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Moving to Budapest

Yo yo. Sorry to have kept all of you waiting but I am motherfucking BACK 🙂
20150424_210332_HDRSunset in the sunshine city. Its time to move out to freedom spread the wings of Ryanair and fly



Apart from a girl taking a piss under my window not a ton has happened.
I haven’t been blogging for a while. It has been busy times.
Hustle the business shit to get it off the ground.
Soon it gonna be like:







I went to the northest edges of Finland couple weeks ago hanged out with polar bears and penguins.

TIming was bad though. Too late to ski. Too early to do anything else. Really wet and not in a good way

TIming was a little off. Too late to ski. Too early to do anything else. Really wet and not in a good way




Top moment of the trip. Hiked a one of those places that is little higher than the rest and got some views

But back to business. Literally 😉
In the beginning everything has been quite clunky, even the simplest things take so much time, it is full confusion sometimes. Kinda like in poker when you’re a newbie and you can only play 1 or 2 tables. You brain just can’t process more yet. Probably because you have no autopilot in your brain at all. No best practices whatsoever. But its getting better, more efficient, more streamlined. Soon its going to be printing the dollar just like in poker was for me back in the days. Superior sales skillz are gonna pay off.

This is kind of shit you have to believe in 😀

I am going to get me some more sales, its gonna be good.

Looking back on the last 6 months when I came back from Thailand. I have learned a ton about business and not just business as they teach it in business school but the real business. The practical stuff do this to make money. Execute, implement it as good as you can and improve on it and moneys comes.

Anyways, Vaasa is over for a while now and I am going to be
Moving to Budapest tomorrow for a month and a half or so.
Don’t have a place yet, I am just going to go there and see what happens.
I’ll probably find something ghetto 🙂


Finishing it off with a sunset pic addiction


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