Monthly Archives: June 2016

Working on making business easy and fun

My business is now 15 months old and I am reaching a critical point on the journey.

The business is running more and more on its own.

With automation and processes there are now less to do and less things that I don’t like. As a result I don’t have to walk around worrying all the time, go to sleep stressed, only to wake up everyday to kill fires and do juggle between a ton of activities.

Of course getting to this point is a result of hard work. It is those compounding 2-5% a week improvements that add up to something functioning over time.

And all this made me realize something shocking: For most small business owners stress and struggle are choices that they subconciously make.

Let me explain:
Have you heard of an entrepreneur who thinks that to do things well they need to be done by him?
Have you heard of a small business owner who sounds proud of how he works 10 hours a day and can do multiple tasks at once?

It is entrepreneur martyrdom and I know that I have been a bit guilty of it on my journey.

And as a result I fucked up massively…

How do I know?

Because after one year in my business I was able to make huge gains by questioning my processes and the way I delivered my product. And you know one has fucked up if after a full year it is possible to make simple changes that lead to huge rewards.

I definitely lacked in self-awareness. I was guilty of fire killing. I wasn’t preventing fires. This is the opposite of being proactive. I should have known better…

The solution for me was to hire an expert to deal with this. A guy who implemented processes for me. A true systems and project manager guru.

And now just two weeks later I have more work done than ever but I am feeling 70% less stress and I have cut the delivery hassle to third + I stick to deadlines now.
And the clients are loving me.

And the result for me: More time to work on the business and sales.
Resulting in more revenue and higher quality sales.

And of course most importantly a higher quality life.

Clients aren’t on my skin all the time anymore.

I am no longer an underling in my own company. Boss stress is always better than employee stress because there is nobody commanding you.

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