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Traveling the balkans from Corfu to Dubrovnik

Be trippingI did a little 3,5 week trip to get a little break from all the hassle.
9 cities in 4 countries.
1 City in Greece, 4 in Albania, 3 in Montenegro and 1 in Croatia.

We wanted to do it cheap as I always do.
I think the whole trip was around 1000€
Helsinki-Corfu 87€
Dubrovnik-Helsinki  117€
Total= 204€

Accomodation randing from 7-25€/per night
Around =400€ Max. total.

Corfu, Greece:

20150803_072728We stayed in a kind of secluded hostel that just had a beach, quite far away from Corfu Town.

20150804_124918Good idea in Corfu, rent a car, get lost and find some sights.
Pro tip: Invest a little bit more to get a car with a good engine that will save you nerves when you try to get up the mountains.


20150804_152158Corfu has a castle.

20150804_154753_PanoThe castle provides nice views over the town.


20150805_150752The best view I have ever had from any hostel, ever.

20150805_193943The amusement park that reminds me of Chernobyl.

20150806_124134_PanoThis is how rivers are formed.

Albania_blue_eyeThe had a blue eye that you could jump in to. Very refreshing, it was cold mountain water that somehow springs from the ground with quite a force. Not my pic, in reality this was quite crowded.

20150806_124147I gotta give it to Albania, even in touristic places the prices were reasonable. They just haven’t learned the art of the rip-off yet.


20150806_153343_PanoMy first time hitch hiking, we got picked up by a nice friendly police officer who didn’t like to wear a seat-belt and did like to driver recklessly fast.

Berat, Albania:

20150808_102528A nice mixture between the old and the new. Not many countries in Europe has farm animals on the road anymore.

20150810_081427_PanoOn to Berat and our hostel is on top of the steep hill, nice views, not so nice to climb up.

View of Berat town.
There was a lot of close by little cities in Albania.
Most of them didnt have too much to see.
Just a beach or a castle. Nothing special.
A lot of them only worth 2 nights maximum, then you have seen it all.



20150809_123553Berat had a little bit of a old-town going on with grannies trying to sell us marmalade.



Tirana, Albania:

20150812_033625The most bizarre pizza place we walked in to. Weeknight @ 4 in the morning they had 14 people working there. No customers. Albanian efficiency. Any time now somebody might order 100 pizzas. This pic shows guys making us one Pizza 🙂



20150810_172155_PanoAlbania is the home of this beautiful pyramid? I don’t know what it was for but you can climb it for good views. A great reminder of the past communistic dictatorship that they went trough.

20150812_133640It was quite damn steep.




If theres something unique to Albania, it is the bunkers. Fun fact: Theres over 700,000 bunkers built in the country – one for every four inhabitants with an average of 24 bunkers for every square kilometre of the country. They were just hysterical of somebody coming and attacking Albania. In reality, no one gave a shit about Albania 😀

Skhoder, Albania:

20150813_194507Just having some beers, when a cow strolls by. Why now?




Montenegro:20150819_000119First real nightclub of the trip and only real nightclub we went to.



20150817_143409Some island with old houses from the 1500 hundreds.

20150817_181907_PanoBeach boulevards <3

20150818_132115I took a little minitrip by myself to the nearby island. One of the best decisions I made the whole trip. Amazing views.

20150818_133059_PanoYou could climb the rocks and jump off of them.

20150818_133630Good views from the rock. I don’t understand how people would rather just lay of the beach rather than do some cool stuff.



20150818_174801Yet another old town. There were so many that they became less  exciting.

Kotor, Montenegro.

20150820_114502This  bay was ranked as one of the top 25 most beautiful bays in the world.

20150820_114809_PanoWe climbed on to this little mountain and took some pics.

20150819_202514You can see the trail lit up.











Dubrovnik, Croatia:

20150824_172924This was our final destination.

20150824_175303Fat tourists came up with a cable car and didn’t bother strolling past the observation deck.

20150824_185308Sunset pictured from Mount Srd, right next to Dubrovnik.

20150824_185316_HDRSerbia-Montenegro attacked Dubrovnik from the nearby mountain. There’s still trenches there, this is where they were bombing the city from.



20150821_144011_PanoThe views from our hotel room.








20150824_164528Climbing mount Srd with this shitty trail. The views were spectacular.


Initially I was hesitant to see this many places in such a short time but it ended up working
pretty fine and it didnt feel like we were in too big of a hurry since travelling didnt take that
much time.



20150824_171614Just had to take a selfie. 2nd last day in Croatia.

20150824_172453Take the path less traveled, you might see goats.


That was the Balkans, my first and only real travel this year. I completed 3 new countries which was the goal for the year and now its time to get back to the grind. Grind school, grind sales.

That was a good one month worth of vacation. I think it was about my maximum, any longer and it would be too long.

It is difficult for me to let go and waste time just idling around. I hoped to get some work done too and I got a little bit. In the future I would love to combine work and vacation in to one. That is something I am striving to do.

It was a nice trip. First time I am really traveling with fiends, I have always done these by myself. This was a little different as I have limited control over things, overall though all went fine and it was fun.
I don’t think I will do any more backpacking for couple years now.
I will be back home till Christmas, exchange study in Spain till summer. Have a half a gap year next fall and see where I am then. Hopefully able to self-sustain myself somewhere warm and sunny 🙂

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