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If you don’t work now, you’ll hate yourself later

I need to have a little rant about the fact that working hard is underrated.

I see it all around me: our society celebrates people who get results without working.
This mindset is pure stupidity and its getting shoveled in to your thinking.
You are basically being trained not to appreciate working.

This how much we celebrate Fridays and simultaneously frown Mondays in our our culture.
These kind of things are poisoning you from the inside.

Here is something I have come to realize as I have started to work more and more: work can be one of the great love affairs of your life.

Think about it, very few things can provide your life with a purpose.
Work is your chance to create something, to have a reason for existing, a meaning to your life.

And yet, in our culture work is tremendously underrated.

Instead we overvalue free time, although it doesn’t make us happy because it doesn’t challenge us.
Too much free time by contrast can make us miserable.

We perform best in a flow state where we are appropriately engaged and challenged. Where things are not too easy but not too impossible either.
Work provides us that challenge.

And without that challenge, we slowly become weak.

Even old people start to deteriorate fast the moment they lack the challenge in their lives.

I believe that we have a need to be significant and to create, to better things around us in certain way.

That is our highest purpose and nothing fills that purpose better than work.

We were made to produce. That is why stagnating is not rewarding, it goes against our core nature.

If I don’t live life on the attack I notice I become passive and too reflective.
Instead a bit of black and white thinking helps.
The most hardcore worker guys think black and white. They just push with occasional breaks.
They put their head down and dont complain.
For work ethic black and white mentality is good. You should be a bit black and white and judgmental in your thinking.

I can’t help it (Not that I wan’t to help it) but I view people who don’t put in the work lazy losers.

For me working is easy because I really appreciate work.
I ‘game myself’ to like it. Just like I never consider poker to be work.
I don’t consider running a business to be work. It is game and games are fun.

So become a man of action, spend the vast majority of your time on the attack. As a man your were meant to be a predator not prey.

Take massive action to get feedback.

This ensures that your lessons are actually based on your own experience.
They are hand tailored to you and you become your own coach and your own guru.

This is the way of deliberate practice.

You learn what you are naturally good at in the battlefield of life and you find out your weaknesses.
You get to focus on your sticking points and if you are willing to listen life will tell you where your problem points are.

So be proactive.

Once you become a man of action other people will see it from you, it will be written all over you.
Other people will respect this automatically, it just comes off in your vibe that you are going places.

You will naturally develop a charismatic aura and that sparkle in your eye.

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My new life in Bucharest, life update

Hey guys,

Had a layover in Istanbul for 20 hours. Saw a lot of these things

Had a layover in Istanbul for 20 hours. Saw a lot of these things

I am now living in Bucharest Romania. The last 5 weeks of my life have been a great proof of how much the people you have around you matter and influence you. I have immersed myself with top people who are ambitious and want to strive for big things in life, similar to me. And we just feed off of each others energy.

Its like you put yourself on steroids by surrounding yourself with similar people. This also means that you have the responsibility to be on top of your game because you, similarly influence them.

I got to say, whit these people here I have felt a sense of belonging that I haven’t felt since I lived with the poker community on Malta in 2012. It is like my extended family where we get each other and nobody else seems to get us. Similarly we seem to not understand most people who aren’t ambitious, striving to be awesome etc.


A walk around Bucharest always reveals something massive

So, the 5 big rules I am focusing on my life right now:
-Calorie restriction – 1530 kcal + exercise.
-Daily game – At least 1 approach every day.
-Exercise 4 times a week – Gym sessions. Mostly weights with at least one cardio session per week.
-Focused time blocked work – 35 hours, no distractions.
-Meditation – 20 minutes every evening.
Results of my 5 week euro tour so far:
-I got my six-pack back after just 4 weeks of dieting.
-I’ve implemented a lot of positive habits. Especially on nutrition.
-Have given up drinking more than 1 beer a week.
-Good game momentum where approaching is quite effortless.
-And of course, loads of moments with awesome people.
-Have lost 1,5 kilos over the last 3 weeks.

So that’s it. I just got confirmation that I am going to Warsaw after Bucharest for one month of continued immersion. We will just keep on shattering our old identities and crush it more and more.

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My three month diet challenge

Hi, I am going to do a challenge.

Because I just had a test for my body composition couple days ago,
And the results were as follows:
Fat: 13,5 kg, almost 19%.
Muscle 29 kg.

The doctor testing me suggested that I drop 2kg of fat.

However, I heard from informed sources that getting it down to 10% is going to have a positive impact on your willpower, thinking and energy levels.

So that is what I am going to do.

Here is how its going to be done. Really simple

I have a calorie goal that I am going to hit every day. So I will constantly be at a small, manageable deficit.

I am going to track my calories with Myfitnesspal. Aiming to lose 0,5kg per week.

Now there is 6,5kg of fat to loose. So I should be done in 13 weeks from now. That’s just 3 months. Good thing is that the year is ending in three months. And this means that when people are celebrating 2017 I will be celebrating my 10% lean body.

So these are the practical numbers of weight loss:
Now, keeping it really simple. To loose weight, I need to use more than I consume.
My resting metabolic rate is around 1905kcal. This means that I could be in a coma and burn this many calories.
So to loose 0,5kg next week my goal is to hit 1560kcal

I want to also show to people who say losing weight is difficult that they are just bullshitting themselves.

Now, I know that the calorie model is not perfect. Items don’t burn the same way in a human body as they do in a vacuum. However it is a model that is good enough. And good enough is perfect.

Small gains over time turn in to big results.

The way I am going to do it is chipping away few hundred kilo-calories per day.
I don’t know why people don’t get this. The way you loose fat is little by little. Today I lost 40 grams, Yesterday 30 grams.
It is obvious, it is a grind.
Put in the work, extract the result 🙂

So, this is me just putting it out there. End of 2016 I will be at 10% bodyfat.

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Picking up girls in Helsinki

My sex life in Helsinki hasn’t been as great as I expected.

I’ve been struggling with pickup, mostly with hooking girls attention.

Overall, if I think about pickup and my results
I feel like I have failed for the last year.

At this point I thought I would be better with girls, have more lays etc.
Just haven’t been able to make that happen yet.












Still intermediate results with girls.

I have a solid ground to build on. The basics are there but they aren’t really converting into results at the moment.

To be frank I’m a bit puzzled on how difficult it has been the last month here in Helsinki.

It is difficult for me to understand how is it possible that I had better results with girls 3 years ago.

Sure, I always pushed for the close like a predator.
Sure, I was an approach machine. Always going and opening conversations.
Sure, it was more important to me back then and I gave it more thought and effort.

But still, I should be better at this point than I was three years ago.
No question about it.

The only reason I can make for my results is that I am just rusty and a bit out of practice.

And if that is the reason, then it is shocking what a great difference momentum can make.

Sure, I have things to fix in my game:
1. Show more sexuality.
2. Turn on the emotional communication a bit more. Communicate intensely.
3. Flirt more by using playful teases and challenging.

Often the hardest thing isn’t fixing errors it is knowing which errors I am making.

Anyway. I can see myself getting a little better as I go out. I just need to recondition this muscle and I should be better than I have ever been.


Being on my best level sounds damn dangerous for the girls in Latvia.
I’m coming over 9.8.2016 😉

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This is what I believe

So I just turned 27.

Life is going crazy fast.

Now as an older wised man, I thought I would share some philosophy that has been on my mind the past 1-1,5 years. These are things that altough I might have been aware of them before they have really resurfaced as I have been building my business and struggling at times.

Maybe they can be seen as things to gain comfort from. To look at as its not that bad. If I am struggling and life keeps hitting me in the face it helps to remember these 3 points.

So here we go. This is what I believe:

1. Life is long enough if you use it well.

It can be rewarding to let go, but be careful. Too much letting go leads to sloth. Too little to joyless life of a ratracer. Balance

It can be rewarding to let go, but be careful. Too much letting go leads to sloth. Too little to joyless life of a rat racer. It is a balance.

In the western world we are all given enough opportunities to improve our circumstances, the worthy will always rise to the top.

If you want to get better, put in the work. If you want money, you focus on that. If you want more girls, you focus on that. Whatever you focus, you will get. To get what you want you have to deserve what you want.

The problem with life is that it easily gets too comfortable. However the good news is that since most people love being comfortable rising to the top shouldn’t be that hard.

2. Practice virtue in life.


Nowadays we have the wrong role models, be exemplary and you are guaranteed to find a new level of self-respect

The greatest growth is on the edge of our comfort zone. Pushing yourself and striving to be better is immensely more rewarding than instant gratification.  Be proactive, if its up to you to decide how you are responding to life’s situations.

So many things are in your control, if it is up to me it is up to me.

If it was a video game what kind of a character would you like to be?

In the end everything can be taken from you except your self-control, your ability to master your own thinking. That is the last control you will always retain.

3. Always keep perspective.

Getting to nature will ground you

Getting to nature will ground you. Practice perspective and you will be less reactive unimportant to day-to-day issues.

No life is free from misery. You might think others have it better but its most likely your mind playing tricks on you. The good and bad moments are what makes life worthwhile, they form the soup of life with many different ingredients. There is no good without the bad, keep this in mind.

And, whatever happens to you, objectively it probably isn’t that bad. Men before you have been through worse, much worse. So be careful of your own bullshit and the stories that your mind starts telling yourself. Be mindful when you are getting negative.

Since complaining never makes things better it is up to you to choose the most empowering response.

Always think. I don’t have to do this, I get to do this, I choose to do this.

Because things aren’t forced upon you and even a relatively bad event is still an event in your life that you get to enjoy.

At your deathbed you wished you could live everything all over again so don’t be ungrateful when you get obstacles.

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Working on making business easy and fun

My business is now 15 months old and I am reaching a critical point on the journey.

The business is running more and more on its own.

With automation and processes there are now less to do and less things that I don’t like. As a result I don’t have to walk around worrying all the time, go to sleep stressed, only to wake up everyday to kill fires and do juggle between a ton of activities.

Of course getting to this point is a result of hard work. It is those compounding 2-5% a week improvements that add up to something functioning over time.

And all this made me realize something shocking: For most small business owners stress and struggle are choices that they subconciously make.

Let me explain:
Have you heard of an entrepreneur who thinks that to do things well they need to be done by him?
Have you heard of a small business owner who sounds proud of how he works 10 hours a day and can do multiple tasks at once?

It is entrepreneur martyrdom and I know that I have been a bit guilty of it on my journey.

And as a result I fucked up massively…

How do I know?

Because after one year in my business I was able to make huge gains by questioning my processes and the way I delivered my product. And you know one has fucked up if after a full year it is possible to make simple changes that lead to huge rewards.

I definitely lacked in self-awareness. I was guilty of fire killing. I wasn’t preventing fires. This is the opposite of being proactive. I should have known better…

The solution for me was to hire an expert to deal with this. A guy who implemented processes for me. A true systems and project manager guru.

And now just two weeks later I have more work done than ever but I am feeling 70% less stress and I have cut the delivery hassle to third + I stick to deadlines now.
And the clients are loving me.

And the result for me: More time to work on the business and sales.
Resulting in more revenue and higher quality sales.

And of course most importantly a higher quality life.

Clients aren’t on my skin all the time anymore.

I am no longer an underling in my own company. Boss stress is always better than employee stress because there is nobody commanding you.

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Lazy blogging

I didn’t really intend this silence to happen, it just did. Suddenly I had way more responsibilities than I expected.

I was an exchange student and my business was gaining momentum. On top of these I was learning a new language and a platform. It was like juggling multiple balls at once, there was little room for anything else. I stretched myself too thin and overlooked important things such as gym and socializing. I just grinded and there is a time and place for that, sometimes you need to put your head down and just work.

But the grinding meant that blogging, what had once been a fun past time had become a strain, an obligation. One more thing in a long list of tasks to be completed. Not good.

The fun wasn’t there anymore.

I think I am over the biggest hump now though. It is like I have fought myself some extra time to have a bit of time to breathe.

For a moment life became a bit of a grind again, it was fun at times but once I took a few days off I felt really relieved. I didn’t want to go back to work.

Of course I did. But I did so with some changes.

And the thing I am implementing now is automation.

I try to distance myself from the day-to-day production of my company as much as possible and focus on generating sales.

So right now I am building processes for my project manager who is hopefully able to take a ton of bricks of my back.

Now it’s all about creating systems and then working those systems.

Exciting times are coming, I am going to go bigger and bigger on this entrepreneur thing!

Lets finish the blog post with a travel plan:
1. Moving from Spain to Finland late June or early July.
2. Living in Finland for the month on July.
3. In August move to a house with fellow entrepreneurs and kill it together

Not taking the next semester in school, I would rather be rich and free!

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Beginning a new life in Spain

As some of my beloved readers know a month ago I made a big shift in my life and decided to leave Finland and go live in Spain. I am pleased to say that my first month in Spain has flown by faster than I could have ever imagined.

I have had a smooth beginning and been busier than I have ever been in my entire life, it has been crazy…

Last spring I realized that I am getting older and I am getting older quite fast, so in my mid-twenties panic I decided to use the last opportunity I had and book a Erasmus semester abroad. This was something that I always wanted to do but couldn’t really, because of my commitment to make money. Now the opportunity was at last available for me.


It was so damn fucking cold in Finland that they spray the plane with special liquid so it doesn’t freeze

In exchange studies you get to meet a lot of people from all over Europe. It is like getting a lot of social reference experiences in a short period of time, kind of like pickup.


Here is some pics from Madrid


The biggest club I have ever been Club Kapital in Madrid, 7 stories and live shows 🙂 A pickup newbies heaven, approach, approach, approach!


Poor people waiting for their food, I just put it here to remind myself: never be like them!


Madrid chicas, just realized this was the only selfie I took. I need to get more self-centered again 😉

Actually I am often feeling like the older guy here. In comparison I am quite a bit older, that 3-6 years makes a quite difference when you are still only 26. I now have a bit harder time to keep up with the kids on drinking and partying, luckily I have the wisdom and the confidence that comes with age, I know my limits.


My arrival to León, there is a beautiful river crossing the city and the weather was nice. Good feeling to arrive in to my new hometown 🙂



This is the room I got, 195€ a month plus utilities. I don’t necessarily live how I wan’t but I live where I wan’t, to me that is more important.


A little field trip to Asturias


Some of my fellow students




I didn’t give a shit about these churches. But the guide kept going on and on in Spanish, I understood nothing

I remember hearing that there is a hormonal change happening around 25-26 that makes you naturally more confident. I don’t know whether it is true but I almost never find myself freezing and going in to my head anymore. It is awesome. Of course let’s be a bit scientific here, I have immersed myself in to pickup for couple years and also done hundreds of hours of mindfulness meditation, literally staring a wall, partly to get rid of this compulsive negative panic thinking.

Right now I am actually getting back to 15-20 minutes of daily meditation, it is really important for my well being. In general I am getting healthier again with my lifestyle, I just love the feeling of being sharper than everyone else in the room.

Part of getting myself really sharp is spending enough time alone. There is a certain threshold of socializing that seems to be too much for me, that I must not reach. I am a natural introvert and I need time to bounce back from social events. And a thing I have noticed around the last year is that the more I work the more I need time to bounce back from all the socializing. I need to respect my nature to be sharp.

I already know that my exchange study experience will be quite a bit different than what most people have. I believe in hustling, in living a life of discipline. I will keep working on my business even when everybody around me is just going for tapas and getting drunk every night. Of course I try to find some kind of happy balance but A man needs to be consistent with his values. I know the kind of life that is right for me.

I am sure I will still have a chance to experience most of the good things of Erasmus while making progress financially. After all it is one in a lifetime opportunity to have sex with Erasmus students as Erasmus.



Here is some mountain pics to finish this post

20160216_122039 20160216_125319 20160216_162944

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Stop going through the motions: making pickup fun again

I think these kind of posts should come with a warning: If you are not doing enough approaches you will not understand this. Read it at your own risk because with it, you risk getting more confused.

In game you will go through ups and downs, just like in most things in life. However in game the ups and downs tend to be pretty drastic. It is said that the biggest thing between a guy who is just good and guy who is great is just consistency. And to get consistency I find that it is good to come back and revisit the basics every once in a while. One great resource I have is my blog posts; they are powerful because these are my exact thoughts with my own wording. It is helpful to reconnect with my epiphanies and remember what I have already discovered; it is almost like having a coach. If I am not getting good results, the best way to reconnect with my successes is to visit my past.

Collage of human head, molecules and various abstract elements on the subject of modern science, chemistry, physics, human and artificial mindsNow.

In my game I am in a place now where it all makes sense to me again. I am not confused about things, I know exactly what to do. I have such a clear mind about this right now that I wanted to spend couple hours just writing it down in summary.

Good game is not flashy.

The game is not about this flashy attraction stuff, the goal shouldn’t be getting instant makeouts or flakey phone numbers to feel good. Rather it is about slow arousal, seducing over time. The goal is not so much to make them attracted. Rather the aim is to take tiny steps together that lead towards sex. Starting patiently, slowly and steadily up the ante, getting the ball rolling towards the close.

2 goals when talking to a girl.
1. Turn them on
2. Get them to chase you

What most guys don’t realize that she doesn’t allow herself to get turned on by a guy she doesn’t really trust. It is like the emotions of uncertainty and anxiousness prevent the seduction from happening. Rather than being flashy, game a bit under the radar. Give her a chance to rationalize that he is just social guy, nothing wrong here. There is a saying that good game should not look like good game.


Taking the stress out of pickup and making approaching fun.

For me success in approaching comes down to couple things.

Firstly, the most important thing: Self-amusing, not taking yourself too seriously. Very important to not be afraid to make it awkward, as a matter of fact it is better if you make it awkward, realize that awkward is funny. Making it awkward also powerfully demonstrates that you can handle it without going inside your head or becoming weird. On the nights that I embrace the awkwardness, my vibe is shitload better.

“Anything you do to not make it awkward will be awkward.”

I think one of the best skills for any guy is the ability to throw yourself in to a situation without anything in his mind. The best guys can open without a plan, with a clear head. If you are thinking about what to say, you are already caring, you are already in your head and you are placing too much value on the interaction. No thoughts, nothing, just throw yourself in to the fire and most likely it will go good, your natural self will come through.


There is this inner genius that exists in us when our minds are blank, when we become self-forgetting. Let your mind come up with something and it almost always will. But first you must throw yourself in to the situation and then and only then can your mind express its ingeniousness. The reason why I sometimes don’t have anything to say before opening is that I am trying to preplan it and preplanning leads to being stifled, it leads to having massive a filter.

At times it should look a bit sloppy. Sloppy means it is natural, girls love natural over technical. It is masculine to be free, it’s like the girls sense that it is in your core and that is why they actually think positively of approaches that are imperfect but natural. The key is not caring, not being too effected by others opinions, this is masculine and it is powerful. The girls will sense that you are not even trying. Just having fun, fucking around, self-amusing, shooting the shit with completely random topics.

And this is where it gets kind of paradoxical. It is not even approaching so much to get a result it is more exploring the possibility of the interaction and then seeing if it has potential to develop in to something, if it can’t at least you had fun.


This is very different from the typical mindset where you either win or you lose. In a sense it is not even an approach per say. You make it easy to yourself because there is nothing to fear, you are not putting yourself too much on the line which is easy for your ego to handle and as a result you will be freer. In general it is good to not have too big of an ego about your pickup skills, because you are open to ‘failing’ and  people can connect with you better. When you don’t have massive expectations, you are free to just be you.

I think of ‘approaches’ as more like testing, the best way of describing it is that you are kinda just seeking out the ovens that you can slowly start to warmup. Because usually it is not on or off right away, it is more like seeing which ovens you can start to heat up slowly.

You are not putting in any more effort than is really required, and because you don’t put so much effort in to it, you make the interaction a lot more manageable. You start with a little bit of a lower stimulation which means she will not overdose on it. She will not feel this big emotional drop because you didn’t take her too high to begin with.

So much of it is just reconnecting with that boy in yourself, you reconnect with the zone where you feel free and automatically have fun. Game is supposed to be fun. Don’t work hard all week to go out to hate it.


That is why I don’t really do direct approaching anymore. After a while direct approaching is kind of boring. I don’t want to get to the ‘He is here to meet me’ frame it is way better to get to the low pressure. You get the girl to wonder whether it will happen and you look like you don’t really expect it to happen, this gives it space to just happen.


It was really good for me to go out 5 nights in a row in Madrid with my old Budapest wingman because it all makes sense again. It is like a bootcamp where I get to connect with my soul and fix some of my issues. A lot of action, sober and then breaking everything down will get you results fast.

Going out a lot you kinda find your own style, your own game. It was also relieving because game has been difficult for me for a while now probably because I have lost my love for life, life has become too much of a grind and it has begun to lack joy and humor. So my mission for the next few weeks is to cultivate that joyous life attitude again. Not taking myself so goddamn seriously all the time.

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2015 review and my 2016 goals

The goals, my review of 2015:

1. 15000€ in sales. Make profit – FAIL
On my typical fashion I was way optimistic about this, I wasn’t able to make as many cold-calls that I wanted. I wasn’t disciplined enough to really commit to my business, I ended up being disgusted by it and I started to feel that I am more and more just begging for euros, trying to close them on a solution that is good for their business but probably not as good as the solutions that other people have in offer.

2.Get 12 girls – FAIL
I got a bit over half-way.  This failed not only because of my attitude but because it wasn’t high on my priorities. On the plus side I held some girls for a while. Unlike in the past. I often felt a bit apathetic, I wasn’t focused when going out and ended up doing too much drinking and wasting time. As a result, my momentum sucked and I didn’t go out enough to achieve 12. 12 is not high but it is high enough that it typically requires some effort.

I started the year very well and the difference in attitude I had then and the attitude now is stunning. But I know what I was doing different and got little better at the end of the year.

Couple things that seem to be crucial for me:
1. Being really clear of my why.

2. Destroying the ego constantly by being rejected a ton.

3. Regular meditation makes me more conscious of the choice to choose. Also I am more creative in my verbals.

4. Not drinking, because drinking fades the intent it puts you off your mission. I often ended up drinking for courage, which is stupid and lame.

 For every new girl I get, I get to drink. FAIL
Dammit. Failed this one too. This one failed on November, December when it was time to leave all my friends and I wanted to celebrate my leaving of Vaasa. Excuses aside it was 100% my decision to drink and 100% my fault that I didn’t have sex with more girls.

4.Improvement in my areas of interests (Learning, reading)–Read/listen 50 books. SUCCESS
I redt 44 complete books. On top of these a bunch of half-ones, a lot of useful youtube talks while at the gym and walking, couple good audio programs, my business mastermind calls, my own studying of Google adwords, landing pages, ecommerce etc…

5.Using my time effectively. (Living life) – No more than 5 hours a week of bullshit TV. BS=Anything that is not aligned with values. SUCCESS
This is pretty easy. I sometimes find myself to get addicted to NFL and 5 hours goes fast when you are engaged. Now on December I also stopped checking out the news all the time. As a result I am probably little bit more calmer and a lot more focused, I am going to keep it up. I know I am efficient with my time, I am good at getting things done in a short time frame. What I need to work on is prioritization and being efficient on the right things.

6.Eating healthy – Have more consciousness of what I eat. Don’t eat junk foods more than once a week. Don’t buy chips, candy, chocolate <75%. Don’t eat more than 4 liters of ice-cream. SUCCESS
Apart from Budapest this was a glorious success. I don’t eat bullshit, it is now carved deep in to my identity. When I go to shop and see people buying crap I often feel like I am simply just not one of these people. It is like they are alien to me.

7. Achieve the bachelor’s degree in business. SUCCESS
Technically didn’t yet, but all the work is done and now it is just bureaucracy wheels need to turn for couple months. I am going to give myself a pass on this one 🙂

8.Exercising to have a healthy body – Exercise at least 3 times a week. SUCCESS
This is good. I started tracking my hours, in the last 60 days I did 66 hours. That is good. Exercise wasn’t always perfect but I aim for consistency.

9. New goal: Travel to 3 new countries.  SUCCESS
Albania, Montenegro and Croatia coming up. All new countries. Traveling 2.8-26.8. Good experience, something new to my life. Always nice 🙂

10. Complete 500XP points on Duolingo.  -Goal * 25% FAIL
Started this goal literally 5 days ago… That was a bit too late to complete this but I got to 310XP. It was fun and it seems like an efficient way to learn the language. Going to do a bit more before I hit Madrid, Spain in a week.

11. New goal: Do 1000 cold-calls. FAIL
One thing I found out this autumn: Focusing on cold-calls is damn though when you don’t have full day on it. When you have other things to focus on your life it is easy to do something else than the hardest thing, especially since you have to squeeze your calls in to tight windows. I ended up doing only about 500, in my defense they were very targeted… I do enjoy the little momentum boost you get from cold-calling I can’t see myself doing it for much longer.

I am going to focus on another business model for 2016. I need a new beginning.

12. New goal: Make daily plans, alarm set Sun-Thu at a certain time to remind me. FAIL
I had the alarm on for a few weeks, then got bored of it, because my goals were almost always a bit same. So I gave up this habit.


Conclusions: 6/12 I failed on the most important, hardest goals and the least important goals. Maybe the top ones were too difficult and maybe the bottom ones were too unimportant. Middle ones were achievable and still important enough.

For next year I want to set less goals, so my goals are all important. I want to be focused on the most important things.

The  2016: Goals

A thing I am going to do a little differently in 2016 is I am going to focus a little bit more on effort and a bit less on results. I have tracked my time usage in the past 2 months and I will keep it up at 2016. Success requires concentrated effort and that is what I aim to put in. Time invested * Return on time investment = results.

People usually act for one reason: to reach a goal. Thus motivation is a goal-directed drive, and it seldom occurs in a void.

So here is my goals for the year 2016:

1. 30000€ in sales. Make profit 
I failed at my revenue goal in 2015 but that doesn’t mean that I wouldn’t put it a bit higher for 2016. Making money is important and 2016 will be a good year to make money. Always aim high because after all making money is 50% of what life all about.

2.Get 12 girls
I need to redeem myself after a disappointing 2015. Everybody is curious whether I still got what it takes to go double digits and beyond. It is important to maintain momentum here, this needs focus. If I haven’t achieved good success by autumn I will probably go to either sunny beach or Thailand.

 For every new girl I have sex with, I get to get drunk. Otherwise it is 4 alcohol servings limit per night.
Goes well with number 2. The less I drink the more I get laid. My game is at its best after 0-2 drinks. My life is at its best when I keep it well under 4 beers. No hangovers, clear mind, happy body 🙂

4. Track and put in the hours accordingly:

Activity                    Day    Week  Month    Year

Business:                 3,5       24,5      98       1176
Getting smarter:    2          14         56        672
Exercise:                   1           7          28       336
AM + PM routines:0,5     3,5       14       168
Totals:                       7         49       196      2352

Now this may seem like little, especially on the business side, but since I am going to be in school also my time will be quite limited. I know however if I can somewhat keep up in the spring I have a chance to succeed in this.

In general here we are talking about a primary activity. Full focus activity.
Not counting breaks longer than couple minutes. I have defined the definitions with more detail on my notepad.

Some of my most loyal readers might note that there is a little 1 month vacation rigged in to these numbers. The schedule might be a bit though to follow but I think it is the only way to succeed in what I am about to do.


That’s it. Only 4 goals for 2016!
The reason I can get by with only 4 is that I know these are challenging enough so that they require effort, and they require me to not be unfocused. For next year to be a success my path needs to be narrow and my focus sharp.

Now that we still have a few hours left of 2015 it is a good moment to look back at some of the later parts of the year. I have moved many times in my life and every time I do it is easy to get a little bit nostalgic about it all, the thing that bothered you don’t anymore and the things that you didn’t appreciate before suddenly seem cool. I think it is the principle of scarcity working on our brain. It only becomes valuable right before you are about to lose it. But I need adventure, always have. Living gives me the spark in my eyes and makes me feel alive. Here is some of my last pictures.


Representing my Uni. @ Tampere. This was already a couple months ago but it was when I lost my 4 limit control and started to get drunk way too often.


Checked out a local hockey game. Still can’t believe how small the arena was. They didn’t even have cheerleaders because they wouldn’t fit in.


Couple sunsets from my last days. I don’t think I even noticed these before I was about to move.



20151218_124039Packed all my stuff in to this van.


This is all I own. It all fits very nicely in to a back of a van. Time to move on, new adventures 🙂

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