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How to handle a bitter faggot

Warning: Use of the word faggot in this post is extensive. The author of this post has nothing against homos or any other minority group for that matter. 
Except gypsies of course, fuck em.

I met this  local dude who in Kuala Lumpur. We have a interesting deep, open, no bullshit conversation and he invites me to visit his house.

He seems like a trustworthy good intentions guy and I am bored of the city, thinking it could be interesting to see a bit more of Malaysia I accept the invitation. I meet him the next day and we take a bus over to his little home town named Port Dickson.


All is light and fun until he starts going to this rant about how Asian girls only like white men because all they care is status that being with a white guy provides. I can see he is very emotional about this subject.

On the way to his house he reveals why he is acting the way he is, by asking: do you think I am a loser for not having a girlfriend? I drop the topic for a bit. We get to his house and head out to have dinner.

After some conversation we get to the topic of girls again.
Fag: when was the last time you had sex?
Me: week ago in Cambodia.
This faggot starts ranting again about Asian girls only liking white men…

The white men are taking all the girls… Which is quite ironic coming from a guy living in a small town with no white people. Of course its no point arguing, but I still try to. Its pretty sad that somebody would think like this, but I kind of understand. I know from my personal experience that a bit of pussy can fix most of mans emotional problems.

At this point I am sure its not going to be a good visit. We take a walk to the beach and sit down on some rocks overlooking the ocean. This guy sits so close to me that our legs touch, at this point I start to suspect something fishy. It doesn’t take long before his hand has made its way to my leg and then the inside of it. He is making moves on me. I am surprised since he was completely off of my gaydar, the needle didn’t even tremble. Sometimes that can happen if the bastards fly really low.

I let him know that he is making me uncomfortable. This dude just stands up and goes 5 meters away, I call him out for being childish. He starts to have an another emotional episode
– you don’t have a problem with the Cambodian girl touching you!
– double standards!
I am thinking fuck this, but my situation is not too great with my stuff in his place and no hotels in town. So I try to play nice for now and not to upset him too much.

He is being like a broken record complaining about girls and white men, we drive back to his place. I tell him that I don’t want to fuck him, i’m not in to men.
-I would never! He shouts back with a disgusted voice.
– you think that I wanted to?
– it sure looked like it.
The faggot remains angry.

We get back to the house. Where we only have one queen-size bed. I am pretty sure he won’t kick me out now.

Fag: You’re white I’m black. What if we both make a compromise and be gray?

The night continues with talking and him occasionally trying to get me to spoon with him…


Just like there are cat ladies, there are cat faggots

I wake up to his chickens at 5 in the morning but it’s alright. At least I didn’t have to wake up to small Asian penis entering my ass.

I start to think this coming day is about more than escape, I want my payback. These kind of sick hetero molesters need to learn their lesson.

I know the topic that will infuriate him. Girls. We go for a breakfast and I start to slowly turn on the heat. Building the foundations to ruin his day.


The faggot is too ashamed to show his face. The Malaysian pancake with tuna in it is amazing though

Apparently I am evil and I am a rapist. This guy has some mental problems but at the same time it is hilarious. I find that when somebody is angry and you just self-amuse, joking with yourself you can drive them insane. Breakfast ends with him storming out yelling go fuck your Cambodian girl! There is this a big beard old Indian dude just laughing at him, I make the ‘he is crazy gesture’ and chase him down.

He starts apologizing for his behavior and asks me to come to the beach with him. He at least seems quite sincere and he probably was. It was always hard to say no to this guy since I knew he would always get angry after.  I know this pattern: emotional episode, apology, repeat. You don’t give these people a second chance, their apology might be honest but their behavior is not going to change. This guy is about to learn a lesson.20141122_121157

I get him to lunch with me. I am already so under his skin that I don’t need to do much.

Midway to the lunch he is saying some hardcore hate stuff:
-You should kill yourself.
-I hate you.
-I wish your plane crashes.
-I wish you get penis cancer.
-I want to kill you.
On and on..
You could really see the hate in his eyes. Its going to take him a while to bounce back from that 🙂


Google faggot and you will find this page

Google faggot and you will find this blog

His review of me: I am confident and charismatic with a friendly outlook. But inside I am evil and poisonous. I am corrupted, I have no emotions, I am like a machine. I can fool people to believe my agenda.  –   Quite proud of the review =]

Had I never discovered pimping and took action on it I could very well be that faggot guy. Just rationalizing why he is not getting some, finding reasons everywhere else but from himself. It is a sad path to take. This guy said he is not with women because he doesn’t trust them. He is just trying to cope with the situation. It might be that creating this drama is a way for him to feel a little importance in his pathetic shit life. There is always some drama going on in the trailer park. Losers complain and over time many of them grow this inner resentment toward girls, success or money. Have you noticed that the winners are never bitter?

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The girl next door

Motorbiking the Vietnam got me out of the game a little bit. I was just surrounded by so many people who didn’t speak English and I got lazy and very introverted at times. I lost my motivation for a while. I was out of it for too long and started to develop that craving for action again.

My time in Cambodia was coming to an end so I moved in to this modest hotel that provides a place to have fun.

The only way to get WIFI in this shit hotel is outside my room and that’s how this story begins. I happen to have a room next to a cute Cambodian girl whom I meet outside. A classic girl next door type, the kinda girl whose ass you check when she passes you by and wonder what would happen if you make the move.

It starts with innocent chatting but I notice that I’m dead on with my purpose, I am not chatting to be friends, its flirting to fuck. I am taking the small risks that I know from experience often lead to glory.

I just make it ridiculously sexual from the beginning. She doesn’t even understand half the stuff I’m saying but she still gets the intent and playfulness behind it. When you get a bit more advanced the words don’t matter so much because your game is more in the sub communications.

She invites me to have drinks with her friend. Her friend is a dude who is sleeping in the same bed with her. Lets go for drinks.. So we all jump on his friends scooter. It soon turns out her friend is gay which happens to be incredibly convenient 🙂


Normally with 2 girl groups I flirt to fuck with the one I want and flirt to befriend with the other one. Apparently my charm is enough so that the homosexual man leaves us alone.

After we get 1on1 its almost too easy. Now its just damage control. You are going to sail to glory as long as it goes smooth.

I am just careful not to over escalate. Kinda back and forth with the physicality. Keeping it playful and fun. There is no reason for anything special, because there is nothing to win yet, I am just nurturing the interaction.


Paradise beach, great food, fresh mango juice and a local girl to service my needs. Life is good.

She is so damn tiny that on the way home I just carry her her for the last 5 minutes. We get to my room I put her straight to bed. She asks me the question: “what if  I am working?” Inside my head I’m going FFUCK! Not again Cambodia.. Luckily it turn out to just be a witty test. I had the best comeback. “What if I am also working” then just charge her whatever she wants from you.

After this she says she needs to drop off her shoes to her room. I’m thinking fuck that and yank them off. Long story short it turns out she needs to take a shit. How lovely. I let her  go to her room so she doesn’t loose her feeling of sexiness. After all. I still got the shoes in my room.

TV is showing Hungary vs Finland football game. Very nice. Life gets a bit better when she walks in wearing nothing but a towel.


The only way to truly experience a new culture is to get between its legs

We spent the next day driving around Sihanoukville with a scooter and I can see her getting attached. We go see the sunset and come back. On the entry back to the hotel the owner wants her to pay for her stay. The story had kind of a sad ending when she wanted me to help her with her rent money it was 20$, I declined.

Flag of Cambodia

Some afterthoughts:

I have got back to the daily meditation. Doing it 15-20 minutes a day seems to improve my pimping so much. My verbal game is worse on paper but I am so comfortable with the tension and I don’t go inside my head or be self-conscious. For the girl it must feel like this dude is boss, he just owns every situation. They love it when the bullshit they throw can’t move their man out of his center.


Took her to the sunset cruise on my rental scooter

This was the most fun pickup in a long time. I have always liked these playful ones. The ones which have purpose to intercourse from the start. Its fun to take the sexual tension and play with it, I know I will always win the verbal flirt battles and winning is always fun.

It seems like every girl gets attached these days. It is hard to attribute it to any single factor but I would give a lot of credit to me starting to apply the sex god method. A book that my friend suggested to me when I had the problem of girls not sticking around. Since reading it I have focused on the DEVI method: where you provide her with dominance, emotions, variety and immersion. Click here for a free download and you too can become the sex god.

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How to sell a used motorbike in Cambodia

It turned out that selling my beat down Asian motorbike took a bit more time than I had expected. Here are the lessons I learned.

Initially the plan was to sell it at Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. but surprisingly in 6 days of searching I found only one potential buyer.

When I met the dude who was looking for a bike. I told him that I have a bike for sale I smirked a bit.

He asked  -why are you smiling? I tried to counter my mistake with some soft selling and friendliness but had no dice. That guy just never trusted me anymore. I had lost the client before it had really even started. I would have been too pleased to get rid of the bike.

Lesson 1. Kill the neediness – Your product is amazing.

The best salesmen believe in their product.
If you appear needy to get the sale it will fuck it up. A selling situation has a kind of a unfair dynamic where the buyer is working on incomplete information, the seller always knows more. If you are overly eager to sell the bike it tells a powerful message: since nobody else wants it, it must be shit.

If I act like I would be happy to get rid of it the buyer is going to notice that. Never think of anything bad about the product, the more you can brainwash yourself to love it the better. The product needs to be wanted, they can sense your attitude. For a seller it is best to appear almost irreverent on whether the sale goes through. Kill the neediness.


When you have great advertisement in place its all about converting contacts in to customers

Lesson 2. Capture the alpha status – become the authority.

Wouldn’t it be nice if things you say would be believed and appreciated without so much questioning. If it were on the other person to impress you? If the buyer was too stifled to back down from the sale or to bargain. You can achieve this by becoming the authority.

To capture status you lead the interaction and keep it in the areas where you are the authority on, this is easy to do as the other party is already interested in your offer. If you shove the buyer in to beta mode he will follow your lead and look for ways to impress you.

My buyer was a very beta kinda dude who didn’t know anything about motorbikes. A perfect prospect. Being a authority was easy, he was curious and didn’t have much previous experience about motorbikes. I believe me being the dominant one in the interaction was crucial to the deal going through.


Lesson 3. Play the honesty card – befriend.

He knows that you are not a salesman. Hide your game and fool the sucker to think that you are acting with high integrity. When I met my buyer I sat down for a beer, you always trust people you have a beer with. Sitting down for a beer gives you time to develop some kind of bond between you two. It is not 2 total strangers doing business anymore.

Keep in mind that you are not lying you are just selling. Think about you’re competition. They are selling this way as well. Since everybody is up selling a bit you need to be too or you will be left behind. I understand that we all have certain strategies to get things that we want. I value integrity and even ethics but when its time to close just forget that shit.


Since you are coming from the friendly seller place do not ignore his concerns or go head on against his defenses. Avoid sparking conflict and instead act friendly and helpful almost like if you were his consultant on the buying decision. You aim to become the friendly authority.

You can not just tell the good parts of the bike without any of the bad. You should definitely hide the big deal breaker weaknesses, but tell the small flaws so he will think you are honest and have integrity. This will make him think you are his friend and he will start to trust you. This is the opposite approach to hard selling that will risks getting the prospect defensive.

Lesson 4. Make your product a story – strike up the emotions.

If you just tell that the didn’t break down in 2500 km that is boring and too factual. You can tell all this with stories and show photographs of amazing times with the bike. A hell of a lot better. You will spark some emotion which blocks out the logic.

Remember that emotions steer logic not lot more than logic steers emotions. Try to keep them out of the logical mindset as much as possible. If you get the emotions on your side the buyers brain will make up the logic.


Yet another problem. Not my problem anymore 🙂

Took a while but I netted a massive 30$ profit on my initial 200$ investment. Totally not worth my time 🙂

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Vietnam on a motorbike – Crossing the finish line



The final route from the village of Mui Ne to the city of Phnom Penh vie Ho Chi Minh city


I tought if I don’t survive the traffic the Ho Chi Minh traffic I might as sell enjoyed a beer before dying.


Last meters of the original plan

left turn


Walking down the street I hire this one guy to glue my shoes. Soon there is 3 others who pick up my shoes and start painting my dirty shoes. Once they get the first brush in you just kinda have to go on with it.





The war museum in Ho Chi Minh had a lot of captured american war machinery




A pretty Vietcong ladysoldier


These 2 are grinding the Vietnamese tunnels near Ho Chi Minh


the Củ Chi tunnels totaling over 250 kilometers long and having as many as 4 floors were a nightmare for the Americans. Here the Vietcong could live, move freely and ambush the Americans at will

20141030_115457 20141030_115509


A Vietnamese lady drove this bike through Vietnam in 2004. It was so hard that she died just 8 years later



The last night at Ho Chi Minh. This city has nightlife 🙂


Grinders washing the Dream. $1


The strategy center where the South Vietnamese capitalists planned their war with the Americans


The independence palace. At 10:45 on 30 April 1975, a tank of the North Vietnamese Army rammed through the main gate, ending the Vietnam War.

20141101_150313The Notre Dam cathedral in Ho Chi Minh. Built by the french back way back when they tried to make Saigon to be the Paris of Asia. I expected it to be so cool but it is just another stupid church.

Cambodia – Phnom Penh


The final drive. I leave 8 in the morning giving me 10 hours to reach Phnom Penh. The day doesn’t begin very well when my bike just won’t start. Time to start pushing it to the mechanic once more. He does his magic fixing the spark plug but the bike is still not starting. Turns out I have no gas!? Even though I just filled it up.  Somebody had stole my petrol.

Problem was fixed and I drive to the border. Some people are saying to me that I can’t take my bike to Cambodia, some are saying that I have to bribe them 10$ to drive it through. It turns out I just drove it past the customs, A big relief when nobody asks a thing.

That saved me some money, the only bribes I had to do was to the Vietnamese stamping official who stamps the exit date to your passport. Everyone crossing the border put a bit of money between the passport to “speed up” the process. I am a bit anti bribe so I just put a dollar and it took quite a while for me to get the damn stamp. All done and I walk to the Cambodian Visa official. The sign says tourist visa $30. When I give him my papers he just says $32. Standard. I point the sign “It says 30$ right here”. The reply is “Everybody pays 30$”. First time I have seen corruption.


Crossing the Mekong. I have just survived an army of harassing beggar children all wanting a dollar. None of them got it of course as I don’t believe in giving.


I made it Phnom Penh. Next day I went to take a walk and I met this nice lady in the park. Asked me to take a picture and then we just chatted. She had pretty good game. I was feeling quite suspicious in the beginning. We sat down to the bench and I sat as far to the other edge as possible. She tried to get me to have Malaysian dinner with her family. I think I denied the invitation largely because I wasn’t quite sure of her intentions. Good learning experience to be on the other side though. I try to learn, if I am feeling a bit tense and awkward the girls must feel it as well.


Can travel to the end of the world but can’t escape Finland


The s-21 prison. During the Khmer Reigime over 20000 people were forced to confess activity against the state and brutally tortured and killed. The barbwire in the picture was out up so that the prisoners couldn’t jump to their deaths.


There was a ban for friendly pedophiles


Only seven of the 20’000 inmates who survived the s-21 prison




They had a wall of the victims. Very similar to say Auschwitz. These kind of mugshots de-humanize the victims. Makes it harder to relate.


You can tell a lot about the mans character just by looking at his face at the times of stress


A pride of Cambodian technological achievement. A fountain that changes color.


DCIM100GOPROThe Cambodian water festival where they celebrate the end of the Monsoon season. They had 3 days off from work because of some rowing on the Mekong.


This was the first time that the water festival was held since 2010. Where 347 people were stamped to death by panicked crowds, it is now known as the Phnom Penh stampede


Shitty sewage system means that when it rains, the roads will look like this.


On the night of the water festival, colored boats with lights on them will slowly travel up and down the Mekong




During the Festival there were heaps of Police and army everywhere


Children playing in the shitty water. During the nigfht the cleaners will come with the hoses and just flush every peace of garbage to the river.


20141103_165452 20141106_180122


This might look like a peaceful countryside field on a sunny day. From 1975-1979 this was part of the extermination camp. Located all over Cambodia there is 20’000 mass graves. It is estimated that 2-3 million out of 8 million  people died as a result of regime.


The regime was able to convince poor Cambodian farmers that the reason why they were poor was that the educated were using them. Many of these farmers became soldiers fighting for their cause. Here you can see some skulls, all of them killed with a hit to the head with whatever weapon the killers could find. Bullets were too expensive.


They used this tree to smash babies. If the babies family member was killed the regime killed the whole family because they didn’t wan’t to leave behind anyone who would have a reason to oppose them in the future. They would take the baby from the legs and smash the soft head of the baby to the tree, then throw them to the grave on the right.


Cambodia is dirt poor with almost 3 million poor people and over 8.1 million who are near-poor. About 40% of children under five-years-old are malnourished and are short for their age.

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Vietnam on a motorbike – The east coast

This part 2 of the motorbike trip through Vietnam.


The route starts for Hue and goes through Hoi An, Quy Nhon and Tuy Hoa ending in Nha Trang.

Time to continue the motorbike journal. I have conquered the north and seen the national park. Now it is time to head to the coast and test my bike on some of the best coastal roads in the world.


East coast


The south China sea


Find the little roads and you are always in for some surprises


This looks like a great idea


My bike came to a halt after getting some saltwater in to the engine. To my great relief I was able to start it few minutes later and continue on


The city of Hue has a walled old town. Americans bombed this place a lot back in the day.


The royal gardens of Hue


North Vietnamese commie bunker



The perfume river that crosses the town. It is featured in the 1987 war film Full Metal Jacket; the action in the second half of the film occurs around the city of Huế and the Perfume River


Same picture taken with Samsung Galaxy S2 which seems the situation with different colors than my Gopro Hero3

On the Top Gear special in Vietnam they featured this view. It is a traditional fishing village with long industrial bridges, if your timing is right you can hear the fishing boats underneath. Would have liked to spend some more time just watching it.. but the damn Vietnamese were there selling all kinds of crap and wouldn’t leave me alone.

You watch it on TV when you are just a little boy and then a few years later you are there. Work hard, work smart 🙂


The Vietnamese coastline is full of amazing beaches lot of them deserted. If you could get down there you might just find paradise


Got tired on stopping for every view so I just started taking pics as I went along


A Buddha with manboobs

A Buddha with man boobs


A town of Hoi An. Known of its suit tailoring industry it has a nice scenic old town, 2 beaches and a river where you can put lanterns.DCIM100GOPRO


20141017_152117I am around half way in to my trip when I encounter the first problem with the bike. Even on low speeds it starts making this very bad grinding sound. I am worried but thankfully I am in town and mechanics are everywhere. The mechanic opens up the bike and it turns out it is just some dirt in the chain. Relieved I tip the guy 5000 dongs (0,2$) and drive off


On my last night in Hoi An I Accidentally book a hotel from the wrong town. Usually i view 200 km per day to be my maximum. It is 300 km away.. I have noticed I tend to average about 30 km/h so I decide to leave before 6 am so I can have 12 hours of sunlight.

In the morning I wake up to the most terrible monsoon weather. I don’t mind a little rain, I have a solid poncho to keep me almost dry but this is not little rain. I have to drive quite slow because the huge tropical raindrops are hurting my face. I can’t see much in this weather, glasses are full wet, without you cant keep your eyes open it’s very intense.

I decide to soldier on anyway but the road is full of ponds, and on top of this my bike is seriously losing power on the higher gears. Soon I have a bike breakdown because the water has got in some electronics. I have made it just 15 kilometers and it is 6.15 in the morning.

Here I am in the rain side of the road pushing my bike forward. Luckily for me rui xao (bike repair) is the most common thing in the Vietnamese language, I find a repair shop close by.

A nice older man makes sure the mechanics don’t rip me off. This whole thing has cost me an hour and a half though. From that point on I was possessed to get to the hotel, the whole thing did not make any sense. I should just park at the nearest hotel, but sometimes I am too stubborn to give up.

Visibility was shit and I was thinking this is getting really dangerous, exactly at that moment I see 2 motorbikes collide on the opposite lane. Some dude going around 50 km/h collides with an other going walking speed. The other is holding the shoulder, the other holding his feet…

But since there are no traffic rules in the Nam it isn’t anybody’s fault and they drive off.


I saw another accident, I am driving down this road when i see a lot of people gathering. Sighing that i have to do yet another rounds of hellos to school children I squeeze a bit more gas. When I get closer I notice a lot of concerned worried faces. It turns out there was an accident where a bike has collided head on with a truck. I can see the bike in a really bad condition and pieces of stuff everywhere.

I would have liked to watch what happens but I have to drive on pretty fast since I am driving without a license I don’t wan’t the police on the scene to pay any attention to me. By the looks of it I don’t like his chances of making it.

That day 12 hours of the 14 hours on the road it was raining hard. But me and my bike made it. The most dangerous day of my life.


Empty beach in Quy Nhon





A woman takes a look at the camera while camera takes a look at some 1200 years old building


The 2 main bridges leading to Nha Trang from the north



Posing with my buddy white Buddha


An amusement park in Nha Trang reminds the visitors of Chernobyl

Nha Trang was a popular destination for Russians. It was weird to see everything translated to Russian.


Fireshow at the beachclub


Vietnamese love to take photos all the damn time


The river in Nha Trang. Locals have a nice boat going on there


A girl that got away.


Mui Ne city was another Russian tourist hot spot. A fishing village with some character it had a spring and some nice sand dunes.




Enjoying the red sand dunes with nice views over the village and ocean


There is a sandy spring that you can walk on


Mui Ne was the last town of the trip before heading to Ho Chi Minh city




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