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Pictures of a river and the mathematics of cold-calling

20150611_165256_HDRI have been putting in hours cold-calling companies to sell them Bangladeshi made websites. Right now my results stand at 400 connected calls and 1 sale. And these weren’t just pickup the phone and try to call at random type of calls, they were targeted. It hasn’t been an easy road. My results suck, I did way worse than I could have expected going to this summer and that’s why I have been kinda quiet on the bragging front. These bad results put a rainy cloud over my awesome summer in BP. I don’t like to loose money.

The dream. Mobile lifestyle, moving with the office.

The dream. Mobile lifestyle, moving with the office.

I gotta say though that I have learned as much practical skills in the past 5 months trying to run my company, cold-calling and going over all this stuff. I’d say that I have learned more practical stuff than in my 3,5 years in business school. I have no hesitation saying that. This kinda makes me think that I should just pursue a private hands-on education, which I think would fit my goals way better than the cog-in the machine type of education where they make the students good at one specific thing so they can get a job in a big company.


Promised some river pics


Rivers are so cool


Mathematically it should make sense, just gotta get that close % up quite a bit.

The mathematics of cold calling for websites:
In my experience, if I keep my ass in the chair and keep hitting that call button: I can get 5 decision makers per hour which is around 2,5/hr counting all the precalling preparation that is required.

Lets say I would be able to close 2% of the calls but  where I reach the DM, which should be possible, but I am not even near that at the moment. That would be 1 out of 50. If you manage to call 75 decision makers that would be 1,5 sales per week.


Running bad on sales? Burn your mascot

So from a sale my company would profit after tax around 800€ per sale…

And with the 2% it would take 50 Decision makers to get a sale.

With 20 hrs to reach 50 DMs. That’s 20 hours total time per single sale.

We would end up with an hourly: 40€/hr

However, a project takes about 10 hours to deliver (Could be less to be honest, but lets be conservative for once):

So: 27€/hr

This is of course a super simple model.
There will always be a lot of BS little tasks to do, but on the other hand this model doesn’t count referrals.

All the rest u can take out without paying loads of tax. That’s the math on it. The math makes sense, that’s why I am still in it.

Now I understand if you would go to your average school playground not many kids would dream of becoming a telemarketer. It has some good things in it though 🙂

One thing that I love. Momentum. The high you can get from it is really cool, back when I was playing poker for a living I kinda wished it wasn’t full on introverted-logical job because when I wen’t to meet girls/socialize I was always a bit out of it at the beginning. But sales calling makes me curious IF I have the synergy: how good I could really be with girls? It has already made me a lot less carefree and fearless of rejection. It numbs you emotionally, in a good way. I just give less and less give a fuck about anything.

The big 3 skills. Awesome to learn sales. I have a lot more confidence on the phone and these things produce spillovers to all areas of life. I love the synergy, there never was any of that with poker. Both pickup and cold calling are cold prospecting. You’re gonna get rejected in both. Both build something from nothing. Both build momentum. I am part of a training group and on our Monday calls you can always hear who have they done their calls from their level of momentum.


Sales can be a bit like you versus the world. I have a little community but I would like to do it with some friends. Otherwise it can kinda suck, it is lonely at the top of course but everybody needs people to relate with.

The way I see is that sales is not an option. If it takes you one year to become good with sales. Still worth it. We are always selling something whether its to an employer or whatever. And what better skill set to have in life than the ability to persuade people to do good (or bad).

Yeah it is though at times but let me not cry about it. It builds character like few things would.

If you have a powerful enough why, you can bear almost any how, our suffering seizes to be suffering the moment it finds a meaning. It is the realization that it doesn’t really matter what you expect from life but what does life expect from you. In a way we are constantly questioned by life to give the right response.

So it helps when I keep in mind that my mission in life is to spam the phone lines, get through gatekeepers, pitch, handle objections and close those sales.

Just gotta keep developing those marketing skills so that I have an amazing product and I know my target niche, then I need to sell them on and finally I need leadership to manage the slaves so I keep the whole thing going. Those are the big three skills I want to learn.


Bats over the Buda castle

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Half a year review.

Settled in to Budapest:


After 1,5 week of searching and 4 hotels I finally found this lovely place for my grind

Not a bad city, I understand why it has so many expats.

Not a bad city, I understand why it has so many expats.

20150614_062243_HDRBudapest is very similar to Prague but it is a lot less sinful than Praha is. Not so much hooker, stripclub culture. But both have a river, both have a hill. It is a basically the same city.

The goals, my half-year review of 2015:

So many things on my goal list I don’t really care anymore. So lets rethink this a little bit.

1.Old Goal: Get in to non poker business. Make at least 1000€ in revenue. Make profit.
Well, I am at 2500€. This goal was way too easy.
New goal: 15000€. Make profit of course. Goal x 15!
This was easier because I just put so much more skin in the game. Its not passive income, not even close. Also I have salary slaves working for me now 🙂

2.Get 12 girls
Argh, haven’t been focusing on this much at all. Fuck. This should get better, all my friends in Budapest are in to picking up chicks. Lets do some more of that pickup. My excuse lately has been that I have to wake up so early that I don’t bother. While I do it would still be possible to make it work, if I really tried.

3. Old goal: Don’t d
rink more than 4 servings of alcohol more than 12 times in 2015.
New goal: For every new girl I get, I get to drink. That’s synergy and motivation 😉
Yay. I lost count I think but let me guess I am at 5?
Even the 4 limit seems to give me hangovers these days. I just feel like 70% recovered the next day. Am I getting old, soon 26. Anyhow with age and sales calls comes confidence, with confidence there is less reason to drink. Or at least less reason to drink a lot.

4.Improvement in my areas of interests (Learning, reading) – Read/listen 50 books.
I have been overdoing this a little bit. I am now at 32 books. On top of this I have a bunch that are half-done. On top of this there is all these youtubes, courses and so on that I have been doing. If I am completely honest, I have been doing this a bit as a buffer to not take action. Its like you’re still doing the second best thing.

5.Using my time effectively. (Living life) – No more than 5 hours a week of bullshit TV. BS=Anything that is not aligned with values.
This goal is super easy now. I just don’t watch. It’s like a habit now. There is not even any urge to watch.
On the other hand, I haven’t been productive on the business end. It’s like my days are all 40-60% productive, but I don’t really hit that 100%. Probably should be fewer hours of me giving it my all.

7.Eating healthy – Have more consciousness of what I eat. Don’t eat junk foods more than once a week. Don’t buy chips, candy, chocolate <75%. Don’t eat more than 4 liters of ice-cream.
Well, this kinda started fucking up in Budapest.
still not eating total crap like chips, candy, chocolate or ice-cream and such. But I am eating Gyros and A lot of Chinese. These are like me new comfort-foods, although certainly not optimal it’s not that bad, it is food after all. (Good rationalization to finish my point)

8. Achieve the bachelor’s degree in business.
Nailed my thesis, could not have been better. Now I just need to pass one exam and I am the bachelor.

9.Exercising to have a healthy body – Exercise at least 3 times a week.
Yeah. I am up to like 7 times a week. I just walk these days. I don’t know. New streets are fun to walk. Audiobooks and walk, that’s my new life. How exiting.

10. Be more introspective and strict about skipping things to the future. Procrastinate less. You can reschedule to calendar once, but then YOU DO IT. -Delete
This is a bit of a weird goal. Its not really measurable, IDK. Maybe just fuck it. I do this tiny procrastination all the f’ing time though. Need to be more conscious of it to cut it out.

11.Old goal: Interesting life with a lot of rich experiences. (Travel) – Travel to a new country.
New goal: Travel to 3 new countries. Goal x 3!
Albania, Montenegro and Croatia coming up. All new countries. Traveling 2.8-26.8.

12.Keeping a better track of my investments.  Review my investments weekly. Mark down what is my net worth every weekend. Keep track of the change in % & €. -Delete
I did this for the first month. Stock market hasn’t been too positive lately. I want to hide from the negativity, fuck this goal.

13. Old goal: Learn Spanish. Complete 2000XP points on Duolingo.
New goal: Complete 500XP points on Duolingo.  -Goal * 25%
Maybe a bit less would be enough. I have other things to do.

14.Write 10’000 words of business content on the blog.
New goal: Do 1000 cold-calls.
I seem to be able to motivate myself to do just about anything but cold-calling. I don’t know. Its almost weird. But its getting a bit better now, I am not too terrified anymore 😀
I have put a fair bit of time on this but I am still at only at about 200 connected calls.
1000 should be really easy. Especially now that I have a good pitch and product. There is less thinking needed and more pressing the call button.

When I do 1000 connected calls I should be able to do the 15k€ in sales. I know guys who are doing good money with what I am trying to do, and I see the path + I have evidence to believe in it. I am just failing in my execution. Gotta live more on the attack with this goal… The rewards can be very worth it. If I could do it effectively I wouldn’t have sell more than 4 hours a day to make 3-4 sales a month that would beat the average Finn after tax which is around 2200€. Sure it would take only 20 hours a week because of all the management stuff, but that is stuff that I don’t mind too much.

15.Find a cool girl that I love to hang out with that is a win-win for both.-Delete
This goal is gay. What was I thinking? Instead of finding some sweetheart, I am seeking to find the sluttiest girls so I can succeed on goal 2 (bang 12).

16.Developing a healthy social circle in Wasa. Getting connected with people who have a positive outlook. Hanging out with friends at least once a week. Having a good vibe within the group.  -Delete
I have a good social circle in the Internet. I don’t see the point of making new friends because I want to leave it anyway on December. So it would just be around 3 months+.

17.Make monthly goals. That I split to weekly steps. Prioritize.
New goal: Make daily plans, alarm set Sun-Thu at a certain time to remind me.
I hate to commit on anything. Also, how can you know a month in advance?
I started doing 3 minute planning the next day on every night. I like that more.

Alright, that was the goals. I have scrubber some of them off and made couple of them a bit tougher to be fair to myself. 4 Deleted goals and 1 reduced to 1/4th. On the positive side 1 goal upped 15x, and one 3x. Sounds fair. Time to hustle some more. 13 goals in total, 12 yet to be completed.



Alright, sun is settling soon. Peace.

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