Monthly Archives: May 2016

Lazy blogging

I didn’t really intend this silence to happen, it just did. Suddenly I had way more responsibilities than I expected.

I was an exchange student and my business was gaining momentum. On top of these I was learning a new language and a platform. It was like juggling multiple balls at once, there was little room for anything else. I stretched myself too thin and overlooked important things such as gym and socializing. I just grinded and there is a time and place for that, sometimes you need to put your head down and just work.

But the grinding meant that blogging, what had once been a fun past time had become a strain, an obligation. One more thing in a long list of tasks to be completed. Not good.

The fun wasn’t there anymore.

I think I am over the biggest hump now though. It is like I have fought myself some extra time to have a bit of time to breathe.

For a moment life became a bit of a grind again, it was fun at times but once I took a few days off I felt really relieved. I didn’t want to go back to work.

Of course I did. But I did so with some changes.

And the thing I am implementing now is automation.

I try to distance myself from the day-to-day production of my company as much as possible and focus on generating sales.

So right now I am building processes for my project manager who is hopefully able to take a ton of bricks of my back.

Now it’s all about creating systems and then working those systems.

Exciting times are coming, I am going to go bigger and bigger on this entrepreneur thing!

Lets finish the blog post with a travel plan:
1. Moving from Spain to Finland late June or early July.
2. Living in Finland for the month on July.
3. In August move to a house with fellow entrepreneurs and kill it together

Not taking the next semester in school, I would rather be rich and free!

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