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Getting in to polygamy

I always though if I had this thing from Susie and that thing from Jane and that thing from Annie that would be my perfect girlfriend. I tried and tried to find love but never did.

It seems god just never granted all the qualities in to one girl.

Somehow I never thought about it but the solution is obvious. How do you have the best from Susie, Jane and Annie?

By girlfriending them all behind their backs.

I like it. I think my ideal (maximum) number of girlfriends is 3.
Every time. Its relaxing. Its fresh and it doesn’t get boring.

I find it really cool. There’s a bit of a different dynamic with every one of them. With one I am more of a playful asshole, with the other I can have a deep conversation and with the third I am more boyfriend like. It is better if they are different from each other. You don’t want clones.

As you know.. I am a big fan of win-win solutions.

This is a situation where we all win. I get to have 3 girlfriends and they get to have 1/3 of my time. Equal, fair exchange.

“Girls don’t want to win, they want to be with a winner”

But it gets better.

If you have 3 then you can evaluate how much you like them every week on their performance.

Maybe one is causing a bit of drama, you just demote her.

I developed this top 3 system, the third girl is in danger of being crossed off the list every week. The other two can only get demoted.

This system forces them to be on their best behavior. And it will put you on your best behavior as well.

You automatically become your most PIMPest self.

They try to make you jealous. No reaction.
They try to play games. No reaction.

All you do is evaluate the rankings. You know that you have couple queens waiting for you. No stress.

As a matter of fact it would be relief to get rid of one.
This will make them chase you like crazy.

Try it out. It’s fun 🙂

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