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Poor people mentality

It’s election time in Finland and that means poor people are complaining about what they aren’t getting from the government. The socialist system we have here in Finland makes me sick, people over here have so much entitlement. They think that the government is always owing them something, they’re fucking selfish as hell.

These are the same poor people who have to think that rich are assholes, just to cover up the fact that they are themselves lazy, dumb complainers who lack any kind of initiative. Some of them think that the rich just got lucky. These people see getting money as an event such as a lucky break, not as a process requiring smart effort. These are the people who play the lottery and complain about their luck when they don’t win.reagan_stencil__fuck_the_poor_by_crizzlesbuttons-d77zk6z

Let me ask you: What have these fuckers ever done for society?


They can’t afford to do anything because they are poor. They just sit around complaining about how everything and everybody else is to blame for their problems. Poor people try to win by losing. They become some kind of martyrs in their mind, too afraid to make mistakes or stand out they just complain and try to justify their shit life. They just search for the sympathy while alienating all the winners and end up dying without contributing shit.

“The true value of a man is determined primarily by the measure and the sense in which he has been able to fuck bitches and get money.” – Plato

The way rich got rich is that they found out a way to contribute a lot of value to society and they captured a portion of that value in money. Every single business who has ever been successful has supplied to a demand.

But poor people only see the world from their value taking mindset they think that everything a rich man gets must be  from their wallets. Since they don’t value they don’t understand that the pie does get bigger as people contribute. More contribution, more to go around.

As sick as I am sick of these poor people, but at the same time I can’t blame it all on them. We have been conditioned from birth by poor people. Think of it when you were born you were first touched by a poor ass nurse, then you wen’t with your poor parents, you were taught by a poor ass teacher, all your life you had poor people everywhere. Being surrounded with broke people teaches you to be broke.

These same people taught you that the goal of life is to go to school so you can at a good job so you can retire at 65-years old. That’s the “safe thing to do”. Right? No.
I see my buddies getting out of business school right now, struggling for their first job. After 17 years of school! I can understand that these people feel like the system let them down.
What jobs are there for me?
How’s my CV? – I could just wipe my ass with it, its nice, white and worthless 😉

But that’s alright. I’m not a big believer in jobs. All this job safety is more of an illusion, there is no pension at 65 anymore, you can’t rely on others and the system to provide you jobs and security. I think we can only bet on ourselves, take full charge of the future.

When you ponder it, starting a company doesn’t seem that risky anymore. These days its looking like the safe thing to do. We have been living on a bit of a protective bubble, Many of us are definitely a bit fragile when it comes to failure.

It’s fucked up that the systems puts us in school for at least 12 years before we get to experience the real life.

All of this reflects society’s thinking in large, the message is clear: We have to get good at something before we are worthy of doing it.
I see this tendency in my fellow business students, most of them are good at critiquing and analyzing but when it comes to implementing, they can not execute shit. Worst thing is that most of them have an ego about the whole knowledge thing.

If they are so good, why aren’t they rich?

Most students have a poor people mentality: they go to school just to get a degree and think that they are now entitled for a job for the rest of their lives.

The successful see it differently, they never graduate because they never stopped learning, they’re constantly striving to be on the top of their game.

If I tell people I wan’t to get rich, they get kinda alarmed, even a bit confused. Why don’t they understand it? I love making money, money has given me choices, freedom, control, time and the power to do what I want, when I want. Whats wrong with that?

If you step up in life the poor people get alarmed. The world doesn’t want you to win, the vast majority of people will never be rich, they are happy if there’s other poor people so they don’t have to feel guilty about themselves being a failure.

“If you don’t think money can buy happiness, you’re living a lie that broke people came up with”

This business thing so far is tough enough without other people feeding you their can’t be done mantra. I try to not talk about this with people who aren’t supportive. So far it’s been a fun month, I have learned so much on my own already, all things that I would never learn in business school. I am finding out more and more that school isn’t actually that useful, it’s a bunch of poor professors trying to teach you on how to run a business without having any fucking knowledge or experience of it themselves.

If I told people about poker, quite many of them would think I am lucky. They don’t understand that I didn’t get the results I got in poker by being lucky. Every good player knows that once you have the skills you can always run up your bankroll. Money didn’t just roll up on my lap because of luck, it was skills combined with effort.

The good news is that I am realizing that in business it works the exact same way, if you have the skills to build one successful business, you can definitely build another. There’s surprisingly little luck in the marketplace. It’s not about getting lucky with your great idea, it’s about your execution. All this is bad news for poor people, but for those willing to put in the smart work, this is very good news.

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It is time for the first quarterly review!

In 2014 I talked a lot of trash and I still do. Now that 1/4 of the year has passed since those lovely new years resolutions it’s time to take a hard look at the fucking results. Pun intended xD

1.Get in to non poker business. Make at least 1000€ in revenue. Make profit.
Got in to a non poker business. Have made 0€ in revenue. Have made a tiny loss. Maybe cocky to say but I am going to crush this goal. I only said 1000€ because I thought I would focus on some passive income shit. Not the case. This is active and this is hard (jobless) WORK.10613020_1128385987188086_8756085316330887001_n

2.Get 12 girls
So far I have had 4 so I’m on pace to get 16. I was a bit afraid that I would come back home and would regress back to the old habits of not stepping up and approaching the girls. Good news, I am still not a pussy 🙂



3. Don’t drink more than 4 servings of alcohol more than 12 times in 2015.
Had only 2 drunken nights, so I saved one for the future. I am going to be behind on this goal though because I am about to go to Estonia next weekend and I am going on a cruise the week after that.
Btw. This goal should have been that I can get drunk once per every girl. That would have been cooler. Maybe next year.

4.Improvement in my areas of interests (Learning, reading) – Read/listen 50 books.
I have read 18 books this year, on pace for 72 books this year. However getting to even 50 might be though since business and life are increasingly taking time out of my reading.

Learning is going good anyway. I have watched some programs that are supposed to help me crush life. And at least for now I am dedicating my Monday nights to my sales coach ranting about closing 😉

5.Using my time effectively. (Living life) – No more than 5 hours a week of bullshit TV. BS=Anything that is not aligned with values.
Well. This is one of those hard to measure ones. I haven’t played any video games and I am sure I haven’t watched more than couple hours of BS TV per week so in that sense I can say that time was well spent. However I can’t quite give myself full props on this since I haven’t been fully effective on my business execution.

6.Get a business mentor or join a business mastermind group.
This is the first goal that I completed! Hooray! I feel really good about this, it helps so much to be able to ask people whenever you have problems. And the group is really kicking me on the butt if I don’t execute.

7.Eating healthy – Have more consciousness of what I eat. Don’t eat junk foods more than once a week. Don’t buy chips, candy, chocolate <75%. Don’t eat more than 4 liters of ice-cream.
The only thing that has been my little weakness is my urge for late night kebabing. However I haven’t eaten out more than once a week. I had 1 ice-cream cone. Full points.

8. Achieve the bachelor’s degree in business.
Almost finished my thesis, 30 pages on the practices of human resources in small companies. It was so good my tutor wet herself when she read it.
I still have some courses that I need to pass in the autumn but right now I am exactly where I need to be in terms of this.

9.Exercising to have a healthy body – Exercise at least 3 times a week.
This is a hard one to judge. Despite what I said I didn’t exactly keep count. I’m right at the edge on this one so I’m going to give myself the green on this one since it’s within the margin of error.

10. Be more introspective and strict about skipping things to the future. Procrastinate less. You can reschedule to calendar once, but then YOU DO IT.
Maybe I have procrastinated little bit less than before but I still procrastinate a shitload when it comes down to doing my sales calls. It’s early to judge myself though, I am just getting started on building a really difficult habit.

Me & sales calls

Me & sales calls


11.Interesting life with a lot of rich experiences. (Travel) – Travel to a new country.
Nope. Made plans though. We shall see whether it happens.

12.Keeping a better track of my investments.  Review my investments weekly. Mark down what is my net worth every weekend. Keep track of the change in % & €.
I did this for about a month. Then I got bored and lost the habit 😀 It has been great investing again. When it comes to stocks I seem to invincible. I have been running like GOD for 3 years straight.

13.Learn Spanish. Complete 2000XP points on Duolingo.
Nope. I am going to get on this in Q3 & Q4. 2000xp is a lot though, I might not seriously have time for that much. I got accepted to study in Leon Spain for the spring semester in 2016, that will motivate me to learn. Getting under to the dresses of all those Spanish senoritas.

14.Write 10000 words of business content on the blog.
Fuck this goal. I am not doing this.
Who cares about writing?
Executing is the thing that will change lives.

15.Find a cool girl that I love to hang out with that is a win-win for both.
I have been able to find some love but I have dated very very little. Maybe it just hasn’t been enough of a priority. I should have followed up more with the street girl that had some potential.


Still don’t have a girlfriend that fits my criteria


16.Developing a healthy social circle in Wasa. Getting connected with people who have a positive outlook. Hanging out with friends at least once a week. Having a good vibe within the group.
Well. Apart from the pussy, I can’t really say that I have any new friends.
Most my friends are quite positive though, so that’s awesome.
I have managed to not live on isolation and, have met up with at least someone every single week.

17.Make monthly goals. That I split to weekly steps. Prioritize.
Well. Not really. I hate committing to planning and I love to just wing it. Just see where the inspiration is any given day. I did have a goal of writing my thesis 3 X 3 hours a week and that worked out really well. My business mentor makes me have business goals every week but so far I have failed them miserably, we at a beginning on it though.

This was good list though. Without this I don’t think I would have got half the things done.
I guess it’s kinda what happens most of the time. The top goals are the ones more likely to get done and I don’t mind this. I would rather crush life on 9 goals than be mediocre on 17.

Right now my focus is on the business. In the words of my mentor:

You do this and when everybody else will be freezing their balls off in Finland
you will be on the beach of Thailand fucking Swedish girls.

That’s some motivation right there. Keep living life on the attack 😉

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