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Beginning a new life in Spain

As some of my beloved readers know a month ago I made a big shift in my life and decided to leave Finland and go live in Spain. I am pleased to say that my first month in Spain has flown by faster than I could have ever imagined.

I have had a smooth beginning and been busier than I have ever been in my entire life, it has been crazy…

Last spring I realized that I am getting older and I am getting older quite fast, so in my mid-twenties panic I decided to use the last opportunity I had and book a Erasmus semester abroad. This was something that I always wanted to do but couldn’t really, because of my commitment to make money. Now the opportunity was at last available for me.


It was so damn fucking cold in Finland that they spray the plane with special liquid so it doesn’t freeze

In exchange studies you get to meet a lot of people from all over Europe. It is like getting a lot of social reference experiences in a short period of time, kind of like pickup.


Here is some pics from Madrid


The biggest club I have ever been Club Kapital in Madrid, 7 stories and live shows 🙂 A pickup newbies heaven, approach, approach, approach!


Poor people waiting for their food, I just put it here to remind myself: never be like them!


Madrid chicas, just realized this was the only selfie I took. I need to get more self-centered again 😉

Actually I am often feeling like the older guy here. In comparison I am quite a bit older, that 3-6 years makes a quite difference when you are still only 26. I now have a bit harder time to keep up with the kids on drinking and partying, luckily I have the wisdom and the confidence that comes with age, I know my limits.


My arrival to León, there is a beautiful river crossing the city and the weather was nice. Good feeling to arrive in to my new hometown 🙂



This is the room I got, 195€ a month plus utilities. I don’t necessarily live how I wan’t but I live where I wan’t, to me that is more important.


A little field trip to Asturias


Some of my fellow students




I didn’t give a shit about these churches. But the guide kept going on and on in Spanish, I understood nothing

I remember hearing that there is a hormonal change happening around 25-26 that makes you naturally more confident. I don’t know whether it is true but I almost never find myself freezing and going in to my head anymore. It is awesome. Of course let’s be a bit scientific here, I have immersed myself in to pickup for couple years and also done hundreds of hours of mindfulness meditation, literally staring a wall, partly to get rid of this compulsive negative panic thinking.

Right now I am actually getting back to 15-20 minutes of daily meditation, it is really important for my well being. In general I am getting healthier again with my lifestyle, I just love the feeling of being sharper than everyone else in the room.

Part of getting myself really sharp is spending enough time alone. There is a certain threshold of socializing that seems to be too much for me, that I must not reach. I am a natural introvert and I need time to bounce back from social events. And a thing I have noticed around the last year is that the more I work the more I need time to bounce back from all the socializing. I need to respect my nature to be sharp.

I already know that my exchange study experience will be quite a bit different than what most people have. I believe in hustling, in living a life of discipline. I will keep working on my business even when everybody around me is just going for tapas and getting drunk every night. Of course I try to find some kind of happy balance but A man needs to be consistent with his values. I know the kind of life that is right for me.

I am sure I will still have a chance to experience most of the good things of Erasmus while making progress financially. After all it is one in a lifetime opportunity to have sex with Erasmus students as Erasmus.



Here is some mountain pics to finish this post

20160216_122039 20160216_125319 20160216_162944

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