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My three month diet challenge

Hi, I am going to do a challenge.

Because I just had a test for my body composition couple days ago,
And the results were as follows:
Fat: 13,5 kg, almost 19%.
Muscle 29 kg.

The doctor testing me suggested that I drop 2kg of fat.

However, I heard from informed sources that getting it down to 10% is going to have a positive impact on your willpower, thinking and energy levels.

So that is what I am going to do.

Here is how its going to be done. Really simple

I have a calorie goal that I am going to hit every day. So I will constantly be at a small, manageable deficit.

I am going to track my calories with Myfitnesspal. Aiming to lose 0,5kg per week.

Now there is 6,5kg of fat to loose. So I should be done in 13 weeks from now. That’s just 3 months. Good thing is that the year is ending in three months. And this means that when people are celebrating 2017 I will be celebrating my 10% lean body.

So these are the practical numbers of weight loss:
Now, keeping it really simple. To loose weight, I need to use more than I consume.
My resting metabolic rate is around 1905kcal. This means that I could be in a coma and burn this many calories.
So to loose 0,5kg next week my goal is to hit 1560kcal

I want to also show to people who say losing weight is difficult that they are just bullshitting themselves.

Now, I know that the calorie model is not perfect. Items don’t burn the same way in a human body as they do in a vacuum. However it is a model that is good enough. And good enough is perfect.

Small gains over time turn in to big results.

The way I am going to do it is chipping away few hundred kilo-calories per day.
I don’t know why people don’t get this. The way you loose fat is little by little. Today I lost 40 grams, Yesterday 30 grams.
It is obvious, it is a grind.
Put in the work, extract the result 🙂

So, this is me just putting it out there. End of 2016 I will be at 10% bodyfat.

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