What is this blog about? Simple, 3 things that are all in the name.

My – It is about finding your own style, your own way of doing things. It is about being your own guru, being unique and authentic.

Winning – It is about hustling with the positive attitude, about going for the win in life. Playing to win not to not loose.

Way – Being persistent and thinking long term. Being creative, going against the grain and finding alternative ways to win.

This blog is about my life, my way and my story. is not meant to be a bragging blog, it is meant to be inspiring, honest and empowering. There is nothing that I have done or I am doing that you could not do yourself. What I can do, you can do. All I am is just stubborn dude who took a lot action to get results. One can never predict whether you are going to be successful, what I can guarantee though that I am going to try really hard.

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  1. Lubomir

    what books about pick up girls you prefer (deida, strass – the game) ?

    i wish to learn next 3 years

    as i am on stage 3 lone warrior

    About me:
    i was born on august 1989 (Kosice, SK) no woman yet, my mindset is based on think like milionaire – harv eker, the secret and Louise L. Hay – love your life

    i work on internet since 2006 and as pro sports betting player (sports arbitrage, valuebetting) since 2009-now

    i work 10 hours daily, i like it and can reach 1 M Eur in 2025 but my social life is bad but i want move to own flat in 2018 and focus on girls

    1. =) Post author

      Don’t get too deep in to the pickup theory, it’s a trap almost 🙂
      Always review the basics, go out and analyze what you did and how you could be better. In this field the 20% of the theory will give you 80% of the results.
      You can also learn game really fast if you just immerse yourself in it.

      It’s always good to see people making a living independently on the Internet.
      Sounds like you have a good work ethic, just keep it up and good things will come. Start improving your social life little by little, you don’t need to have your own flat to get laid or to improve on your social skills. If you can figure out how to become a pro sports-bettor you can eventually get good with girls too, just apply yourself 🙂


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