both build momentum. I am part of a training group and on our Monday calls you can always hear who have they done their calls from their level of momentum.


Sales can be a bit like you versus the world. I have a little community but I would like to do it with some friends. Otherwise it can kinda suck, it is lonely at the top of course but everybody needs people to relate with.

The way I see is that sales is not an option. If it takes you one year to become good with sales. Still worth it. We are always selling something whether its to an employer or whatever. And what better skill set to have in life than the ability to persuade people to do good (or bad).

Yeah it is though at times but let me not cry about it. It builds character like few things would.

If you have a powerful enough why, you can bear almost any how, our suffering seizes to be suffering the moment it finds a meaning. It is the realization that it doesn’t really matter what you expect from life but what does life expect from you. In a way we are constantly questioned by life to give the right response.

So it helps when I keep in mind that my mission in life is to spam the phone lines, get through gatekeepers, pitch, handle objections and close those sales.

Just gotta keep developing those marketing skills so that I have an amazing product and I know my target niche, then I need to sell them on and finally I need leadership to manage the slaves so I keep the whole thing going. Those are the big three skills I want to learn.


Bats over the Buda castle

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Half a year review.

Settled in to Budapest:


After 1,5 week of searching and 4 hotels I finally found this lovely place for my grind

Not a bad city, I understand why it has so many expats.

Not a bad city, I understand why it has so many expats.

20150614_062243_HDRBudapest is very similar to Prague but it is a lot less sinful than Praha is. Not so much hooker, stripclub culture. But both have a river, both have a hill. It is a basically the same city.

The goals, my half-year review of 2015:

So many things on my goal list I don’t really care anymore. So lets rethink this a little bit.

1.Old Goal: Get in to non poker business. Make at least 1000€ in revenue. Make profit.
Well, I am at 2500€. This goal was way too easy.
New goal: 15000€. Make profit of course. Goal x 15!
This was easier because I just put so much more skin in the game. Its not passive income, not even close. Also I have salary slaves working for me now 🙂

2.Get 12 girls
Argh, haven’t been focusing on this much at all. Fuck. This should get better, all my friends in Budapest are in to picking up chicks. Lets do some more of that pickup. My excuse lately has been that I have to wake up so early that I don’t bother. While I do it would still be possible to make it work, if I really tried.

3. Old goal: Don’t d
rink more than 4 servings of alcohol more than 12 times in 2015.
New goal: For every new girl I get, I get to drink. That’s synergy and motivation 😉
Yay. I lost count I think but let me guess I am at 5?
Even the 4 limit seems to give me hangovers these days. I just feel like 70% recovered the next day. Am I getting old, soon 26. Anyhow with age and sales calls comes confidence, with confidence there is less reason to drink. Or at least less reason to drink a lot.

4.Improvement in my areas of interests (Learning, reading) – Read/listen 50 books.
I have been overdoing this a little bit. I am now at 32 books. On top of this I have a bunch that are half-done. On top of this there is all these youtubes, courses and so on that I have been doing. If I am completely honest, I have been doing this a bit as a buffer to not take action. Its like you’re still doing the second best thing.

5.Using my time effectively. (Living life) – No more than 5 hours a week of bullshit TV. BS=Anything that is not aligned with values.
This goal is super easy now. I just don’t watch. It’s like a habit now. There is not even any urge to watch.
On the other hand, I haven’t been productive on the business end. It’s like my days are all 40-60% productive, but I don’t really hit that 100%. Probably should be fewer hours of me giving it my all.

7.Eating healthy – Have more consciousness of what I eat. Don’t eat junk foods more than once a week. Don’t buy chips, candy, chocolate <75%. Don’t eat more than 4 liters of ice-cream.
Well, this kinda started fucking up in Budapest.
still not eating total crap like chips, candy, chocolate or ice-cream and such. But I am eating Gyros and A lot of Chinese. These are like me new comfort-foods, although certainly not optimal it’s not that bad, it is food after all. (Good rationalization to finish my point)

8. Achieve the bachelor’s degree in business.
Nailed my thesis, could not have been better. Now I just need to pass one exam and I am the bachelor.

9.Exercising to have a healthy body – Exercise at least 3 times a week.
Yeah. I am up to like 7 times a week. I just walk these days. I don’t know. New streets are fun to walk. Audiobooks and walk, that’s my new life. How exiting.

10. Be more introspective and strict about skipping things to the future. Procrastinate less. You can reschedule to calendar once, but then YOU DO IT. -Delete
This is a bit of a weird goal. Its not really measurable, IDK. Maybe just fuck it. I do this tiny procrastination all the f’ing time though. Need to be more conscious of it to cut it out.

11.Old goal: Interesting life with a lot of rich experiences. (Travel) – Travel to a new country.
New goal: Travel to 3 new countries. Goal x 3!
Albania, Montenegro and Croatia coming up. All new countries. Traveling 2.8-26.8.

12.Keeping a better track of my investments.  Review my investments weekly. Mark down what is my net worth every weekend. Keep track of the change in % & €. -Delete
I did this for the first month. Stock market hasn’t been too positive lately. I want to hide from the negativity, fuck this goal.

13. Old goal: Learn Spanish. Complete 2000XP points on Duolingo.
New goal: Complete 500XP points on Duolingo.  -Goal * 25%
Maybe a bit less would be enough. I have other things to do.

14.Write 10’000 words of business content on the blog.
New goal: Do 1000 cold-calls.
I seem to be able to motivate myself to do just about anything but cold-calling. I don’t know. Its almost weird. But its getting a bit better now, I am not too terrified anymore 😀
I have put a fair bit of time on this but I am still at only at about 200 connected calls.
1000 should be really easy. Especially now that I have a good pitch and product. There is less thinking needed and more pressing the call button.

When I do 1000 connected calls I should be able to do the 15k€ in sales. I know guys who are doing good money with what I am trying to do, and I see the path + I have evidence to believe in it. I am just failing in my execution. Gotta live more on the attack with this goal… The rewards can be very worth it. If I could do it effectively I wouldn’t have sell more than 4 hours a day to make 3-4 sales a month that would beat the average Finn after tax which is around 2200€. Sure it would take only 20 hours a week because of all the management stuff, but that is stuff that I don’t mind too much.

15.Find a cool girl that I love to hang out with that is a win-win for both.-Delete
This goal is gay. What was I thinking? Instead of finding some sweetheart, I am seeking to find the sluttiest girls so I can succeed on goal 2 (bang 12).

16.Developing a healthy social circle in Wasa. Getting connected with people who have a positive outlook. Hanging out with friends at least once a week. Having a good vibe within the group.  -Delete
I have a good social circle in the Internet. I don’t see the point of making new friends because I want to leave it anyway on December. So it would just be around 3 months+.

17.Make monthly goals. That I split to weekly steps. Prioritize.
New goal: Make daily plans, alarm set Sun-Thu at a certain time to remind me.
I hate to commit on anything. Also, how can you know a month in advance?
I started doing 3 minute planning the next day on every night. I like that more.

Alright, that was the goals. I have scrubber some of them off and made couple of them a bit tougher to be fair to myself. 4 Deleted goals and 1 reduced to 1/4th. On the positive side 1 goal upped 15x, and one 3x. Sounds fair. Time to hustle some more. 13 goals in total, 12 yet to be completed.



Alright, sun is settling soon. Peace.

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Moving to Budapest

Yo yo. Sorry to have kept all of you waiting but I am motherfucking BACK 🙂
20150424_210332_HDRSunset in the sunshine city. Its time to move out to freedom spread the wings of Ryanair and fly



Apart from a girl taking a piss under my window not a ton has happened.
I haven’t been blogging for a while. It has been busy times.
Hustle the business shit to get it off the ground.
Soon it gonna be like:







I went to the northest edges of Finland couple weeks ago hanged out with polar bears and penguins.

TIming was bad though. Too late to ski. Too early to do anything else. Really wet and not in a good way

TIming was a little off. Too late to ski. Too early to do anything else. Really wet and not in a good way




Top moment of the trip. Hiked a one of those places that is little higher than the rest and got some views

But back to business. Literally 😉
In the beginning everything has been quite clunky, even the simplest things take so much time, it is full confusion sometimes. Kinda like in poker when you’re a newbie and you can only play 1 or 2 tables. You brain just can’t process more yet. Probably because you have no autopilot in your brain at all. No best practices whatsoever. But its getting better, more efficient, more streamlined. Soon its going to be printing the dollar just like in poker was for me back in the days. Superior sales skillz are gonna pay off.

This is kind of shit you have to believe in 😀

I am going to get me some more sales, its gonna be good.

Looking back on the last 6 months when I came back from Thailand. I have learned a ton about business and not just business as they teach it in business school but the real business. The practical stuff do this to make money. Execute, implement it as good as you can and improve on it and moneys comes.

Anyways, Vaasa is over for a while now and I am going to be
Moving to Budapest tomorrow for a month and a half or so.
Don’t have a place yet, I am just going to go there and see what happens.
I’ll probably find something ghetto 🙂


Finishing it off with a sunset pic addiction


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Losing my sales virginity

I haven’t felt this good in a while. After I quit such a long legitimate career path as online poker player I kinda dropped in to the nothingness to do.

So I wen’t to business. There was a bit of stress on whether this was even going to work out so I’m really pleased to get my first customer now.

It’s pretty weird that I called all these companies that I could get some serious results for, increase their sales by up to 50k. And, who do I get as my first customer, a 60-year old dude. I am not even sure I can help this guy increase his sales enough to justify the price but I will make sure that I try to.

“If you don’t sell you don’t have a business you have a hobby.” – The mentor

I’m not happy about the money, I have to admit that I am greedy, it’s still just money. I am happy about the future possibilities, I wan’t to create a business that I can manage online. There’s so many countries that I have not yet seen. So many nations to conquer, this is going to be epic.

I have invested ridiculous amount of time on this already and my hourly looks bad

Who gives a shit. It is a figuring out process, get more effective as I go.
I have learned so much and in the future I am going to earn so much.

“The more you learn, the more you earn.” – Warren Buffett

Anyways. I am about the head out of Wasa and head over to still snowy northern Finland. One week in a cottage, time to do some reading and sports.

That’s it. Just had a mentor call: He posed a good question:
How many sales like this does it take to get you to quit business school?
Apparently his degree is still unpicked in Belgium 😀

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Poor people mentality

It’s election time in Finland and that means poor people are complaining about what they aren’t getting from the government. The socialist system we have here in Finland makes me sick, people over here have so much entitlement. They think that the government is always owing them something, they’re fucking selfish as hell.

These are the same poor people who have to think that rich are assholes, just to cover up the fact that they are themselves lazy, dumb complainers who lack any kind of initiative. Some of them think that the rich just got lucky. These people see getting money as an event such as a lucky break, not as a process requiring smart effort. These are the people who play the lottery and complain about their luck when they don’t win.reagan_stencil__fuck_the_poor_by_crizzlesbuttons-d77zk6z

Let me ask you: What have these fuckers ever done for society?


They can’t afford to do anything because they are poor. They just sit around complaining about how everything and everybody else is to blame for their problems. Poor people try to win by losing. They become some kind of martyrs in their mind, too afraid to make mistakes or stand out they just complain and try to justify their shit life. They just search for the sympathy while alienating all the winners and end up dying without contributing shit.

“The true value of a man is determined primarily by the measure and the sense in which he has been able to fuck bitches and get money.” – Plato

The way rich got rich is that they found out a way to contribute a lot of value to society and they captured a portion of that value in money. Every single business who has ever been successful has supplied to a demand.

But poor people only see the world from their value taking mindset they think that everything a rich man gets must be  from their wallets. Since they don’t value they don’t understand that the pie does get bigger as people contribute. More contribution, more to go around.

As sick as I am sick of these poor people, but at the same time I can’t blame it all on them. We have been conditioned from birth by poor people. Think of it when you were born you were first touched by a poor ass nurse, then you wen’t with your poor parents, you were taught by a poor ass teacher, all your life you had poor people everywhere. Being surrounded with broke people teaches you to be broke.

These same people taught you that the goal of life is to go to school so you can at a good job so you can retire at 65-years old. That’s the “safe thing to do”. Right? No.
I see my buddies getting out of business school right now, struggling for their first job. After 17 years of school! I can understand that these people feel like the system let them down.
What jobs are there for me?
How’s my CV? – I could just wipe my ass with it, its nice, white and worthless 😉

But that’s alright. I’m not a big believer in jobs. All this job safety is more of an illusion, there is no pension at 65 anymore, you can’t rely on others and the system to provide you jobs and security. I think we can only bet on ourselves, take full charge of the future.

When you ponder it, starting a company doesn’t seem that risky anymore. These days its looking like the safe thing to do. We have been living on a bit of a protective bubble, Many of us are definitely a bit fragile when it comes to failure.

It’s fucked up that the systems puts us in school for at least 12 years before we get to experience the real life.

All of this reflects society’s thinking in large, the message is clear: We have to get good at something before we are worthy of doing it.
I see this tendency in my fellow business students, most of them are good at critiquing and analyzing but when it comes to implementing, they can not execute shit. Worst thing is that most of them have an ego about the whole knowledge thing.

If they are so good, why aren’t they rich?

Most students have a poor people mentality: they go to school just to get a degree and think that they are now entitled for a job for the rest of their lives.

The successful see it differently, they never graduate because they never stopped learning, they’re constantly striving to be on the top of their game.

If I tell people I wan’t to get rich, they get kinda alarmed, even a bit confused. Why don’t they understand it? I love making money, money has given me choices, freedom, control, time and the power to do what I want, when I want. Whats wrong with that?

If you step up in life the poor people get alarmed. The world doesn’t want you to win, the vast majority of people will never be rich, they are happy if there’s other poor people so they don’t have to feel guilty about themselves being a failure.

“If you don’t think money can buy happiness, you’re living a lie that broke people came up with”

This business thing so far is tough enough without other people feeding you their can’t be done mantra. I try to not talk about this with people who aren’t supportive. So far it’s been a fun month, I have learned so much on my own already, all things that I would never learn in business school. I am finding out more and more that school isn’t actually that useful, it’s a bunch of poor professors trying to teach you on how to run a business without having any fucking knowledge or experience of it themselves.

If I told people about poker, quite many of them would think I am lucky. They don’t understand that I didn’t get the results I got in poker by being lucky. Every good player knows that once you have the skills you can always run up your bankroll. Money didn’t just roll up on my lap because of luck, it was skills combined with effort.

The good news is that I am realizing that in business it works the exact same way, if you have the skills to build one successful business, you can definitely build another. There’s surprisingly little luck in the marketplace. It’s not about getting lucky with your great idea, it’s about your execution. All this is bad news for poor people, but for those willing to put in the smart work, this is very good news.

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It is time for the first quarterly review!

In 2014 I talked a lot of trash and I still do. Now that 1/4 of the year has passed since those lovely new years resolutions it’s time to take a hard look at the fucking results. Pun intended xD

1.Get in to non poker business. Make at least 1000€ in revenue. Make profit.
Got in to a non poker business. Have made 0€ in revenue. Have made a tiny loss. Maybe cocky to say but I am going to crush this goal. I only said 1000€ because I thought I would focus on some passive income shit. Not the case. This is active and this is hard (jobless) WORK.10613020_1128385987188086_8756085316330887001_n

2.Get 12 girls
So far I have had 4 so I’m on pace to get 16. I was a bit afraid that I would come back home and would regress back to the old habits of not stepping up and approaching the girls. Good news, I am still not a pussy 🙂



3. Don’t drink more than 4 servings of alcohol more than 12 times in 2015.
Had only 2 drunken nights, so I saved one for the future. I am going to be behind on this goal though because I am about to go to Estonia next weekend and I am going on a cruise the week after that.
Btw. This goal should have been that I can get drunk once per every girl. That would have been cooler. Maybe next year.

4.Improvement in my areas of interests (Learning, reading) – Read/listen 50 books.
I have read 18 books this year, on pace for 72 books this year. However getting to even 50 might be though since business and life are increasingly taking time out of my reading.

Learning is going good anyway. I have watched some programs that are supposed to help me crush life. And at least for now I am dedicating my Monday nights to my sales coach ranting about closing 😉

5.Using my time effectively. (Living life) – No more than 5 hours a week of bullshit TV. BS=Anything that is not aligned with values.
Well. This is one of those hard to measure ones. I haven’t played any video games and I am sure I haven’t watched more than couple hours of BS TV per week so in that sense I can say that time was well spent. However I can’t quite give myself full props on this since I haven’t been fully effective on my business execution.

6.Get a business mentor or join a business mastermind group.
This is the first goal that I completed! Hooray! I feel really good about this, it helps so much to be able to ask people whenever you have problems. And the group is really kicking me on the butt if I don’t execute.

7.Eating healthy – Have more consciousness of what I eat. Don’t eat junk foods more than once a week. Don’t buy chips, candy, chocolate <75%. Don’t eat more than 4 liters of ice-cream.
The only thing that has been my little weakness is my urge for late night kebabing. However I haven’t eaten out more than once a week. I had 1 ice-cream cone. Full points.

8. Achieve the bachelor’s degree in business.
Almost finished my thesis, 30 pages on the practices of human resources in small companies. It was so good my tutor wet herself when she read it.
I still have some courses that I need to pass in the autumn but right now I am exactly where I need to be in terms of this.

9.Exercising to have a healthy body – Exercise at least 3 times a week.
This is a hard one to judge. Despite what I said I didn’t exactly keep count. I’m right at the edge on this one so I’m going to give myself the green on this one since it’s within the margin of error.

10. Be more introspective and strict about skipping things to the future. Procrastinate less. You can reschedule to calendar once, but then YOU DO IT.
Maybe I have procrastinated little bit less than before but I still procrastinate a shitload when it comes down to doing my sales calls. It’s early to judge myself though, I am just getting started on building a really difficult habit.

Me & sales calls

Me & sales calls


11.Interesting life with a lot of rich experiences. (Travel) – Travel to a new country.
Nope. Made plans though. We shall see whether it happens.

12.Keeping a better track of my investments.  Review my investments weekly. Mark down what is my net worth every weekend. Keep track of the change in % & €.
I did this for about a month. Then I got bored and lost the habit 😀 It has been great investing again. When it comes to stocks I seem to invincible. I have been running like GOD for 3 years straight.

13.Learn Spanish. Complete 2000XP points on Duolingo.
Nope. I am going to get on this in Q3 & Q4. 2000xp is a lot though, I might not seriously have time for that much. I got accepted to study in Leon Spain for the spring semester in 2016, that will motivate me to learn. Getting under to the dresses of all those Spanish senoritas.

14.Write 10000 words of business content on the blog.
Fuck this goal. I am not doing this.
Who cares about writing?
Executing is the thing that will change lives.

15.Find a cool girl that I love to hang out with that is a win-win for both.
I have been able to find some love but I have dated very very little. Maybe it just hasn’t been enough of a priority. I should have followed up more with the street girl that had some potential.


Still don’t have a girlfriend that fits my criteria


16.Developing a healthy social circle in Wasa. Getting connected with people who have a positive outlook. Hanging out with friends at least once a week. Having a good vibe within the group.
Well. Apart from the pussy, I can’t really say that I have any new friends.
Most my friends are quite positive though, so that’s awesome.
I have managed to not live on isolation and, have met up with at least someone every single week.

17.Make monthly goals. That I split to weekly steps. Prioritize.
Well. Not really. I hate committing to planning and I love to just wing it. Just see where the inspiration is any given day. I did have a goal of writing my thesis 3 X 3 hours a week and that worked out really well. My business mentor makes me have business goals every week but so far I have failed them miserably, we at a beginning on it though.

This was good list though. Without this I don’t think I would have got half the things done.
I guess it’s kinda what happens most of the time. The top goals are the ones more likely to get done and I don’t mind this. I would rather crush life on 9 goals than be mediocre on 17.

Right now my focus is on the business. In the words of my mentor:

You do this and when everybody else will be freezing their balls off in Finland
you will be on the beach of Thailand fucking Swedish girls.

That’s some motivation right there. Keep living life on the attack 😉

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My 2 month, 8200€ fight against Bwin

As some of you know I stopped playing online poker a while ago.
As I moved to Prague I opened this poker account to find bad players to play with, I set my country of residence set to Czech Republic (Bwin doesn’t accept Finns) and started printing money.

After Praha was over I ended up with 8201€ in my account. However they charged 3% on withdraws done by credit card so I just waited to get back to Finland so I can send out my rental contract as a proof of residency.

Yes, I know that I am a bit of a nit. I had that much money in there because I didn’t want to take my money in an out.

I decided to get back to it in January when I have an apartment here and can proof my country of residence. That I need to do in order to change my banking country that I need to do in order to get 0% fee. It makes sense to save 246€ (That’s 12% interest!), just let it be while I travel in the world.

I come back to Finland, change my details, post the documents required and took a nice comfortable position in my chair waiting for all my money. And then..

I get this:

worlddeservestoknowLike WTF!
I had done a test withdrawal to try to screen that there were not going to be any problems. They didn’t have issues with me withdrawing a smaller amount of money of course…

So I sent them an answer.
Probably not the most solid response from me but whatever. This is what sent back:

So you just decide to close my account and say that no withdrawals can be made?

“We regret to inform you that no withdrawal can be performed from your account.”

Sounds like a solid business. I wan’t my money back and I don’t understand the reasons why would my account be closed?

I have been playing at Bwin since I wanted to deal with an honest game provider, I feel a bit let down at the moment.

“We would kindly suggest you review the communication you have received regarding the involved issue and contact the dedicated Customer Service team for any further information.”

Well. There hasn’t been that much communication. If I send something to support it takes a week to get a response. You got all the documents you wanted and then just decide to close my account. Do you still wan’t something?

How do I get my account re-opened / my money back?


I waited 3 weeks without a response.
So I have 8200€ there and they don’t even bother to email me back…
I was quite sure that that was it. I wasn’t going to hear about them. My money was gone. However I sent a second email.


“We regret to inform you that no withdrawal can be performed from your account.”

3 weeks ago I received this message from you. I messaged back and

I waited 3 weeks and didn’t get a response from your customer support!

You just decided to close my account and say that no withdrawals can be made?

I don’t understand the reasons why would my account be closed? I am sure I haven’t broken any of TOC’s

I have been playing at Bwin since I wanted to deal with an honest game provider, I feel a bit let down at the moment.

“We would kindly suggest you review the communication you have received regarding the involved issue and contact the dedicated Customer Service team for any further information.”

There hasn’t been that much communication. If I send something to support I might get a response in a week to get a response. You got all the documents you wanted and then just decide to close my account. Do you still wan’t something?

worlddeservestoknow2Pulling shit out of their asses.
Yes this is true, early 2007 I got busted for playing underage but on a different poker site!
It’s not this account, it has nothing to do with this case at all. I e-mailed this:

Account “saaboh” on partypoker doesn’t have anything to do with this bwin account.

These are 2 separate accounts with 2 different skins.

I have provided proof that I am of the age claimed.
Born x.x.1989 and wasn’t underage at the time of creation of this account.
This account is created with correct data after I have reached the minimum age and the blocking of my account is unfounded.

According to the TOC: ”

You may only use the Services if You are 18 years of age or over (or such other higher minimum legal age in Your jurisdiction) and it is legal for You to do so according to the laws that apply in Your jurisdiction.
I have provided proof of this in the form of ID.

Another 2 weeks goes by and I don’t hear about them.
Nice customer service they have.
I thought I should contact their licensor or something but there’s not much I can do.

I had a friend who got fucked by a shady poker site and you could see it bothered him, I don’t think he cared about the money. He cared that he got fucked.
And I understand him very well because good hetero men don’t like to get fucked…
On some days this definitely affected my overall mood a bit 🙁 just the injustice of it, not so much the money.

So weird and inconsistent though to all of a sudden after 2 weeks of waiting to receive this message.

worlddeservestoknow3As you read it. First it looks bad, close your account… Like same old, same old…
And then you read the rest.
As I don’t want to deal with these bastard the not allowed to register a new account is quite fine with me.
Anyway quite a sweet way to open the day 😉

If these poker sites want to put their big dick in your ass there’s not much you can do about it.
Be careful.


PS. Just got a business mentor and joined a mastermind group of ambitious entrepreneurs.
It’s time to get some sales.
But more on that later 🙂

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How rich am I really?

People often ask me how much money I made from poker.


I made enough so that if I wanted I could retire today

I could live quite an average life somewhere far away and sunny

In countries like Cambodia or Bangladesh.

To be honest, I am a bit worried about the 6-7% growth rates in these countries.
GDP growth brings inflation with it.

Instead I might choose some other place with less of a developing economy.
Like Swaziland in southern Africa might be a solid choice.

Not too many retirees ruining the scenery.
Chill out with my multiple wives.
Sunny weather, yet far enough from the equator to give little mercy for my white ass.

But, why am I talking about moving to f*cking Swaziland.

It just illustrates my thinking that for a long time I though this way.

That money is just something you buy freedom with.
And it’s so scarce you have to accumulate every penny and protect. It’s hard to make.
Something that allows you to retire because making money is painful and always sucks.

Why am I thinking this?
I don’t even want to retire.

It’s easy to feel like money is really abundant when you’re just making a lot of it.
Printing it playing poker.
Then when you’re not, you’re kinda dropped from the sky back to ground level.

Especially when you surround yourself with poor people like I did in Thailand, Vietnam & Cambodia. These scarcity mindsets are infectious.
It hammers in to you that money is scarce because a dollar is a lot of money over there.
It’s easy to buy in to. A lot of backpackers (me included) were being really cheap. I’m sure that when they go back home to their wealthy countries they are not the same there, they just spend it up.

Same thing happened to me a little bit.
It doesn’t make any sense.

Wealth beliefs!

I’ve been working on how I think about money a bit.
It’s funny to dive deep in your mind and try to figure out why you’re thinking and beliefs are the way that they are. Dive deep in to your mind.
You start to unlock these beliefs little by little.


Why do I perceive money to be so scarce?
It’s probably one of these things that I inherited from my parents.

Some things happened like 20 years ago and they are still running the show.
And I have all these beliefs based on these things.
I had no idea why they even existed.

We tend to think we’re these rational beings whose thinking is all logical.
When it’s more likely to just be that random events happened to you and you became you.

Most people never question their beliefs.
We are just looking to strengthen our existing beliefs.
Like a lens blocking out everything else.
If you don’t question your beliefs they tend to stay the same..

I really needed to work on these.
I felt such scarcity when it came to money.
If it’s this hard to make money, how could I ever become an entrepreneur?
All that would be left would be to be a company man. Make the dollars per hour.
It would be a huge limiting belief, being an employee would be the only option.
There would be nothing else.

It’s quite exiting. The more I have dived in to this.
The more I think about it.
The more I start to just be certain that business can be done.
It’s not impossible by any means; if I just stick at it success is eventually more likely than failing.

It’s just a complete mindset shift in two months.
My plan making my goals for 2015 was just to grind some passive income online affiliating or something.
Now I have 5 or so ideas I could do to probably get in to €50k+ years.
Next step: Execute

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Always listen to your brothers

Me and my buddy are on the hot dog stand talking to our black hot-dog selling friend.

It’s late but there’s a couple more girls making their way home.
Brother is giving us some advice: “Just walk with them”

So that’s what I do with a girl on her way to home. Just being friendly and chatty.
This is not to be confused with the friendzone:


It’s all happening very fast when with just 1 minute of walking we arrive to the girls front door.
I know what to do here 🙂 just make up some excuse to get up.
My default is I need to take a piss but I mix it up here.
-“It’s cold here, can I come and warm up for a bit.”
Sweet. On our way upstairs and I make it to her place in literally 2 minutes.
This is a bit surprising to me. Never got to her place this fast.
I try to calm down a bit. In the toilet I grin to the mirror. Easy so far.

So we met 2 minutes ago. She is sitting on the table. What now?
There were supposed to be some distant dude friend coming over and sleeping at her place.
She is trying to contact him, but doesn’t even have the number.
That could come and fuck it all up for you. But she is so concerned about him that she isn’t really engaged with anything else.
I just decided to slowly move it towards fucking.

I start thinking of ways to make it happen.
I try to get her to dance. No.
Come look outside the window. No.

It’s kind of a waiting game.

I am giving some time excuses.
Like I am just about to leave.
Trying to make her comfortable.

Maybe like 30 minutes later she stands up and leans to the stove.
Sweet. This is the chance.
I think the key here is touch slow, but not hesitant.

“You’re hesitation leads to her reservation”
and my personal favorite
“Your hesitation leads to your masturbation”

So I slowly but surely get closer.
I think it’s good to make it not forceful with statements like just tell me to leave if you don’t want me to and shit like this. Not to be weak or some bullshit, but just to relax her.

She gets to the bed and I follow.
-This is so weird
-So you just walk in to girls to their homes
I don’t even respond to this kind of stupid shit anymore.

It’s easy to be entitled when you have had a girl of same age, same hair color and even same name before all in one. It’s like you have the ultimate reference experience that it’s possible.

I think its my 3rd or 4th fastest. Though to say.

A thing that would shock most dudes is how these girls don’t even remember my name in the morning. It has happened many times by now.


I felt like girls were often quite bitchy around the mornings of Helsinki.
If you don’t scare them they should in theory be a little bit friendlier here because there’s no one around. This town gets ghostly quiet, because there’s no one around, if somebody wanted to they could just rape and kill these girls while they are on their way to home.

Just walk with them. Good advice.
Funny enough these concepts keep coming up and keep getting forgotten.
There’s so much to remember sometimes that focus slips from the basics.
So when in doubt, always listen to your brothers.
Your brothers know what you need to do.

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Ungrateful self-knowledgeble productive loner in a new hometown getting rich in Finland

Oh yeaah, combined the topics in to the headline.

One of my core weaknesses seems to be my ungratefulness.

People often express that they envy my life. They say, If I were you, I would be so happy.
I call bullshit. We adapt to our experiences, like a drug addict everything stops feeling amazing after a while.

When you’re winning in life hedonic adaptation is a bitch.

When I looked ways on how I could be happier. Gratefulness came up all the time.
So I tried some daily gratefulness journaling, but I just couldn’t take it seriously.
All those ‘I feel so gratefuls’ and ‘I am incredebly fortunates’ got to be a joke after a while.

Dropped it after a week.

Kinda dropped the whole thing for couple months.
Then I was reading a book by Sam Walton, the founder of wal-mart.

A book he wrote as an old man on his deathbed when he was dying of cancer.
That got me thinking, how would biography look if I were 75 on dying of cancer.

So I just started writing a bit of my own biography. It gave me a lot of perspective and made me realize that I have lived an amazing life. There’s so much to be grateful for. So many adventures, so many trips, cool shit, girls :), awesome people. If most people at my age had to write their life story it would probably be really boring. I can say at 25 I have lived more than most people will in their entire lives.

Old people are always regretting the things they didn’t do. I didn’t do everything and by no means have lived my life to perfection but I have got to experience a lot cool shit. Right now, there’s not many things I wish I had done that didn’t that would be significant.

So I have settled in a new hometown 🙂

I am definitely a lot more mature of a dude than the one who left almost 2 years a go. Although I don’t like it I feel like an adult now. Last time I came here in 2010 it was the first time I lived alone. Now I have lived everywhere. My worldview is definitely larger now.

I am taking a lot more responsibility of my situation. Cant change it so get on with it.
The whole thing in 2010 started with a bit on a wrong foot, it is hard to enjoy something wishing you were somewhere else.


A brother is pimping it


When you start thinking of things being bad they tend to look like that. I have it ridiculously good, people abroad never understand that I get paid to study. If I choose to live 8 months of the year somewhere, it ain’t that bad.

So I am careful to only keep up a positive attitude. There’s always a little bit of awesomeness in every situation that you can focus on. Just force the positivity 🙂


Know yourself:

I noticed that I was feeling a bit deflated at the beginning of the month. Its a bit of my trademark fault of mine if I feel like I’m not getting results.

That’s one of the dangers with having really big visions for your life, you may start to just grind it out hoping you would be there already. You loose you touch with the process.

When you do it for the right reasons the whole thing comes alive. So I make sure I study for the passion to learn, for the passion to understand how the world works not to get a degree. When I’m focused this way I’m more engaged and alive. The more I can tap in to the inner curiosity the more I learn.


Everybody is always saying its about the journey, not the destination.
Not sure if I completely agree but I definitely need to to give myself credit for the progress.

So for the past couple weeks I have just been focusing on how awesome I am and how awesome everything I do is. When you do this you eventually have the potential to evolve in to a massive asshole.

Exactly a year ago I was like this to the extreme.
You can ask girls 1, 2&3 of 2014 what they thought of me.
Full of himself, thinks he is amazing, self centered…

As fucked up as it is the girls kinda start to believe it. ‘Attraction is not a choice.’

All the traits of a fuckable man were there.
Entitled. (I’m awesome, I deserve the best)
On his purpose/self belief. (No doubting)
Sexual intent. (Of course she wants me)
Positive-dominant. (Leads with good vibes)

They don’t like you as a person but they still get aroused by you. When you value yourself over anything you’re not going to put her on a pedestal and let her run all over you.

Its a great way to live life.
Too bad these don’t go too well with poker and I did get sloppy on that.

After a little streak, I kinda realized this is doom and the next couple of months I adapted a learning mindset and really humbled myself back down which was very good for my poker game.

I happened to hit a bit if a rough patch in getting the important things in life (money&girls)

I never realized it until my flatmate pointed out to me that I was being very deflated, what happened to the fighting spirit?

I had went too far to the other direction.

I wasn’t giving myself credit and wasn’t enjoying the journey.

When I am like that I am dull company and often it can turn out to be a little bit of a self fulfilling prophecy, you approach challenges doubting yourself a bit too much and so you fail.


Productivity momentum:

My 2015 has been very productive. But it has also been a grind. Since I don’t really believe in taking time off I focus on the awesomeness.

Science says it takes om average 66 days to form a habit. Anybody who has ever disciplined themselves to do anything probably knows the feeling of things getting easier.

“You form your habits and the habits form you”

Reading 2 hours a day feels effortless now.
Not watching TV us effortless now.
Cold showers are effortless now.

I’m starting to believe life is all momentum. I really don’t have as much willpower as I think I do.

This can be good news if you have momentum you don’t have to struggle so much.

On the other hand if you don’t, its a though climb back to the top of the momentum-hill. This is even worse if you have once tasted the sweet taste if momentum and now you suck.

I feel like I lost my momentum a bit with girls.
Do not loose your momentum. It is dangerous. You might never get it back.

I struggled when I got back to the dating game in Vaasa. Its hard to accept to yourself that you might have to just suck through a short period. Im sure its largely an ego issue, you dont want to face up to the reality of you not being amazing at game, you dont want to reveal your worst game

But I definitely had some inner blocks with this town also. Its weird in Helsinki I just pimp it to the core and then I go to my hometown for example and its just like a different guy shows up. The old me, as if my brain has made some distinction. This is how you act in this environment.

I have always been a momentum guy. Some people can just go talk to a girl and do well. I never seem able to do that.

Some people need their beer, I need my momentum.


The need for solitude:

I think I have been pushing myself a bit too hard.

‘All work and no play makes johnny a dull boy.’
I have experienced this before as well. The more I hustle with life the worse I do with girls.
I think it’s because I have just given up my soul. I’m drained, there’s no personality coming up.

It seems to be really important for me to spend time in solitude. Just me and my thoughts. I always used to do this until I started to read and listen to books any spare time I had.

Now I go talk to a girl my soul is fucking dead. Its not just a momentum issue. It’s more of a lifestyle issue. You become too perfect and perfect is boring. Girls don’t wan’t perfect. They want a guy who is loose and free, who is alive and stimulating.

So I need to make sure I have a real passion and interest in the daily activities.
I might be going after too many goals, I will create some kind of priority between them. Not all goals are created equal.
I think the distraction free dinners where I am just eating are really good for the soul. I did this last night and felt just felt really content, fulfilled and happy, almost like a spiritual experience.

It might be good to get a girl in my life to counterbalance goals… And funny enough.. Just as I thought of that I realized that it was one of the goals 😀


Getting rich in Finland:

So I am looking for a bit of inspiration for work and head on to the sites where they sell some property.

Looking at places to live in Tampere and this little coastal town of mine. You can’t find anything upper class from outside Helsinki. For over 600 000 euros, you have 1 option in central Tampere. A bit smaller than our place in Prague and is not that special. Less room and not as pretty as my place in Malta.

This made me feel really uninspired

There is a message here, what does this tell you?

Apart from Helsinki, almost nobody is even moderately wealthy around here.

It’s probably the easiest country in the world to live a mediocre life. It’s definitely not the best country to get wealthy in.

This country could use some American dream mentality. The Finnish dream is just to be safe secure and to live mediocre. Fucking depressing if you ask me.

Actually every time I look at places I get a bit my mood gets a bit down. How horrible would it be to live in a same place for decades?

My soul would die.

As long as the condoms don’t break it’s easy to say but I’ve always felt like I can’t settle down for one place for too long.

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My farewell to online poker

I haven’t played a single hand of poker since I moved out of Prague 5 months ago.

I still think there’s money to be made in online poker but having tried it out full time for a year, I kind of drained my passion for the game. My time in Prague made me realize that I wasn’t that passionate about online poker anymore; I was in it mostly for the money. I could look at the pro poker players around me and they seemed to be a lot more interested in the game than I was, I don’t think there is a long-term future for me in poker.


This is from my crib in Vaasa back in 2010. This is where I started making money playing 90-man tournaments.

Am I done? It’s a though question. All I can say is that: as for this moment I am done.

If I am done for good, I know I can always look back on it with gratitude. What an incredible ride it has been. I doubt I’ll ever find something as awesome to make money in as online poker was. What a great opportunity for a kid like me to make a good bunch of money. And I can say that I had an absolute blast doing it.

I didn’t have the most incredible career but it makes me humble to reflect back on it. What an amazing ride it has been. I got so much more out of this game that I ever put in, and in life that is rare. I honestly feel poker was my savior, my escape from the shitty 9-5 life that would have been my faith otherwise.


A picture from early 2013. I had done well and my office has seen some improvements

This game has led me to some of the most incredible adventures, places I would have never seen otherwise. It gave me freedom beyond anything that I could have asked for.

I don’t really know how many hours I spent playing but it is in the thousands. I played almost 40000 tournaments. Probably closer to 2 million poker hands.

I am sure this game has shaped me for the better, who knows who I would be without it. I know for sure that I wouldn’t be the same guy as I am now.


Young me, working hard in Helsinki. Summer 2013

I just feel I shouldn’t dabble with these kind of things anymore, maybe I am having some kind of a mid twenties crisis but I have always felt that you should just choose whether you go for something or you don’t.

In life you can probably only have a couple of careers at most, and I am fully aware that I am growing older at a rate that is scary fast. I want to get others things done now. I just hope one day I will get to do something that will be as much fun as playing poker has been.

Cheers. I just wanted to say my farewells. It’s time for me to get off the poker stage for now.


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2 Quick mindset fixes

Here’s couple awesome mindsets that really released me from a lot of performance pressure. Whether you are stressing over public speaking or a social situation it’s good to keep these in mind, not only will these mindsets make you not stress so much, that they will actually make you perform better when the pressure is on.

1. You always do your best

We all have our unique view of the world based on our individual experiences, skills and abilities. Our interpretation of those experiences form our awareness. Then we proceed to act and do things based that awareness. So our awareness is a mental map of the world which our interpretation of reality are based.

The problem is that our mental maps are just maps. We always try to do our best based on our capabilities but sometimes these capabilities just fail us. This happens when our awareness of the situation hasn’t developed to sufficient enough level to deal with the problem.

So let’s say you go talk to a girl and Ooops you say something stupid. It’s not really your fault, you had to say something. Some warning mechanism preventing the ‘mistake’ just didn’t exist. Your social intelligence wasn’t up to the level on this matter.


The problem you didn’t do better is simply that you couldn’t have done better. You did the best you could based on your awareness, that’s all that could be demanded of you. So you simply weren’t capable of not fucking up.

I experienced this often when I played online poker when I had a hangover. I can literally feel my brain is not working and I end up making stupid decisions. At the time I am doing the best I can. The problem is that my awareness is wired for it to perform badly, my awareness and mental maps just are not available to me. Thus I end up using maps that are very simple and playing bad. I can not do better or worse than my capabilities in the moment.

So make sure you have good mental maps, which means that you have put the time to hone your skills and make sure you are getting the best out of yourself on the moment. Never stop learning…

2. Mistakes are necessary for learning

When you were in school the perfection was to make no mistakes. Making no mistakes was valued. This made us value avoiding mistakes over trying to be exceptional. As a result we did what was expected of us, and what was expected of us was to make no mistakes.

The problem is that if you never make a mistake you never put yourself on the line. Every time you take a risk you also risk failure. However mistakes accelerate learning so of course you should allow yourself to make mistakes, they contain valuable lessons that are tailored especially for you. Your mistakes mirror your exact problem points, they tell you where you are failing. Don’t let this information go to waste, look at it objectively and study it.

Mistakes can not be avoided because to never make a mistake is to play it safe, which is a mistake.

Drop the guilt and learn proactively:

Don’t waste your mistakes by just feeling remorse and guilt over them. Feeling guilty is reactive learning, all that it will achieve is make you feel timid to take action.

One of the reasons why we experience so much guilt and remorse over our mistakes is that we are affected by our hindsight bias. Things always seem easy and simple after the fact, but once you were in the thick of things they weren’t easy, simple and obvious which is why you failed.

Learn proactively, learning proactively means that you focus on the solution, not the mistake. Objective and constructive criticism are future oriented and not just an emotional reaction to the past.

The learning loop:

What you should aim to do is put yourself on the Do-Analyze-learn feedback loop as often as possible.

A lot of your failures will be things that you almost have learned but you haven’t quite learned yet, they aren’t yet sharp and distinguishable on your mental map of reality.

You will integrate them by going through the loop which means at first you will be failing. Mistakes will expand your awareness and over time your actions will get wiser.

The solution: Focus on upgrading yourself & be at your best.

There’s two ways that you can perform better:

To be better today: Focus on being at your best.
Being at your best means getting the most out of your current awareness. This includes anything that improves your decision making abilities such as: putting yourself to the right mental state, living healthy and getting enough sleep.

To be better tomorrow: Focus on upgrading yourself.
Upgrading yourself: Fixing your mental map to be more accurate. Learning about the world, learning about your mistakes, upgrading your habits and building momentum.

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Moving in to a new home

New city. New adventures.  New house. New life. New opportunity. My second chance 🙂


Oh yeah. I have a home once again!
Not as glorious as my Prague penthouse but almost.

19m² of pure beauty.

Its really close to the clubs. All the clubs are close together, its a small town.

20150111_130917_PanoI have always thought where you live is more important than how you live. This location is amazing. I can just quickly walk where ever I want to go.

Other than that. The goals are coming along pretty nicely so far. As they should since I have had so much free time. I need to get a bit better with my reading but I think my brain will adapt to the pace. Eventually when my reading and concentration improves I get my daily 50 pages done faster and have some energy for the other important stuff afterwards as well.

I’m also Excited to get back to gym. I promise to have a six pack in a couple of months. I will start building a bit of an endurance base on the beginning it take it from there.

This town is a good place to have some non distraction hustle. I always get a lot done here. It can be a benefit that there is nightlife only 2 nights a week. Hit it hard when it’s on. It is going to be a good challenge for me to turn my Vaasa life  in to an amazing porn film.

I was thinking I have been with a fair amount of girls by now
and many of their stories are documented in writing BUT
I don’t have any pictures stored of these girls.
I think this is was a huge injustice that had to be made right.

I created a picture collection: “the girls of the past.”
Kind of like a collection of my childhood I can look back on when I am a horny old man.

I am a big believer in documenting life, if you don’t record what is happening the memories  quickly fade in to this kind of fuzz.
So I dag deep on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and Whatsapp to hunt down any pictures I still could find.

2-by-10-would-not-bang-19Some people say keeping a list is stupid because it makes you do it for the wrong reasons. I disagree, I think whatever gets you motivated, use it.
Some people say I am doing this to feed my ego. BUT.

To deny this would be to deny history.
As a humble man I asked myself the question:
Who am I to deny history?

I was able to find face pictures of 57% girls who got fucked.

I took the best 3 pictures of each girl that were within half a year of getting together.

And I love the album 🙂

So document your life, your children deserve to know who you are.

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1st pussy of 2015

It is always good to be back in the capital city.
Being in Helsinki always puts me in to action mode.

Good circle of horny wing men I have here.
We keep it to the point and only thing that matters
is gaming.

This one begins on the new years eve and we are on the prowl.
We always have the attitude that rejections don’t matter
and we are active in our approaching.
Approaching a ton just gives you this momentum and
aura of confidence. You stop caring about rejection
and get talkative.

I haven’t been out much in the last months and it is
definitely showing in my game. When you lack momentum
your shit tends to be clunky, nothing happens on autopilot.

1.1.2014 @ Baarikärpänen 0300 hours.

This is actually quite a simple one because everything just
seemed so straight forward. I didn’t have to deal with anything
though, the logistics were amazing. It would appear it was almost like a low
hanging fruit but at the same time, had that been my first approach of the night
it might not have gone through. I get a full return on my luck.

Quite a pretty girl of 21 years of life. Conveniently happens to Live next to mine.
When I hear that this is the one I am committing to the end with.
Just some very simple chat and some comically awkward dancing, our dance moves just
didn’t match at all.

I spend the rest of the time with her until its closing time. I find out her sister is staying in
a hotel nearby. I try to convince her not to bother her sister with the phone call but she calls her because the sister promised her that she could stay over. I get some good luck when the sister doesn’t answer. (The sister found a man that night. One horny family)

There is always a number of things that can fuck it up on you. As you get better with in your game you will deal these situations more efficiently and better but sometimes you need your share of luck.

We are going to the same area for the night.
It is easy when you can just hop in to the same bus and get off at the same stop.

For the fucking location I would always prefer my place but at the end of the day a bed is a bed, so I go with the path of least resistance. She wants to go to hers and that is just fine.

Its surprising when she just says that I can come as well, usually they put a bit of a challenge. Easy and smooth so far.


You have made it to the girls bedroom. What now?


I am maybe a bit too slow to make the moves back in hers.
I wasn’t dominant and passionate enough back at hers.
I kinda get dropped in the no mans land of kinda making a move.
Don’t want to outright attack her but don’t wan’t to friend zone myself either.
I kind of make moves but there is no passion behind them so she gives me the line “I am not feeling great.”

Looking back of course that sounds like bullshit. I have been on this
situation before and too many times I have ended up kinda going for it but
not really. So I just take off the attention and the pressure. Trying to
play it. To my demise she falls a sleep. I am left to think what the fuck do I do now!?


1. Go for it 100% Just like semi rape her dominantly.
2. Build up the pressure slowly.
3. Wait till the morning.

I pondered this quite a long time. I dislike option 3.
If you worked up her emotions why would you wait until she has a hangover.

I decide to go for the option 4. Wake her up by massaging her private areas
and if she wakes up and doesn’t give real resistance. I am just going to take her.

I am left in a bad situation.
I want to fuck, but I don’t want to creep her out.
I go for the pussy over the pajamas. Thinking this might be the creepiest thing
I have done for a very long time…

It just comes down to, which one do you want more?
I am still kind of going for it but not really. My intent is divided.
When you take the middle road you are the most fucked.

So I am trying to masturbate her cherry and I rub it hard but she just keeps a sleep.
At one point I realize, this is not leading to anything and I stop.

Next plan. Go take a piss and make sure I wake her up on the way back from the
bathroom. So I stumble on her when getting back to bed and then start escalating. I do it but she doesn’t buy. At this point I realize. I am left with option 3, try again in the morning.

I can not give up here. I worked my way all the way here.
It is a priority, I just got to get it done. Often it is persistence that ends up
beating her resistance. Persistence (in moderation) is sexy.

In the morning I catch a little bit of a break when her friend calls her.
This is the first time the whole night when she turns her back on me.

The worst position in MMA is when somebody has your back

Now she is awake and I get to work from a good angle. I am getting a bit of resistance but I get her to submit.


I am lacking intent, some girls think I am gay. While not ideal.
It kinda doesn’t even matter much because you can just get to the endgame
and hopefully you play that well. You will get results, the girls are horny.
I need to hit the gym, it helps to eliminate feminine behavior.

One thing that has been dominating my thinking lately is “The girl will have
a one night stand with you, IF they think you didn’t expect it.” This girl might have suspected it but wasn’t sure it was coming. Invisible. She probably felt a lot less slutty because it just happened.

You being very clear in your might end up hurting you. I had similar thoughts in the summer 2013. You can kinda be the safe guy and just get to the end.
Just make her really comfortable with you, almost like a loser that will close hard.
On the other hand, shouldn’t draw conclusions without sample. If you don’t show enough intent you will often waste your time on interactions that go nowhere and I think that is a bigger no no to me. There is something to balance between being full on obvious sex addict and playing it too friendly. If I can inject sexual ideas in her head that can be quite money.

So good old 3 night out with the boys. Old school style.


Momentum is magic for your verbal game. The difference in verbal ability between night 1 and 3 is obvious.
Momentum fuels entitlement and girls aren’t intimidating anymore. When I am able to relax talking to girls becomes fun and everything eases to a flow state.

Overly commit on the open almost as a joke. Way better to be bold and go a bit too much.
If you freak them out, just humble down and make it click on her reality with
“I just decided to be brave” or “I just wanted to be confident”. This will make a huge difference to the rate of how much you get rejected off the open. They wan’t to talk to dudes but they don’t want to talk to the dudes who don’t posses a pair of balls.

How I gamed on the last night should be how I game in Wasa. A lot of positive interactions that just happened to not go through but not alienating anyone is really important when you are there with quite a limited number of girls.

Just a pleasure every time to be in the Pimp city. Great group.
I thrive on these environments that aren’t so serious and judgmental
about every single mistake.

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My goals for 2015

Year is about to change again and it is goal time. I just took all my life goals and made smaller sub goals for the year. Why make progress in only few areas of life when you can make progress in all. Some areas I aim to crush some I am more moderate. Not all goals are created equal.

I believe focus is one of the most critical skills in life. Focus is the ability to keep your eyes on your main purpose, the vision and goals that you have and ignore all obstacles. Setting goals and being introspective about what you want in life and why will give you more focus. More focus => more action => more momentum => more perseverance => more success.

1.Get in to non poker business. Make at least 1000€ in revenue. Make profit.

2.Get 12 girls

3.Drink more than 4 servings of alcohol max. 12 times in 2015.

4.Improvement in my areas of interests (Learning, reading) – Read/listen 50 books.

5.Using my time effectively. (Living life) – No more than 5 hours a week of bullshit TV. BS=Anything that is not aligned with values.

6.Get a business mentor or join a business mastermind group. (Costs don’t count against goal 1)

7.Eating healthy – Have more consciousness of what I eat. Don’t eat junk foods more than once a week. Don’t buy chips, candy, chocolate <75%. Don’t eat more than 4 liters of ice-cream.

8. Achieve the bachelor’s degree in business.

9.Exercising to have a healthy body – Exercise at least 3 times a week.
Tabatha rounds/home exercise count for max 1. Exercise a week, walking must be atleast 1,5hrs to count as an exercise.

10. Be more introspective and strict about skipping things to the future. Procrastinate less. You can reschedule to calendar once, but then YOU DO IT.
Using google calendar and marking the item as red with an alarm.

11.Interesting life with a lot of rich experiences. (Travel) – Travel to a new country.

12.Keeping a better track of my investments.  Review my investments weekly. Mark down what is my net worth every weekend. Keep track of the change in % & €.

13.Learn Spanish. Complete 2000XP points on Duolingo.

14.Write 10000 words of business content on the blog.

15.Find a cool girl that I love to hang out with that is a win-win for both.

16.Developing a healthy social circle in Wasa. Getting connected with people who have a positive outlook. Hanging out with friends at least once a week. Having a good vibe within the group.

17.Make monthly goals. That I split to weekly steps. Prioritize.


I know 17 goals is a lot of goals, but it is not like I will implement them all at the same time.

It is quite a challenging list, but with enough drive and motivation they can surely be achieved. I tried to make most goals as measurable as possible.

I think the hardest ones are going to be 1-5. So I am setting myself some challenge.

I will keep a personal project list and update it atleast once a week and publish a public list every quarter.

“What gets measured gets managed”   Peter Drucker

This is good, I kinda feel anxious about making my first montly goals. Shieet, I get to get back to the hustle soon.


The power of just making a list:

“Every act of a man springs from a hidden seed of thought, and couldn’t have appeared without them.” James Allen – As a man thinketh

At the beginning of summer 2013. I remember sitting home looking at my life with ‘damn, I am so rich and successfull, what should I do with all this momey and time?’

So I wrote down some things that would be nice to do. Just some writing, weren’t even goals or anything that I aimed to achieve. I found that file now, 1,5 years later and I have done 70% of the things in that list. Things that were just random would be nice to do things. Heres the things I did:

Mountainbike down the mountain.


Try out new foods.

Make friends from different cultures.

Live with locals in some remote culture.

See worlds misery, see poverty.

Travel around.

See natures miracles.

Sex with girls of different races.

Travel around.


Go kayaking in the sunrise/sunset.

Go explore nature.

Drive a motorbike.

See auswitch.


Live traveling from hostel to hostel.

Live abroad.


Fuck, that was a lot of cool shit that I got to do. I don’t know whether me writing it down had anything to do with them, science believes it does. Nevertheless it doesn’t hurt to think what do I want next. Had I not written these down I would have never known that I really even wanted these things happen to me.

Every time that your brain has a success, you just change the goalpost of what success looks like. (Get more money, get cooler girls)


It was 5 years ago that I finished my military service in the Finnish defence forces. From that point on I have worked to make something of myself. It has been upward trend ever since, every year I get a little bit better. It’s a lot of responsibility, when you are already on a pretty high level in life, you need to hit keep hitting up your craft consistently just to not fall back.

Year 2014 will be forever remembered as the year of the vagina. I got close to doubling my girl count. 13 girls got to experience me. That is so cool. Didn’t really make money but that was some good pussy. I did exert a lot of effort, I probably should have got even more after all I think I did around 400 approaches. My close rate just wasn’t that amazing, I learned a lot though. I feel like that this year as a person I matured quite a bit. Almost like easing in to a new phase of manhood.

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Cambodia part 2, Malaysia, Singapore


Went to a town of Siem Reap. There is some old ruins called Angkor Wat. Almost 1000 years old, they form the largest religious site in the world.


Taking photos of tourists taking photos of a sunset.


All of these people hiked to this hill and then the sunset is blocked by a tree


Fuck yeah another sunny day. Dodging the monkeys


One of the million accidental selfies but a good one


To the top of the temple, people were so slow on those stairs. All afraid of dying







A really old shitter. Maybe the most interesting thing in the temples


A lot of faces


This is the sickest badass tree that has ever existed


Getting me some child labor massage. In Cambodia they put their kids to use, don’t hate on me, I am just supporting the local economy


Cambodian traffic


Scootering around the coastal town of Sihanouksville.


Sihanouksville is a shithole. First time I have seen brownish water coming out of the tap.


Last picture in Cambodia it is one of these pictures that I wish would have come off better. A small girl making some money washing car windows. She noticed the camera and smiled to me.

If I have any regrets I wish I had been braver to photograph the misery and poverty of the Cambodians. If you think you are poor, you have not been to Cambodia.



To get away from the poor people I flew to Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia and went to see the lights of the Singapore. It is a bit of a culture shock to go in a place that is so different. Due to trains being fully booked I only had 1 day in the town so I walked around trying to see as much as I possibly could full on Japanese style.


Banks occupying the best places in Singapore. That corner office is worth working for.


Singapore bay with some gardens on the other side




A free laser show by the bay


There is a 24/7 mall that you can by wheelchairs from any time you need one



Happy holidays. I have already made it back to Finland. Was a pretty kick ass trip. New life, new opportunities. Pretty excited it is going to be very cool.

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The full moon party at Ko Phangan

Coming to Koh Phangan and approaching a bit and I noticed I was really rusty. It had been over a month since I was last in a nightclub and the whole trip I have been out pimping it only a few times. It just happened to be in Asia so I got laid on half my nights out.


Approaching a girl is bit of a big deal and my mouth is really rusty. It doesn’t feel like I have anything of value to offer to these girls. I am in a boring head space.

One thing that helps me on solo nights is to think: this is fucking brave. In my mind I just make it heroic.


The beach before tens of thousands of drunks come and trash it

I got a bit lucky to meet a thai girl from 2 nights ago. She becomes my momentum girl, I only need one girl to like me. She somebody that I can get things rolling with. Plan is to spend time a while before I bounce. This girl is too hyper, I can’t have any control over her, it gets annoying, I don’t feel good following a girl around so I bounce back to the action.

Couple of rejections, nothing too bad. And then I meet my drunk partner of the night:


I spot a girl that is out of the herd. She has a pretty face, not a very tight body but in the moment I just saw the face, which I liked a lot. I have good approach momentum going now so it doesn’t take me long to bite on the opportunity. I quickly find out that she has a girl friend with a dude.

We are sitting side by side in pairs and I look over, the other guy is playing it really fast with the fat friend. He is literally having her on missionary and dry humping her on the beach. My girl is like ‘gosh’ I have to watch this!

We spend about 15 minutes with them and then the girls need to go pee. As they leave to the bathroom my girl says to us: “wait here”.


3 dudes doing some borderline gay shit

The love in the night is on with both of the pairs. Definitely the move here is to follow them on the bathroom and just stalk for them to step out of there. However it takes me a while to convince the dude to follow them and we loose the girls. Now we are forced to wait there like dogs, hoping to get fed a bone. I am afraid of my girl talking the other girl, and just leaving us, and that is what I think happened when they don’t come back in almost 10 minutes… I tell the other dude “they’re not coming back”, he leaves, I stay, 30 seconds later the girls come back. Whoops.

The friend craves for her man. I think we all miss him. With the 2 girl groups it would be nice if everyone could be having fun. The more 1 on 1 you can get with the girl the better, now I have to divide my attention to both of them. I wan’t to get rid of the fat one.


Since I am now there with 2 girls i happen to leave a lot of distance to my girl and she starts to get approached by some random dudes. I get completely ran over verbally by some Brit who happens to be from the same little town as her. Good thing is that I am patient, and I just simply outstay him. The second one is more critical, this Israeli guy is all over her and she is giving her the I wan’t you eyes. It seems like there’s nothing I can do to save it, she seems hypnotized by him. I want to just leave but I decide to stay in it anyway. I have been very passive so I go in with bit of my own verbal barreling. You just hope to get the ball back so you can start running the play again and hopefully manage to do it in a non needy way.

Talk loudly: Israeli!? I can tell.

Me coming in just disrupts him and soon he fades to the distance. That seemed easy. I think most dudes are a bit timid, they aren’t looking to battle it out for girls, which kinda makes sense when there is still a lot to go around. Also it probably ended up looking quite money to the girl when I kept my calm and stayed quite indifferent.

Weird thing is that as long as you don’t loose her, her getting gamed by dudes will help you.
Most of them will suck, you are so much better in comparison.
It gives her a bit of an emotional ride and as long as you are with her the emotions she experiences will just transfer to you. You are the cool guy that showed her all this.


They sell just bucket loads of alcohol everywhere

We go have a tarot card reading and we loose her friend on the progress. The friend has my girls money and phone. Been on this situation before, no biggie. Plan is just to stay in and see how it develops. My girl wants to really find her friend. Luckily the beach is so crowded that it is a long shot. No friend, no options on where to spend the night. The search goes on for an hour or so.

During the search I bump in to a big black dude. I instantly say sorry, I’m well behaved. But this fucker throws a left hook that lands straight to my jaw. Whattafuck!? I am surprised, usually brothers are quite chill. Later I am also a bit puzzled of my reaction, I am just so calm and only concerned of how to play out the situation so I don’t loose face to my girl. So I keep my cool though and just let it go. Understandably my girl is going mental about it. I escaped with no pain, I think my Muhammad Ali like head movement saved me. It is a little obstacle on the way the faster I can get over it the better, i never brought it up again.


Blue and white, those are the colors of the Finnish flag! Did I just got played! 

I try to convince her that the best thing we can do is to go to my place, and message her friend on WiFi. She doesn’t buy it but it doesn’t really matter when I get her to walk home with me anyway.

I am just 10 minute walk of the beach, but this is nightmare 10 minutes… First we have to go on a shitty bridge by the beach for a few hundred meters, this bridge is in such shit condition missing planks and railings.

After the bridge go with narrow stairs up to bungalows, go through the bungalow area to a back alley and through a yard and then you’re at mines. If you happened to be a rapist murderer, this is where you would do it. The upside: once you get her moving just a little bit on the bridge she doesn’t want to turn back, she learns to trust you and you will be her knight of night.

After I pull her through that shit and I get her to mine it’s easy.

The flag of the United Kingdom

I gotta tell you boys. I have been to London and I have seen the Big Ben, but the only way to really experience a nation is to get between the legs of its women. Brits have the biggest boobs in Europe and my research supports this 100%.



I have noticed a little pattern whenever I get a girl I automatically wake up early in the morning breaking it down and writing it up. Took one last photo, just for the memories before we broke up.



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How to overcome approach anxiety

A background to my humble beginnings

I grew up the first 2 decades of my life, pretty much in a complete isolation from girls. In my nerd circles there was no girls at all. I could see some at school but I didn’t dare to talk to them. I remember if I liked some of the girls they weren’t ever the prettiest ones. They were always the average ones, whom I though I might have a tiniest chance with. In my teens, it didn’t really bother me that I didn’t have girls in my life because it didn’t really even occur to me that I could. My life was just entirely dedicated to spending time playing games on my computer.

I remember when we had a graduation dance in our middle school, I was too much of a pussy to ask any of the girls to dance with me. And looking back I can’t blame myself since I never talked to any of them. And there is no reason they would like me since I was about as nerdy as a nerd can get. I regularly wore the same big logo clothes days in a row, no sense of style whatsoever and with glasses and I was a bit insecure about looking quite a bit younger than others. When the graduation day came, I didn’t have a dancing partner. My good computer friend didn’t have a partner either and I thought I might have a chance to beat him, since I was only the 2nd nerdiest dude in the school… Oh well, he didn’t arrive to the dance. There was 2 girls left for me and thus I ended up dancing with some leftover girl who looked like a librarian. And the girl who was left all alone had to dance with the gym teacher. I think she was happy that she didn’t end up with me.


I can remember my first actual approach that I ever did with punctual detail. It must have been back in 2008, I was just a young 18 years old kid, innocent and just happy to be in the bar. I had made a secret commitment to myself, if I see a perfect opportunity for an approach I would do it…

Back in the day my standards for what I could approach were really high, I wanted the situation to be absolutely perfect. On that one faithful night in this Tampere bar I spotted this perfect opportunity. A young girl, looks approachable, alone, in the quiet area and has a seat next to her available. I am just stalking the situation for a few minutes, in the back of my mind hoping it would go away. Time keeps passing by and she keeps sitting there so in couple encouraging minutes later I realize that the situation is just too perfect, I can’t keep postponing it anymore. So I awkwardly walk over there, try to be confident, say my pathetic preplanned shit that I hoped she would like. I’m so nervous the whole room could sense it, I can’t look her in the eyes and my voice is crumbling under the pressure. The whole event is over in 20 seconds. I didn’t get the girl, but I do remember walking home pretty proud that night. I had actually talked to a girl. It was a hell of a start.

There is some stories more pathetic than these. It wasn’t really until the spring of 2010 that I started the journey to become the amazingly cool man that I am today. That’s when I started to see some light at the end of a long tunnel, I realized that I could get good at this. That was very much a turning point, once you realize you can get good, you have to, because otherwise you are going to resent the missed opportunity for the rest of your life.


When you grow up without any success with chicks you’re brain has kinda placed yourself in the pecking order. It would be unnatural for me to not feel nervous since I have no positive references to back it up. You can’t negotiate confidence logically in your mind, of course you should feel confident talking to a lightweight being who can not hurt you physically but the confidence just won’t be there.

I had a terrible approach anxiety. A lot of it was caused by perceiving that for it to work the approach must be perfect, there is no other way in my mind that a girl could like me. There was no confidence behind what I did so, it couldn’t have worked no matter technically  perfect my approaching was. I had no momentum whatsoever.

So it is clear that my history doesn’t provide me with the perfect start with this shit. However I definitely did have some things going for me that allowed me to improve:

1. I never thought of myself as a victim.

2. I believed I could improve at it, that you are not born with some level of women wooing ability.

3. I didn’t despise or hate girls. I always thought there were at least some nice girls.

4. I had low expectations,  I was never too hard on myself.

5. I had a lot of leverage to improve.

You probably wouldn’t know this by looking at me now, but approaching a girl used to be a big event for me back in the days. Of course over the years I have gotten used to the constant never ending cycle of rejections but I have also learned to deal with the pressure  better. The fear has not completely gone away but it is largely suppressed that it feels heck of a lot less intense. Having battled myself up from the lowest ranks I do have one ace up my sleeve, any level of fear I could experience now, is just a joke compared to how tough it used to be.

These days I view my past as honorable. I survived failure and I didn’t give up. Bad experiences shouldn’t make you feel like a victim, they should make you feel invincible.

What did I learn about the fears and how to beat them?

Based on the first 20 years of my life, I don’t think almost anybody would have held it against me if I just married the first non horrendous girl would happen to like me. I kinda figured out a process to get over these fears, if I follow the process I tend to do well.

There is no magic solution to transform anyone overnight. Trust me if there were, I would know about it. However I know several things that can help to ease it…

Get your brain working

You can change your lifestyle habits to get yourself more conscious. When you live more healthy you are not as powerfully pulled by your thoughts and emotions anymore. By healthy lifestyle choices you can reduce your baseline stress levels a lot and you will become more resilient to other stress factors.

When you feel nervous, do not make fear your enemy. You want to focus on the nervousness by feeling it, but at the same time realize that you are not your feelings and you are not your thoughts. Do not identify with these things on any level. When you accept your fear you get used to it, if you fight it you give power to your fear and it strengthens. You can not fight yourself out of fear. Just stay as the observer of your emotions and don’t get attached to them. Stay conscious of your limiting beliefs, you’re inner narrator will be telling you that you are worthless, see it in a humorous light.

If you don’t have a lot of experience, you will have a lot of these virus-like thoughts in your head. You will have a higher tendency to rationalize not approaching. Be aware of this kind of emotionally based logic. Your emotions will largely dictate your thinking, your thinking will not relieve you out of your fear. You can not negotiate yourself from feeling an emotion. That is why your conviction to approach at the beginning of the night needs to be strong.

Protip: If you feel like you go inside your head a lot and you have these self-destructing loops of negativity. Give meditation a chance. Do it for couple months and see if it helps.

Your mind and body are interconnected

If you feel scared on the inside, it is still beneficial to act confidently on the outside, your mind will catch up on your behavior and the confident feelings will follow. You will enter a positive feedback loop and other people will start to respond to you in such a way that will confirm and support these emotions.

Do things that are little outside the social norm: sing loudly, jump around, rise your hand in the air and yell freedom! Getting in to peoples space a little bit will make you feel more in control, more powerful. This feeling of power will change your outlook on the situation and improve your optimism and self-esteem. You are now more likely to play for the win.

Protip: You will find it easier to flow on the mental level when you have movement in your body, move with the music. Ever wondered why thinking is easier when you are moving?

Build momentum

The power of momentum never seizes to amaze me. It is almost like you can unlock a whole new part of yourself with regular action, a part that was hidden and you didn’t even know it existed. There has been times when I have had sick momentum and it makes things so much smoother. That is when game becomes fun.

You can never know what is going to happen in a single night. Only thing you can be certain of is that over time you will improve in your consistency. My best nights look as amazing as my worst nights look awful. I know that by building my night up the right way I maximize my chances of having a great night.

Managers try to solve problems why leaders try to build momentum. Because leaders know if they just build momentum they will solve 80% of their problems with that momentum.              – John Maxwell. Leadership expert.

Memory is state access dependent meaning that you will remember specific things from the emotional state that you are currently in and also interpret your experiences through the mood you are in.

If you are feeling good you will tend to be in a winning focused mind state when you are looking at what is there to gain by approaching. You will look at the upside when you approach, this will give you the aura that you must not get rejected, since why else would you hold that belief? A lot of the time it will end up being a self-fulfilling prophecy.

I have noted that very often I am a bit cautious up to the point that I get the first girl that approves of me, it doesn’t have to be anything special, but that is usually where I flip in my thinking from the why I shouldn’t, to the beautiful thinking of why I should. I think it is my mind realizing that nothing bad is going to happen and something good might happen. So there is only an upside to approaching, it is easy to play when you can only win.


The thing I have learned is true more than anything is that the self is always coming through. You might fool a girl for a little while but if you are not the man you are presenting yourself to be, the girls will pick up on this. Building momentum is about getting your best most confident, witty, relaxed and sexual self out. I find it very helpful to try to act like myself like I would when I am really on and witty, throw in some extreme humor, even when it fails it reminds me that I am that guy, I slowly start to feel more free.

I wan’t you to find out what works for you in your nights? You should ask yourself, what is the best way to get yourself in to the zone?

Some people it seems better to just chill out, some people want to get a couple approaches under their belt right away. I find that getting rejected a couple of times works for me, it helps to realize that it is not so bad. You will essentially numb yourself to rejection and you will no longer fear it, you will stop caring. During my nights if I take a lot of action and my brain will have the proof that it is safe and cool and I will develop a relaxation response that will kick in during the first few seconds of the interaction. Confidence just happens automatically when there is nothing that holds you back.

If you feel like the approaching is a bit overwhelming I think its usually just best to start approaching right away. Your brain is looking for proof that you are safe, you cant convince yourself that nothing bad is going to happen, instead take so much action that your brain starts to believe it is okay to approach.


The longer you wait for the right moment the more you over blow it in your mind in to this huge thing and the more stress you build up. There is a simple rule that I try to follow: Whenever you hesitate, err on the side of action.


One way to build momentum

It doesn’t matter what mood you start with, it matters what mood you end up with. Good or bad mood at the beginning of the night is not a guarantee of anything. Understand that you’re emotions go in waves, they come and go. Maintaining a super positive mood for the whole night can tire you out.

After all it’s not about being in an pumped up state or being in a relaxed state it is about being in a positive state or negative state. Your brain at positive performs significantly better than it does in negative, neutral or stress. When you feel positive confident your intelligence rises, your creativity rises, your energy level rises, you will be more apt to take risks, you will be more dominant, ambitious and aggressive. With this new powerful testosterone filled brain you are more likely to get win.

Over time you will develop personal leadership, ability to lead yourself to do the right action. Trust your own judgement. You know what the right thing to do it. Don’t hesitate, just take action, take responsibility for your own decisions. As a man you will have to take responsibility, as they say: true leadership starts with the self.

Being you is what makes it all work

The biggest AHA concept for me was that: the key to getting girls is to not disqualify yourself by not being you.

The way I think this in my head is kinda like a salesman selling a product, where your character is the product and your tactics and game are the advertising. You might good at selling a shitty product but she is going to eventually test you and find out that you suck. On the other hand you might have amazing product with shitty advertising, you are not going to realize your potential. Ideally you will have both down, but the character is what allows it all to work.

Assume that she already knows you, she is just checking whether or not you are being yourself today. Be like you would naturally be, peel down the layers of social conditioning. See how little boys treat and tease girls, girls are just big dorks, stupid in a cute way but still lovable. It is not your natural inclinations to be stifled, afraid, logical or try hard. Girls get weirded out by this kind of behavior, they get confused.

Connect with that competitive masculine spirit again, you should feel a little better than others by default, not in a arrogant way but inside you will always trust yourself. If you are not feeling like this, you are not living your life the right way.

 Be boyish

If I had to summon my best game in just one word, that word would be boyish.

If I am struggling the mindset that will auto correct it all is, ‘be boyish’.

It is the whole overall character. For me it means not taking girls seriously, having a playful attitude towards life, fucking around, being free of outcome, being the buyer, being entitled, being positive and being innocent. All in just one word. No need to make it any more complex than that.

p is burning

Get out of the of the perfect pickup mindset. Every single time a man gets laid it was a bit messy. You don’t need to be perfect, for a normal guy there is always some pussy.

I used to be massively guilty of the perfection thinking. To get a girl to like me, I thought I would need to make like verbal back flips, be super on at all times and push all kind of emotional buttons.

Here’s something I have noticed with guys:

Beginner: Just scared and sucks

Intermediate: In your face, seeks to be impressive

Advanced: More calm, does not seek to impress

At the end of the day it is your character that is or is not getting laid, you do not need to be that much more charismatic than the average guy. You should realize that you are naturally good already, none of us were born impotent. What is likely stopping you is all kind of bullshit social-conditioning that you need to unwind. You might not throw a snowball at a girl you like anymore but you are wired with instincts that work.

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How to handle a bitter faggot

Warning: Use of the word faggot in this post is extensive. The author of this post has nothing against homos or any other minority group for that matter. 
Except gypsies of course, fuck em.

I met this  local dude who in Kuala Lumpur. We have a interesting deep, open, no bullshit conversation and he invites me to visit his house.

He seems like a trustworthy good intentions guy and I am bored of the city, thinking it could be interesting to see a bit more of Malaysia I accept the invitation. I meet him the next day and we take a bus over to his little home town named Port Dickson.


All is light and fun until he starts going to this rant about how Asian girls only like white men because all they care is status that being with a white guy provides. I can see he is very emotional about this subject.

On the way to his house he reveals why he is acting the way he is, by asking: do you think I am a loser for not having a girlfriend? I drop the topic for a bit. We get to his house and head out to have dinner.

After some conversation we get to the topic of girls again.
Fag: when was the last time you had sex?
Me: week ago in Cambodia.
This faggot starts ranting again about Asian girls only liking white men…

The white men are taking all the girls… Which is quite ironic coming from a guy living in a small town with no white people. Of course its no point arguing, but I still try to. Its pretty sad that somebody would think like this, but I kind of understand. I know from my personal experience that a bit of pussy can fix most of mans emotional problems.

At this point I am sure its not going to be a good visit. We take a walk to the beach and sit down on some rocks overlooking the ocean. This guy sits so close to me that our legs touch, at this point I start to suspect something fishy. It doesn’t take long before his hand has made its way to my leg and then the inside of it. He is making moves on me. I am surprised since he was completely off of my gaydar, the needle didn’t even tremble. Sometimes that can happen if the bastards fly really low.

I let him know that he is making me uncomfortable. This dude just stands up and goes 5 meters away, I call him out for being childish. He starts to have an another emotional episode
– you don’t have a problem with the Cambodian girl touching you!
– double standards!
I am thinking fuck this, but my situation is not too great with my stuff in his place and no hotels in town. So I try to play nice for now and not to upset him too much.

He is being like a broken record complaining about girls and white men, we drive back to his place. I tell him that I don’t want to fuck him, i’m not in to men.
-I would never! He shouts back with a disgusted voice.
– you think that I wanted to?
– it sure looked like it.
The faggot remains angry.

We get back to the house. Where we only have one queen-size bed. I am pretty sure he won’t kick me out now.

Fag: You’re white I’m black. What if we both make a compromise and be gray?

The night continues with talking and him occasionally trying to get me to spoon with him…


Just like there are cat ladies, there are cat faggots

I wake up to his chickens at 5 in the morning but it’s alright. At least I didn’t have to wake up to small Asian penis entering my ass.

I start to think this coming day is about more than escape, I want my payback. These kind of sick hetero molesters need to learn their lesson.

I know the topic that will infuriate him. Girls. We go for a breakfast and I start to slowly turn on the heat. Building the foundations to ruin his day.


The faggot is too ashamed to show his face. The Malaysian pancake with tuna in it is amazing though

Apparently I am evil and I am a rapist. This guy has some mental problems but at the same time it is hilarious. I find that when somebody is angry and you just self-amuse, joking with yourself you can drive them insane. Breakfast ends with him storming out yelling go fuck your Cambodian girl! There is this a big beard old Indian dude just laughing at him, I make the ‘he is crazy gesture’ and chase him down.

He starts apologizing for his behavior and asks me to come to the beach with him. He at least seems quite sincere and he probably was. It was always hard to say no to this guy since I knew he would always get angry after.  I know this pattern: emotional episode, apology, repeat. You don’t give these people a second chance, their apology might be honest but their behavior is not going to change. This guy is about to learn a lesson.20141122_121157

I get him to lunch with me. I am already so under his skin that I don’t need to do much.

Midway to the lunch he is saying some hardcore hate stuff:
-You should kill yourself.
-I hate you.
-I wish your plane crashes.
-I wish you get penis cancer.
-I want to kill you.
On and on..
You could really see the hate in his eyes. Its going to take him a while to bounce back from that 🙂


Google faggot and you will find this page

Google faggot and you will find this blog

His review of me: I am confident and charismatic with a friendly outlook. But inside I am evil and poisonous. I am corrupted, I have no emotions, I am like a machine. I can fool people to believe my agenda.  –   Quite proud of the review =]

Had I never discovered pimping and took action on it I could very well be that faggot guy. Just rationalizing why he is not getting some, finding reasons everywhere else but from himself. It is a sad path to take. This guy said he is not with women because he doesn’t trust them. He is just trying to cope with the situation. It might be that creating this drama is a way for him to feel a little importance in his pathetic shit life. There is always some drama going on in the trailer park. Losers complain and over time many of them grow this inner resentment toward girls, success or money. Have you noticed that the winners are never bitter?

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The girl next door

Motorbiking the Vietnam got me out of the game a little bit. I was just surrounded by so many people who didn’t speak English and I got lazy and very introverted at times. I lost my motivation for a while. I was out of it for too long and started to develop that craving for action again.

My time in Cambodia was coming to an end so I moved in to this modest hotel that provides a place to have fun.

The only way to get WIFI in this shit hotel is outside my room and that’s how this story begins. I happen to have a room next to a cute Cambodian girl whom I meet outside. A classic girl next door type, the kinda girl whose ass you check when she passes you by and wonder what would happen if you make the move.

It starts with innocent chatting but I notice that I’m dead on with my purpose, I am not chatting to be friends, its flirting to fuck. I am taking the small risks that I know from experience often lead to glory.

I just make it ridiculously sexual from the beginning. She doesn’t even understand half the stuff I’m saying but she still gets the intent and playfulness behind it. When you get a bit more advanced the words don’t matter so much because your game is more in the sub communications.

She invites me to have drinks with her friend. Her friend is a dude who is sleeping in the same bed with her. Lets go for drinks.. So we all jump on his friends scooter. It soon turns out her friend is gay which happens to be incredibly convenient 🙂


Normally with 2 girl groups I flirt to fuck with the one I want and flirt to befriend with the other one. Apparently my charm is enough so that the homosexual man leaves us alone.

After we get 1on1 its almost too easy. Now its just damage control. You are going to sail to glory as long as it goes smooth.

I am just careful not to over escalate. Kinda back and forth with the physicality. Keeping it playful and fun. There is no reason for anything special, because there is nothing to win yet, I am just nurturing the interaction.


Paradise beach, great food, fresh mango juice and a local girl to service my needs. Life is good.

She is so damn tiny that on the way home I just carry her her for the last 5 minutes. We get to my room I put her straight to bed. She asks me the question: “what if  I am working?” Inside my head I’m going FFUCK! Not again Cambodia.. Luckily it turn out to just be a witty test. I had the best comeback. “What if I am also working” then just charge her whatever she wants from you.

After this she says she needs to drop off her shoes to her room. I’m thinking fuck that and yank them off. Long story short it turns out she needs to take a shit. How lovely. I let her  go to her room so she doesn’t loose her feeling of sexiness. After all. I still got the shoes in my room.

TV is showing Hungary vs Finland football game. Very nice. Life gets a bit better when she walks in wearing nothing but a towel.


The only way to truly experience a new culture is to get between its legs

We spent the next day driving around Sihanoukville with a scooter and I can see her getting attached. We go see the sunset and come back. On the entry back to the hotel the owner wants her to pay for her stay. The story had kind of a sad ending when she wanted me to help her with her rent money it was 20$, I declined.

Flag of Cambodia

Some afterthoughts:

I have got back to the daily meditation. Doing it 15-20 minutes a day seems to improve my pimping so much. My verbal game is worse on paper but I am so comfortable with the tension and I don’t go inside my head or be self-conscious. For the girl it must feel like this dude is boss, he just owns every situation. They love it when the bullshit they throw can’t move their man out of his center.


Took her to the sunset cruise on my rental scooter

This was the most fun pickup in a long time. I have always liked these playful ones. The ones which have purpose to intercourse from the start. Its fun to take the sexual tension and play with it, I know I will always win the verbal flirt battles and winning is always fun.

It seems like every girl gets attached these days. It is hard to attribute it to any single factor but I would give a lot of credit to me starting to apply the sex god method. A book that my friend suggested to me when I had the problem of girls not sticking around. Since reading it I have focused on the DEVI method: where you provide her with dominance, emotions, variety and immersion. Click here for a free download and you too can become the sex god.

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How to sell a used motorbike in Cambodia

It turned out that selling my beat down Asian motorbike took a bit more time than I had expected. Here are the lessons I learned.

Initially the plan was to sell it at Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. but surprisingly in 6 days of searching I found only one potential buyer.

When I met the dude who was looking for a bike. I told him that I have a bike for sale I smirked a bit.

He asked  -why are you smiling? I tried to counter my mistake with some soft selling and friendliness but had no dice. That guy just never trusted me anymore. I had lost the client before it had really even started. I would have been too pleased to get rid of the bike.

Lesson 1. Kill the neediness – Your product is amazing.

The best salesmen believe in their product.
If you appear needy to get the sale it will fuck it up. A selling situation has a kind of a unfair dynamic where the buyer is working on incomplete information, the seller always knows more. If you are overly eager to sell the bike it tells a powerful message: since nobody else wants it, it must be shit.

If I act like I would be happy to get rid of it the buyer is going to notice that. Never think of anything bad about the product, the more you can brainwash yourself to love it the better. The product needs to be wanted, they can sense your attitude. For a seller it is best to appear almost irreverent on whether the sale goes through. Kill the neediness.


When you have great advertisement in place its all about converting contacts in to customers

Lesson 2. Capture the alpha status – become the authority.

Wouldn’t it be nice if things you say would be believed and appreciated without so much questioning. If it were on the other person to impress you? If the buyer was too stifled to back down from the sale or to bargain. You can achieve this by becoming the authority.

To capture status you lead the interaction and keep it in the areas where you are the authority on, this is easy to do as the other party is already interested in your offer. If you shove the buyer in to beta mode he will follow your lead and look for ways to impress you.

My buyer was a very beta kinda dude who didn’t know anything about motorbikes. A perfect prospect. Being a authority was easy, he was curious and didn’t have much previous experience about motorbikes. I believe me being the dominant one in the interaction was crucial to the deal going through.


Lesson 3. Play the honesty card – befriend.

He knows that you are not a salesman. Hide your game and fool the sucker to think that you are acting with high integrity. When I met my buyer I sat down for a beer, you always trust people you have a beer with. Sitting down for a beer gives you time to develop some kind of bond between you two. It is not 2 total strangers doing business anymore.

Keep in mind that you are not lying you are just selling. Think about you’re competition. They are selling this way as well. Since everybody is up selling a bit you need to be too or you will be left behind. I understand that we all have certain strategies to get things that we want. I value integrity and even ethics but when its time to close just forget that shit.


Since you are coming from the friendly seller place do not ignore his concerns or go head on against his defenses. Avoid sparking conflict and instead act friendly and helpful almost like if you were his consultant on the buying decision. You aim to become the friendly authority.

You can not just tell the good parts of the bike without any of the bad. You should definitely hide the big deal breaker weaknesses, but tell the small flaws so he will think you are honest and have integrity. This will make him think you are his friend and he will start to trust you. This is the opposite approach to hard selling that will risks getting the prospect defensive.

Lesson 4. Make your product a story – strike up the emotions.

If you just tell that the didn’t break down in 2500 km that is boring and too factual. You can tell all this with stories and show photographs of amazing times with the bike. A hell of a lot better. You will spark some emotion which blocks out the logic.

Remember that emotions steer logic not lot more than logic steers emotions. Try to keep them out of the logical mindset as much as possible. If you get the emotions on your side the buyers brain will make up the logic.


Yet another problem. Not my problem anymore 🙂

Took a while but I netted a massive 30$ profit on my initial 200$ investment. Totally not worth my time 🙂

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Vietnam on a motorbike – Crossing the finish line



The final route from the village of Mui Ne to the city of Phnom Penh vie Ho Chi Minh city


I tought if I don’t survive the traffic the Ho Chi Minh traffic I might as sell enjoyed a beer before dying.


Last meters of the original plan

left turn


Walking down the street I hire this one guy to glue my shoes. Soon there is 3 others who pick up my shoes and start painting my dirty shoes. Once they get the first brush in you just kinda have to go on with it.





The war museum in Ho Chi Minh had a lot of captured american war machinery




A pretty Vietcong ladysoldier


These 2 are grinding the Vietnamese tunnels near Ho Chi Minh


the Củ Chi tunnels totaling over 250 kilometers long and having as many as 4 floors were a nightmare for the Americans. Here the Vietcong could live, move freely and ambush the Americans at will

20141030_115457 20141030_115509


A Vietnamese lady drove this bike through Vietnam in 2004. It was so hard that she died just 8 years later



The last night at Ho Chi Minh. This city has nightlife 🙂


Grinders washing the Dream. $1


The strategy center where the South Vietnamese capitalists planned their war with the Americans


The independence palace. At 10:45 on 30 April 1975, a tank of the North Vietnamese Army rammed through the main gate, ending the Vietnam War.

20141101_150313The Notre Dam cathedral in Ho Chi Minh. Built by the french back way back when they tried to make Saigon to be the Paris of Asia. I expected it to be so cool but it is just another stupid church.

Cambodia – Phnom Penh


The final drive. I leave 8 in the morning giving me 10 hours to reach Phnom Penh. The day doesn’t begin very well when my bike just won’t start. Time to start pushing it to the mechanic once more. He does his magic fixing the spark plug but the bike is still not starting. Turns out I have no gas!? Even though I just filled it up.  Somebody had stole my petrol.

Problem was fixed and I drive to the border. Some people are saying to me that I can’t take my bike to Cambodia, some are saying that I have to bribe them 10$ to drive it through. It turns out I just drove it past the customs, A big relief when nobody asks a thing.

That saved me some money, the only bribes I had to do was to the Vietnamese stamping official who stamps the exit date to your passport. Everyone crossing the border put a bit of money between the passport to “speed up” the process. I am a bit anti bribe so I just put a dollar and it took quite a while for me to get the damn stamp. All done and I walk to the Cambodian Visa official. The sign says tourist visa $30. When I give him my papers he just says $32. Standard. I point the sign “It says 30$ right here”. The reply is “Everybody pays 30$”. First time I have seen corruption.


Crossing the Mekong. I have just survived an army of harassing beggar children all wanting a dollar. None of them got it of course as I don’t believe in giving.


I made it Phnom Penh. Next day I went to take a walk and I met this nice lady in the park. Asked me to take a picture and then we just chatted. She had pretty good game. I was feeling quite suspicious in the beginning. We sat down to the bench and I sat as far to the other edge as possible. She tried to get me to have Malaysian dinner with her family. I think I denied the invitation largely because I wasn’t quite sure of her intentions. Good learning experience to be on the other side though. I try to learn, if I am feeling a bit tense and awkward the girls must feel it as well.


Can travel to the end of the world but can’t escape Finland


The s-21 prison. During the Khmer Reigime over 20000 people were forced to confess activity against the state and brutally tortured and killed. The barbwire in the picture was out up so that the prisoners couldn’t jump to their deaths.


There was a ban for friendly pedophiles


Only seven of the 20’000 inmates who survived the s-21 prison




They had a wall of the victims. Very similar to say Auschwitz. These kind of mugshots de-humanize the victims. Makes it harder to relate.


You can tell a lot about the mans character just by looking at his face at the times of stress


A pride of Cambodian technological achievement. A fountain that changes color.


DCIM100GOPROThe Cambodian water festival where they celebrate the end of the Monsoon season. They had 3 days off from work because of some rowing on the Mekong.


This was the first time that the water festival was held since 2010. Where 347 people were stamped to death by panicked crowds, it is now known as the Phnom Penh stampede


Shitty sewage system means that when it rains, the roads will look like this.


On the night of the water festival, colored boats with lights on them will slowly travel up and down the Mekong




During the Festival there were heaps of Police and army everywhere


Children playing in the shitty water. During the nigfht the cleaners will come with the hoses and just flush every peace of garbage to the river.


20141103_165452 20141106_180122


This might look like a peaceful countryside field on a sunny day. From 1975-1979 this was part of the extermination camp. Located all over Cambodia there is 20’000 mass graves. It is estimated that 2-3 million out of 8 million  people died as a result of regime.


The regime was able to convince poor Cambodian farmers that the reason why they were poor was that the educated were using them. Many of these farmers became soldiers fighting for their cause. Here you can see some skulls, all of them killed with a hit to the head with whatever weapon the killers could find. Bullets were too expensive.


They used this tree to smash babies. If the babies family member was killed the regime killed the whole family because they didn’t wan’t to leave behind anyone who would have a reason to oppose them in the future. They would take the baby from the legs and smash the soft head of the baby to the tree, then throw them to the grave on the right.


Cambodia is dirt poor with almost 3 million poor people and over 8.1 million who are near-poor. About 40% of children under five-years-old are malnourished and are short for their age.

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Vietnam on a motorbike – The east coast

This part 2 of the motorbike trip through Vietnam.


The route starts for Hue and goes through Hoi An, Quy Nhon and Tuy Hoa ending in Nha Trang.

Time to continue the motorbike journal. I have conquered the north and seen the national park. Now it is time to head to the coast and test my bike on some of the best coastal roads in the world.


East coast


The south China sea


Find the little roads and you are always in for some surprises


This looks like a great idea


My bike came to a halt after getting some saltwater in to the engine. To my great relief I was able to start it few minutes later and continue on


The city of Hue has a walled old town. Americans bombed this place a lot back in the day.


The royal gardens of Hue


North Vietnamese commie bunker



The perfume river that crosses the town. It is featured in the 1987 war film Full Metal Jacket; the action in the second half of the film occurs around the city of Huế and the Perfume River


Same picture taken with Samsung Galaxy S2 which seems the situation with different colors than my Gopro Hero3

On the Top Gear special in Vietnam they featured this view. It is a traditional fishing village with long industrial bridges, if your timing is right you can hear the fishing boats underneath. Would have liked to spend some more time just watching it.. but the damn Vietnamese were there selling all kinds of crap and wouldn’t leave me alone.

You watch it on TV when you are just a little boy and then a few years later you are there. Work hard, work smart 🙂


The Vietnamese coastline is full of amazing beaches lot of them deserted. If you could get down there you might just find paradise


Got tired on stopping for every view so I just started taking pics as I went along


A Buddha with manboobs

A Buddha with man boobs


A town of Hoi An. Known of its suit tailoring industry it has a nice scenic old town, 2 beaches and a river where you can put lanterns.DCIM100GOPRO


20141017_152117I am around half way in to my trip when I encounter the first problem with the bike. Even on low speeds it starts making this very bad grinding sound. I am worried but thankfully I am in town and mechanics are everywhere. The mechanic opens up the bike and it turns out it is just some dirt in the chain. Relieved I tip the guy 5000 dongs (0,2$) and drive off


On my last night in Hoi An I Accidentally book a hotel from the wrong town. Usually i view 200 km per day to be my maximum. It is 300 km away.. I have noticed I tend to average about 30 km/h so I decide to leave before 6 am so I can have 12 hours of sunlight.

In the morning I wake up to the most terrible monsoon weather. I don’t mind a little rain, I have a solid poncho to keep me almost dry but this is not little rain. I have to drive quite slow because the huge tropical raindrops are hurting my face. I can’t see much in this weather, glasses are full wet, without you cant keep your eyes open it’s very intense.

I decide to soldier on anyway but the road is full of ponds, and on top of this my bike is seriously losing power on the higher gears. Soon I have a bike breakdown because the water has got in some electronics. I have made it just 15 kilometers and it is 6.15 in the morning.

Here I am in the rain side of the road pushing my bike forward. Luckily for me rui xao (bike repair) is the most common thing in the Vietnamese language, I find a repair shop close by.

A nice older man makes sure the mechanics don’t rip me off. This whole thing has cost me an hour and a half though. From that point on I was possessed to get to the hotel, the whole thing did not make any sense. I should just park at the nearest hotel, but sometimes I am too stubborn to give up.

Visibility was shit and I was thinking this is getting really dangerous, exactly at that moment I see 2 motorbikes collide on the opposite lane. Some dude going around 50 km/h collides with an other going walking speed. The other is holding the shoulder, the other holding his feet…

But since there are no traffic rules in the Nam it isn’t anybody’s fault and they drive off.


I saw another accident, I am driving down this road when i see a lot of people gathering. Sighing that i have to do yet another rounds of hellos to school children I squeeze a bit more gas. When I get closer I notice a lot of concerned worried faces. It turns out there was an accident where a bike has collided head on with a truck. I can see the bike in a really bad condition and pieces of stuff everywhere.

I would have liked to watch what happens but I have to drive on pretty fast since I am driving without a license I don’t wan’t the police on the scene to pay any attention to me. By the looks of it I don’t like his chances of making it.

That day 12 hours of the 14 hours on the road it was raining hard. But me and my bike made it. The most dangerous day of my life.


Empty beach in Quy Nhon





A woman takes a look at the camera while camera takes a look at some 1200 years old building


The 2 main bridges leading to Nha Trang from the north



Posing with my buddy white Buddha


An amusement park in Nha Trang reminds the visitors of Chernobyl

Nha Trang was a popular destination for Russians. It was weird to see everything translated to Russian.


Fireshow at the beachclub


Vietnamese love to take photos all the damn time


The river in Nha Trang. Locals have a nice boat going on there


A girl that got away.


Mui Ne city was another Russian tourist hot spot. A fishing village with some character it had a spring and some nice sand dunes.




Enjoying the red sand dunes with nice views over the village and ocean


There is a sandy spring that you can walk on


Mui Ne was the last town of the trip before heading to Ho Chi Minh city




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Buying a bike in Hanoi and driving to Cambodia

It was in Pai, Thailand that the idea of driving a motorbike through Vietnam sparked. I applied for the one month Visa and flew to Hanoi in north Vietnam. Originally I was supposed to do it with a friend. Unfortunately he pussied out and I was erring on the side of not doing it solo. Everybody said they wouldn’t do it by themselves and I bought in to their advice.

That was until I met this one New Zealand dude who doing Vietnam by himself on a motorbike. He was so convinced that it was an awesome idea that it got me thinking about it again.

I am in Southeast Asia in the first place because of self-reliance. I didn’t put off this trip because I was waiting for people to do it with me. Sure it would be challenging, but worst case scenario it completely blows up and I learn a little bit of self-sufficiency. 🙂20141011_150532

Initially I was looking for a scooter. Got familiar with the models and was looking for a Yamaha. Really easy to drive and simple. Test drove a couple of them. Was settling to buy a newest model for 350$. When i decided to go check out one more shop and I was about to leave when i noticed a traveling couple coming to sell their bikes and that’s how i found my bike. For 200$ I would get a helmet, poncho, bag holder and 108cc, 4 gears of Honda engineering from the year 1978 (I later found out that my bike was Chinese Vietnamese). I realized this was the best deal I would find and urgent to get going the next day so I just bought it on the spot.

Accidentally took a picture of myself taking a picture

So proud of my bike that I accidentally took a picture of myself taking a picture of my bike


Cockpit of the dream. Lights, indicator, horn. On the right, panel- and light switch and the electric start.

Tips for the motorcycle journey:

First of all and the best tip I can give you is:
Don’t think of it as buying a bike, think about it as renting a bike.
That’s effectively what you are doing and it is pretty obvious, I still made this mistake.

This is why it doesn’t matter whether you go for the cheapest one or the more expensive one. You are just renting it.
My deal: Expect to win ~40$
I had a good deal: Was it worth it? Probably not.

If I am going to spend 70 hours sitting on a bike it is worth it to me invest a little bit to get a worse deal.
I should have gone for a higher end bike. Maybe cost 350$ resale 300$.
Compared to the other deal: Lose 90$, rental price about a euro more/driving hour.

Saving in the wrong spot. As an afterthought though. Buying my bike was a great decision, it is more bad ass to do it on a crappy bike than an excellent one. You and your bike will go through the challenges together it will make it more memorable.

The gear:

Cycling gloves.
I was going to invest in some real gloves and walked in to a Ducati shop and asked the price on some good looking gloves. 4,6 Million dongs (220$), the gloves actually costed more than my BIKE! I opted for cycling gloves for 200k, they look ridiculous but provide good comfort and they may save your entire trip if you fall. I ended up liking the open fingers a lot, really good for handling the GPS while driving.

Dustcover for mouth (Vietnamese face mask).
Filters a most of the diesel smells and protects you from the sun. Get some clothing with long sleeves that not only protect you from getting burnt, they also protect you a bit if you fall.

Hipster glasses.
In nighttime there’s billion flies somehow being magnetized in to your eyes. They will also block the from the dust the incoming traffic will throw at you.

Obviously get mobile internet. GPS. Google translate. Mobile charger.

If you have a lot of turns on your journey, just plugin your earphones with a GPS and all you have to do is drive.


This will do


Get confident on your bike: These roads are a bit of a death wish. You will encounter everything you could imagine. Animals, people driving the wrong way, potholes everywhere, mental aggressive tourist bus drivers and insane traffic. You have to be really confident with your bike control, dodging obstacles and putting your bike to where you wan’t it to go.

Don’t expect to cover more than 30 km an hour: This is a rule I find to be true every time I set out somewhere. Google maps doesn’t calculate the driving estimations very well. A road Google thinks is 60 km/h, might be full of holes and bumps. They obviously haven’t been to Vietnam 🙂

Get insured: If I were to do it again I would get an international drivers permit to get coverage from the insurance company. Normally I am against getting any kind of insurance, the are basically for scared people who pay premium for a stupid service. In this situation however it can very well turn out to be a winning deal.

Don’t be afraid to get lost: With a bike you have the freedom to go anywhere you wan’t, be creative. You see the real Vietnam by going off the main roads. You will quickly learn to distinguish whether you are lost from the peoples faces 🙂


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Add 2 Thai girls to the list

10/2014.  23 Yo. Thai girl from Chiang Mai Thailand.

I am having a slow night, normally I never get inside my head anymore but now I am inside and I am inside bad.

I just keep walking around the area like a fucking idiot for the longest time. Being way too selective with my approaching since I am just scared to try anything.

Finally I muster up my courage to enter an actual nightclub. And pretty much the first girl I see is giving me the eyes. Dance for some while, drink some Tonic water. The club is about to close after like maybe 20 minutes of dancing, and they want to leave, her and her friends.

At this point I completely fuck up, I don’t leave with them. I just take the stupid Facebook. I realize this a short while later and just decide to check around, they are not there. I fucked up the front door 🙁

Club closes and I go to have some noodles by myself. Some girl asks why were you just walking around?

Super pathetic :D…

Next day. I engage my new Facebook contact. At this point it has been almost entirely dancing, very minimal chatting.

I arrange to meet her at midnight, she wants to meet me in da club.

Normally I wouldn’t like this. Becoming her little dance buddy who she only sees in the nightclub.

But there’s some things making this an okay play…

1. I suspect her English is pretty bad.

2. The club is very close to my hotel.

3. I only have to dance with her an hour until the club cl