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Picking up girls in Helsinki

My sex life in Helsinki hasn’t been as great as I expected.

I’ve been struggling with pickup, mostly with hooking girls attention.

Overall, if I think about pickup and my results
I feel like I have failed for the last year.

At this point I thought I would be better with girls, have more lays etc.
Just haven’t been able to make that happen yet.












Still intermediate results with girls.

I have a solid ground to build on. The basics are there but they aren’t really converting into results at the moment.

To be frank I’m a bit puzzled on how difficult it has been the last month here in Helsinki.

It is difficult for me to understand how is it possible that I had better results with girls 3 years ago.

Sure, I always pushed for the close like a predator.
Sure, I was an approach machine. Always going and opening conversations.
Sure, it was more important to me back then and I gave it more thought and effort.

But still, I should be better at this point than I was three years ago.
No question about it.

The only reason I can make for my results is that I am just rusty and a bit out of practice.

And if that is the reason, then it is shocking what a great difference momentum can make.

Sure, I have things to fix in my game:
1. Show more sexuality.
2. Turn on the emotional communication a bit more. Communicate intensely.
3. Flirt more by using playful teases and challenging.

Often the hardest thing isn’t fixing errors it is knowing which errors I am making.

Anyway. I can see myself getting a little better as I go out. I just need to recondition this muscle and I should be better than I have ever been.


Being on my best level sounds damn dangerous for the girls in Latvia.
I’m coming over 9.8.2016 😉

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This is what I believe

So I just turned 27.

Life is going crazy fast.

Now as an older wised man, I thought I would share some philosophy that has been on my mind the past 1-1,5 years. These are things that altough I might have been aware of them before they have really resurfaced as I have been building my business and struggling at times.

Maybe they can be seen as things to gain comfort from. To look at as its not that bad. If I am struggling and life keeps hitting me in the face it helps to remember these 3 points.

So here we go. This is what I believe:

1. Life is long enough if you use it well.

It can be rewarding to let go, but be careful. Too much letting go leads to sloth. Too little to joyless life of a ratracer. Balance

It can be rewarding to let go, but be careful. Too much letting go leads to sloth. Too little to joyless life of a rat racer. It is a balance.

In the western world we are all given enough opportunities to improve our circumstances, the worthy will always rise to the top.

If you want to get better, put in the work. If you want money, you focus on that. If you want more girls, you focus on that. Whatever you focus, you will get. To get what you want you have to deserve what you want.

The problem with life is that it easily gets too comfortable. However the good news is that since most people love being comfortable rising to the top shouldn’t be that hard.

2. Practice virtue in life.


Nowadays we have the wrong role models, be exemplary and you are guaranteed to find a new level of self-respect

The greatest growth is on the edge of our comfort zone. Pushing yourself and striving to be better is immensely more rewarding than instant gratification.  Be proactive, if its up to you to decide how you are responding to life’s situations.

So many things are in your control, if it is up to me it is up to me.

If it was a video game what kind of a character would you like to be?

In the end everything can be taken from you except your self-control, your ability to master your own thinking. That is the last control you will always retain.

3. Always keep perspective.

Getting to nature will ground you

Getting to nature will ground you. Practice perspective and you will be less reactive unimportant to day-to-day issues.

No life is free from misery. You might think others have it better but its most likely your mind playing tricks on you. The good and bad moments are what makes life worthwhile, they form the soup of life with many different ingredients. There is no good without the bad, keep this in mind.

And, whatever happens to you, objectively it probably isn’t that bad. Men before you have been through worse, much worse. So be careful of your own bullshit and the stories that your mind starts telling yourself. Be mindful when you are getting negative.

Since complaining never makes things better it is up to you to choose the most empowering response.

Always think. I don’t have to do this, I get to do this, I choose to do this.

Because things aren’t forced upon you and even a relatively bad event is still an event in your life that you get to enjoy.

At your deathbed you wished you could live everything all over again so don’t be ungrateful when you get obstacles.

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