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Bucharest – Warsaw – …

My time in Romania has now been over for a week, I had a good 48 days there, now it is time to move on from there. I just don’t think Bucharest has too much to give me anymore.

Overall I would say it was a mix of some good and some bad things. As a country it is a bit communist looking and poor. Cool people, really friendly, easy to open girls. But overall I never felt at home there. Sometimes it is not easy to explain why but I just didn’t feel the fit personally.


I ended up choosing Warsaw as the next place because its an opportunity to live with people doing the same thing. It was never my intention to spend my winter in a cold country but I got an offer that I just couldn’t refuse.

I am still at a point where I am learning massively about business and I need to keep going. I need to think about going forward and the next steps.

I know from experience that if I have hustlers around me pushing and vice versa it is going to make a massive difference. Right now I am hooked on business and learning everything I can about my craft (Ecommerce). Everything feels almost effortless because the WHY I am doing it is so clear in my mind so I know that a month in Warsaw is going to be worth it because I only need one of two good ideas from there and it is going to be massively beneficial.

Now, 1 week ago I just had a one week semi-vacation in Romania. And a great thing about vacations is that it gives you time to reflect and reflect and readjust.

I always end up becoming more grateful on vacations and I now realize that my life is already pretty damn good. I don’t have to worry too much about money, freedom or any of the basic needs. I got all that.

Nicolae Ceaușescus palace in Bucharest

Taken from Nicolae Ceaușescus palace in Bucharest

So I guess I am sometimes having existential struggles (Got some white man problems).

For me to figure out what I really want from life is an incredibly difficult equation to solve because getting to the root cause of your unbiased wants is super complicated.

Every time I take time off from hustling I start to get deep and ask what I actually want out of life now?

When you are working hard, you get the feeling that you really must want this because you are doing this. It is almost like you look at your actions and reflect back, I must want this because I have committed so much time and effort to it. I have sacrificed this much, of course I want this.

Another issue is commitment and consistency. Once you have committed to a path, you really don’t want to give it up. Turning back would mean admitting that you have lost, it would mean that all that work you put in to it was a waste.

And a third big thing is the peer group and the influence of its values on you. If you are hanging out on Wall-street you will start to adopt those values, if you hangout in Hostels you will start to adapt to those values. So the best thing with major life decisions could be to try to remove yourself from outside influences as much as possible for a short period of time. You want to have a purity of mind.


Brasov, Romania

So what did I find out from my vacation?

The following things.
-It is good that I have been pushing it hard on business, that is awesome but I have done it with a price that is a bit too high to pay. After all I am not in a massive hurry to get there, I need a tiny bit more balance and not work my self to the ground. With this improved balance I will get my personality back and it will be an opportunity to develop a bit more of a lifestyle where neither the girls or the money is neglected.

I go to the point where I was super committed to business but my lifestyle and personality became dull. I became less and less social and more focused on making it on the detriment of everything else. My social life really suffered and I started to think that it was a bit too much of a sacrifice.

So, I want to have adventures and fun in my life too and not just work 0n the computer all the time.

Unfortunately the week of did answer one burning question, could the business run smoothly without me?
And the answer was no.
So at least so far I have created a business and a system that is dependent on me (A job). I need to be there for things to happen.

I know at some level, when starting my company the point was to create a job to make a living (I am not going to retire at 27). But if I create a job and take all this risk and effort to do so, I want to create a really damn good job that I enjoy.

After all I took the risks and put in all the work so of course I want to be well compensated for the work as well. I wanted to create a freedom to travel anywhere and live a lifestyle that very few people get to live.

If I wanted to stay in Finland I would have started something local.
Now I am probably playing on a field that is a bit tougher but I am doing it because I love traveling. I want to see almost every place in the world that is possible to see.

And the world for me is just getting better, right now there is A LOT of places I can’t yet go because of poor internet. However in the next decade there will be very few places in the world that I couldn’t live in.

Think about that for a second.


Warsaw life

20161025_165109 20161029_210156

If the aim is to have an experience rich life, not necessarily financially rich life. This is the best time ever to be in online business.

At the end of the day there is very few people I would switch spots with.
I am on an awesome path and I can only see it getting better from here.

Being at a position where I am able to do spontaneous things without asking anyone. is awesome. And I want to use that right I have created for myself 🙂

So I just went ahead and booked flights from Warsaw to Hong Kong.

Its going to be quite a big change but I have been in Europe for so long that I started to crave new experiences. And that’s why I am heading over there.

Really have no plan except to stay in Hong Kong for at least three weeks.

After that, I have no idea.

And that’s how I like it! 🙂

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