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2015 review and my 2016 goals

The goals, my review of 2015:

1. 15000€ in sales. Make profit – FAIL
On my typical fashion I was way optimistic about this, I wasn’t able to make as many cold-calls that I wanted. I wasn’t disciplined enough to really commit to my business, I ended up being disgusted by it and I started to feel that I am more and more just begging for euros, trying to close them on a solution that is good for their business but probably not as good as the solutions that other people have in offer.

2.Get 12 girls – FAIL
I got a bit over half-way.  This failed not only because of my attitude but because it wasn’t high on my priorities. On the plus side I held some girls for a while. Unlike in the past. I often felt a bit apathetic, I wasn’t focused when going out and ended up doing too much drinking and wasting time. As a result, my momentum sucked and I didn’t go out enough to achieve 12. 12 is not high but it is high enough that it typically requires some effort.

I started the year very well and the difference in attitude I had then and the attitude now is stunning. But I know what I was doing different and got little better at the end of the year.

Couple things that seem to be crucial for me:
1. Being really clear of my why.

2. Destroying the ego constantly by being rejected a ton.

3. Regular meditation makes me more conscious of the choice to choose. Also I am more creative in my verbals.

4. Not drinking, because drinking fades the intent it puts you off your mission. I often ended up drinking for courage, which is stupid and lame.

 For every new girl I get, I get to drink. FAIL
Dammit. Failed this one too. This one failed on November, December when it was time to leave all my friends and I wanted to celebrate my leaving of Vaasa. Excuses aside it was 100% my decision to drink and 100% my fault that I didn’t have sex with more girls.

4.Improvement in my areas of interests (Learning, reading)–Read/listen 50 books. SUCCESS
I redt 44 complete books. On top of these a bunch of half-ones, a lot of useful youtube talks while at the gym and walking, couple good audio programs, my business mastermind calls, my own studying of Google adwords, landing pages, ecommerce etc…

5.Using my time effectively. (Living life) – No more than 5 hours a week of bullshit TV. BS=Anything that is not aligned with values. SUCCESS
This is pretty easy. I sometimes find myself to get addicted to NFL and 5 hours goes fast when you are engaged. Now on December I also stopped checking out the news all the time. As a result I am probably little bit more calmer and a lot more focused, I am going to keep it up. I know I am efficient with my time, I am good at getting things done in a short time frame. What I need to work on is prioritization and being efficient on the right things.

6.Eating healthy – Have more consciousness of what I eat. Don’t eat junk foods more than once a week. Don’t buy chips, candy, chocolate <75%. Don’t eat more than 4 liters of ice-cream. SUCCESS
Apart from Budapest this was a glorious success. I don’t eat bullshit, it is now carved deep in to my identity. When I go to shop and see people buying crap I often feel like I am simply just not one of these people. It is like they are alien to me.

7. Achieve the bachelor’s degree in business. SUCCESS
Technically didn’t yet, but all the work is done and now it is just bureaucracy wheels need to turn for couple months. I am going to give myself a pass on this one 🙂

8.Exercising to have a healthy body – Exercise at least 3 times a week. SUCCESS
This is good. I started tracking my hours, in the last 60 days I did 66 hours. That is good. Exercise wasn’t always perfect but I aim for consistency.

9. New goal: Travel to 3 new countries.  SUCCESS
Albania, Montenegro and Croatia coming up. All new countries. Traveling 2.8-26.8. Good experience, something new to my life. Always nice 🙂

10. Complete 500XP points on Duolingo.  -Goal * 25% FAIL
Started this goal literally 5 days ago… That was a bit too late to complete this but I got to 310XP. It was fun and it seems like an efficient way to learn the language. Going to do a bit more before I hit Madrid, Spain in a week.

11. New goal: Do 1000 cold-calls. FAIL
One thing I found out this autumn: Focusing on cold-calls is damn though when you don’t have full day on it. When you have other things to focus on your life it is easy to do something else than the hardest thing, especially since you have to squeeze your calls in to tight windows. I ended up doing only about 500, in my defense they were very targeted… I do enjoy the little momentum boost you get from cold-calling I can’t see myself doing it for much longer.

I am going to focus on another business model for 2016. I need a new beginning.

12. New goal: Make daily plans, alarm set Sun-Thu at a certain time to remind me. FAIL
I had the alarm on for a few weeks, then got bored of it, because my goals were almost always a bit same. So I gave up this habit.


Conclusions: 6/12 I failed on the most important, hardest goals and the least important goals. Maybe the top ones were too difficult and maybe the bottom ones were too unimportant. Middle ones were achievable and still important enough.

For next year I want to set less goals, so my goals are all important. I want to be focused on the most important things.

The  2016: Goals

A thing I am going to do a little differently in 2016 is I am going to focus a little bit more on effort and a bit less on results. I have tracked my time usage in the past 2 months and I will keep it up at 2016. Success requires concentrated effort and that is what I aim to put in. Time invested * Return on time investment = results.

People usually act for one reason: to reach a goal. Thus motivation is a goal-directed drive, and it seldom occurs in a void.

So here is my goals for the year 2016:

1. 30000€ in sales. Make profit 
I failed at my revenue goal in 2015 but that doesn’t mean that I wouldn’t put it a bit higher for 2016. Making money is important and 2016 will be a good year to make money. Always aim high because after all making money is 50% of what life all about.

2.Get 12 girls
I need to redeem myself after a disappointing 2015. Everybody is curious whether I still got what it takes to go double digits and beyond. It is important to maintain momentum here, this needs focus. If I haven’t achieved good success by autumn I will probably go to either sunny beach or Thailand.

 For every new girl I have sex with, I get to get drunk. Otherwise it is 4 alcohol servings limit per night.
Goes well with number 2. The less I drink the more I get laid. My game is at its best after 0-2 drinks. My life is at its best when I keep it well under 4 beers. No hangovers, clear mind, happy body 🙂

4. Track and put in the hours accordingly:

Activity                    Day    Week  Month    Year

Business:                 3,5       24,5      98       1176
Getting smarter:    2          14         56        672
Exercise:                   1           7          28       336
AM + PM routines:0,5     3,5       14       168
Totals:                       7         49       196      2352

Now this may seem like little, especially on the business side, but since I am going to be in school also my time will be quite limited. I know however if I can somewhat keep up in the spring I have a chance to succeed in this.

In general here we are talking about a primary activity. Full focus activity.
Not counting breaks longer than couple minutes. I have defined the definitions with more detail on my notepad.

Some of my most loyal readers might note that there is a little 1 month vacation rigged in to these numbers. The schedule might be a bit though to follow but I think it is the only way to succeed in what I am about to do.


That’s it. Only 4 goals for 2016!
The reason I can get by with only 4 is that I know these are challenging enough so that they require effort, and they require me to not be unfocused. For next year to be a success my path needs to be narrow and my focus sharp.

Now that we still have a few hours left of 2015 it is a good moment to look back at some of the later parts of the year. I have moved many times in my life and every time I do it is easy to get a little bit nostalgic about it all, the thing that bothered you don’t anymore and the things that you didn’t appreciate before suddenly seem cool. I think it is the principle of scarcity working on our brain. It only becomes valuable right before you are about to lose it. But I need adventure, always have. Living gives me the spark in my eyes and makes me feel alive. Here is some of my last pictures.


Representing my Uni. @ Tampere. This was already a couple months ago but it was when I lost my 4 limit control and started to get drunk way too often.


Checked out a local hockey game. Still can’t believe how small the arena was. They didn’t even have cheerleaders because they wouldn’t fit in.


Couple sunsets from my last days. I don’t think I even noticed these before I was about to move.



20151218_124039Packed all my stuff in to this van.


This is all I own. It all fits very nicely in to a back of a van. Time to move on, new adventures 🙂

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