2017 is here!

A new year is always a chance for a fresh start.
And whilst any moment is a good moment to start a better life it is a psychologically good to put something behind you when starting over.

So why not plan and refocus.

I know my 2017 will be focused on running my company. It will be a very important year. Probably the most important year so far.

In 2017 I look forward to having every process fully automated. I just need good commitment for a few more months before it can be feasible reality.
Now I have automated lead generation and project management to the point where they are running around 80% without me. I want to get close to 100% and stable before hiring my first salespeople. After that I should be free from the day to day operations.

Now, I got to say that 2017 didn’t start too gloriously for me.

In the morning hours I ended up puking in the toilet from too much beer.

That is why I am taking 100 days break from drinking.
So no alcohol for 100 days.

In exactly 100 days I will be flying from Taiwan back to the philippines. So that is actually very convenient.

Apart from these things I think it is good to just map out priorities so that they are clear and concise in my mind.

2017 Focuses:
1. Build a lasting agency. Focus on inbound and delivery more than outbound and sales. Running my agency will be a lot more focused on content marketing and I on the other hand will seek to be the main expert in the company. This means that there will be all the bells and whistles of online marketing soon. Traffic, a tripwire, lead magnet etc etc.. 🙂

2. Become a master delegator. With so much cheap labor, I shouldn’t do things myself. I am going to be a leader, use others, not being the hero.

3. Take better care of myself. This is a bit related to the last point but I want to make sure that I do my evening meditation almost every time.

4. Take care of my diet. Lets bring back the healthy diet. No drinking for the first 100 days, but also I want to average at least one healthy meal for every day. I will also be stricter in eating my vegetables.

5. Take time to exercise. Now, it is difficult to put goals and promises to these because situations vary a lot when you travel.

So those are five focuses of mine. Seems like they are all long-term oriented.


Now the 1st of January also marks the end of my dieting 10% bodyfat challenge.

I definitely lost a few kilos.

However I am very much in the dark regarding this because I haven’t seen a single scale in Asia.

The last time I measured was in Warsaw 40 days ago.
And I was couple kilos from my goal.

So I think it is fair to say that I missed it by just a kilo or so.

However, commitments are commitments.

So, I am going to get to 10%. And I am going to record it.

That is not really even important for my body but for my resolve.

You cannot back down on your commitments.

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