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If you don’t work now, you’ll hate yourself later

I need to have a little rant about the fact that working hard is underrated.

I see it all around me: our society celebrates people who get results without working.
This mindset is pure stupidity and its getting shoveled in to your thinking.
You are basically being trained not to appreciate working.

This how much we celebrate Fridays and simultaneously frown Mondays in our our culture.
These kind of things are poisoning you from the inside.

Here is something I have come to realize as I have started to work more and more: work can be one of the great love affairs of your life.

Think about it, very few things can provide your life with a purpose.
Work is your chance to create something, to have a reason for existing, a meaning to your life.

And yet, in our culture work is tremendously underrated.

Instead we overvalue free time, although it doesn’t make us happy because it doesn’t challenge us.
Too much free time by contrast can make us miserable.

We perform best in a flow state where we are appropriately engaged and challenged. Where things are not too easy but not too impossible either.
Work provides us that challenge.

And without that challenge, we slowly become weak.

Even old people start to deteriorate fast the moment they lack the challenge in their lives.

I believe that we have a need to be significant and to create, to better things around us in certain way.

That is our highest purpose and nothing fills that purpose better than work.

We were made to produce. That is why stagnating is not rewarding, it goes against our core nature.

If I don’t live life on the attack I notice I become passive and too reflective.
Instead a bit of black and white thinking helps.
The most hardcore worker guys think black and white. They just push with occasional breaks.
They put their head down and dont complain.
For work ethic black and white mentality is good. You should be a bit black and white and judgmental in your thinking.

I can’t help it (Not that I wan’t to help it) but I view people who don’t put in the work lazy losers.

For me working is easy because I really appreciate work.
I ‘game myself’ to like it. Just like I never consider poker to be work.
I don’t consider running a business to be work. It is game and games are fun.

So become a man of action, spend the vast majority of your time on the attack. As a man your were meant to be a predator not prey.

Take massive action to get feedback.

This ensures that your lessons are actually based on your own experience.
They are hand tailored to you and you become your own coach and your own guru.

This is the way of deliberate practice.

You learn what you are naturally good at in the battlefield of life and you find out your weaknesses.
You get to focus on your sticking points and if you are willing to listen life will tell you where your problem points are.

So be proactive.

Once you become a man of action other people will see it from you, it will be written all over you.
Other people will respect this automatically, it just comes off in your vibe that you are going places.

You will naturally develop a charismatic aura and that sparkle in your eye.

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My new life in Bucharest, life update

Hey guys,

Had a layover in Istanbul for 20 hours. Saw a lot of these things

Had a layover in Istanbul for 20 hours. Saw a lot of these things

I am now living in Bucharest Romania. The last 5 weeks of my life have been a great proof of how much the people you have around you matter and influence you. I have immersed myself with top people who are ambitious and want to strive for big things in life, similar to me. And we just feed off of each others energy.

Its like you put yourself on steroids by surrounding yourself with similar people. This also means that you have the responsibility to be on top of your game because you, similarly influence them.

I got to say, whit these people here I have felt a sense of belonging that I haven’t felt since I lived with the poker community on Malta in 2012. It is like my extended family where we get each other and nobody else seems to get us. Similarly we seem to not understand most people who aren’t ambitious, striving to be awesome etc.


A walk around Bucharest always reveals something massive

So, the 5 big rules I am focusing on my life right now:
-Calorie restriction – 1530 kcal + exercise.
-Daily game – At least 1 approach every day.
-Exercise 4 times a week – Gym sessions. Mostly weights with at least one cardio session per week.
-Focused time blocked work – 35 hours, no distractions.
-Meditation – 20 minutes every evening.
Results of my 5 week euro tour so far:
-I got my six-pack back after just 4 weeks of dieting.
-I’ve implemented a lot of positive habits. Especially on nutrition.
-Have given up drinking more than 1 beer a week.
-Good game momentum where approaching is quite effortless.
-And of course, loads of moments with awesome people.
-Have lost 1,5 kilos over the last 3 weeks.

So that’s it. I just got confirmation that I am going to Warsaw after Bucharest for one month of continued immersion. We will just keep on shattering our old identities and crush it more and more.

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