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Year is ending and I am about to move countries

Another one year stint is almost done and now it’s time to move out of Finland and on to Spain.

Is it is time to move on and there is only one month left, I must wonder, what I was left with from 2015.

As we age and have lived awesome lives, we can look back on our years and characterize them in some way.

If we summarize my years:
2009: Finished high-school and spent 6 months in the military. Very lost, kinda depressed and bitter at the end of 2009. It was good to hit the bottom and be concerned about my future.

2010: Got off the army in January and launced my self to success. It was my coming up in poker, started business school. First year of really hustling it up. All was new and interesting.

2011: Started to have financial security. Kinda got settled in Vaasa.

2012: Started enjoying the fruits of my poker labor, spent the summer in Malta, had a pretty cool trip to the Maldives.

2013: My coming up in pimping game. If there is something I will remember this year is that I got laid more than I ever did before… Some other cool things happend also, I moved to Prague with awesome people and had the most fun year of my life so far…

2014: I won a big poker tournament for $27k but didn’t end up making as much money as I hoped, this was also the year where I fell out of love with online poker, ending an awesome era in my life. It wasn’t an useless year though because I still penetrated 13 girls which is my one year record.  And I also spent 101 days traveling southeast Asia. Things I will never forget.

So 2015: Hmm. Wen’t back to school. Didn’t play poker anymore. I felt this year was a little bit like 2009 as I was lost in the beginning of the year. I didn’t know what to do, no direction. But I wanted to do something. In the beginning of the year my financial goal was very modest, just make 1000€ online. I knew it doesn’t need to be much. Just get started.

If I look back at this past year, the overarching theme has been learning. I kinda hate to say that I only achieved things that aren’t really countable, you learned. Big deal? Not really. But I think it had to be done. If I look back at my poker success back in 2010-2013 it was really seeded in the many years before that in 2004-2008. Without me learning the basics and doing many mistakes back in those years, nothing could have happened in 2010-2013. I hope business turns out to be the same. Learning period followed by a long crushing period.

So what did I achieve in 2015?

I started my first business, traveled a bit. Not too much to be honest.

I would say the biggest things I achieved were intangibles…
I learned a TON about:
Cold-sales, internet marketing, websites and web-development, outsourcing, recruiting, project management, client management, contracts, copywriting, marketing funnels, salespages…
And that’s maybe only 20% of the things, it’s a long list.

And even though I cant see results in my bank account yet, these things still matter and I am a lot better prepared for 2016 because 2015 happened.

I have no idea what will happen in 2016, whether I will continue in web-development. I don’t know, I guess the first few months will show me… If I don’t have good success till the summer I want to focus on something else.

I am not stuck with any single idea, even though I know I don’t want to just give up.
I always have some other product ideas too, some of them even seem promising after little initial look.

I am quite certain though that if I do end up doing something different it will be something Internet marketing related.

I find this field interesting, I think it has a bright future and it can be managed anywhere in the world.

It can be something that will allow me to escape the cold darkness whenever I wish to 🙂

I gotta conclude by admitting to myself that life would be boring if you always knew what was going to happen.

So this aint so bad after all..

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The lonely world of cold-calling

On the surface sales calls seem like a social activity. You are contacting people, meeting them and communicating. And yet at the same time I felt the most lonely ever last summer when I was doing a lot of calls.

It will feel alienating because you will get a lot of rejections. As a result you will start to form this subconscious image in your head that you are alone versus the world. You vs the world who doesn’t want to talk to you :). It can be really though for your psyche. You will feel alone at times, so it is crucial to have a good supporting social circle.

On top of this, on the sales calls you always have an agenda. Its though to be socially if you always have an agenda. This is something I noticed big time last summer in Budapest. Almost every time I talked to someone I had a huge agenda.
Sales calls, agenda to close.
Picking up girls, agenda to close.

And I didn’t do anything else :)…


The plan

I didn’t realize it at the time, but its really important to try to balance it with short social events. Most of the days it would be really good if you are not alone. Without relating to people I felt so lost. Even if I did well, I doubt I would have been happy.

I was too alone in the world.

It’s interesting to compare this to another quite lonely profession poker.
Grinding sales has a lot of similar elements to pro poker. But I find it even tougher to relate with people.

Lets look at some science…
If you think of the big 3 that psychologist agree that will make us happy with our jobs:
Autonomy – How much say you have in how things are done.
Competence – How good are you at your job?
Relatedness – How well you can relate to other people in your job?

Both have autonomy down. You are the boss. You can choose to work or not work.
Both have competence down. As long as you are good at em 🙂

How about relatedness?
Sure you are grinding both alone. However in poker I never felt alone. I was so in the game with the regulars I play with every day. Even though I never talked to any of them I still related to them. It felt like a social event, weird, but that’s how it felt to me.

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