Years ago I wanted only two things from life. I wanted to get rich and fuck some bitches. This is my story, this is how I made it happen.

Lets start with a bit of history.

It was the summer of 1989 in the inner city of Tampere in Finland that I was born in to middle class family before the great depression very happy times. But lets skip to the beginning of my very short and unimpressive CV.

I started doing some shitjobs at around 16, was bored out of my fucking mind every single day. My earliest memories from the places I worked was the hopelessness and dullness I saw in the faces of people who worked there, it wasn’t a pretty sight. I always knew I needed to escape, I needed some other way to get by.

I found my break with online poker. I didn’t have much money to setup a bankroll but one pokersite offered 5€ to sign an account with them. I took that up, it was November 2006, poker boom had just hit Finland and I was 17 years old.

One thing that I always had going for me on poker was patience with my bankroll, I was able to slowly build it up from the lowest stakes. Playing mostly 1€ single table tournaments, I was lucky to have a decent run to start with. Who knows what would have happened had I got unlucky, I might have just quit and my life would have turned a little bit different.

2 years later in 2008 I have my last working day at the post office. I do remember going home that December evening with my bike and a shitload of snow swearing myself not to ever return to this shit. It was repetitive and boring work for 8€/hr. Every moment I felt braindead.

The poker boom is going on, I am finally old enough to play and to make some serious cash. But I am too conservative with my playing, it still feels stressful and I mostly waste the next 1,5 years playing video games.

It is the later half of 2009 and I enlist to the Finnish defense forces for my military service. I have just finished high-school which took me 4 years. I am already 20 years old and without any future plans. I am scared of the future and feeling negative about it. On top of this I have to spend the next 6 months living with some dudes and without freedom. It is not all bad though, I get to break my addiction to video games and have a chance to think things through. I leave the army with a determination to improve my situation. I am more destined than I have ever been. I spend the next 5 months studying for the entry exams for my business school and playing poker tournaments at night. Feeling more confident with every little improvement I have my outlook on life is more positive and I have even more drive to make it happen. I get approved to the business school and move away from parents to a new city.

Next 3 years my life is filled with a sort of poker obsession. I go to university at day and play poker long in to the morning hours. My social life is definitely hurting from the amount of hours I play, school could be better too. These things just were not priorities I was blinded by the easy money. And back in those days it was easy, it felt like I was just printing it.

It was pretty lonely time in the girl front of life, I was just always so focused on other things that it didn’t bother me too much. I grew up with zero girls in my life, I didn’t talk to girls at school and there were not any in my social circles, none of my friends had girls in their lives. Luckily for me because I come from a very nerdy background and I had no confidence. My expectations were very low, if I approached some girl and she did not immediately reject me, I viewed that as a pretty good success. Eventually I was able to build on this and improved on this front.

I start to get really bored with my small university town and start to want a better life for myself. I know some people in the capital Helsinki who are regularly going out and pimping some girls, I know I have to get to go out with them because at this point I know that I am never going to get good on my own. For the summer of 2013 I go out 3 nights a week to just approach girls, I build a good momentum with it and my social confidence improves tremendously. In 4 months I have 8 new girls, something I could have not foreseen.

I know that if I go back to my old circles I risk reverting back to isolation and not being social, on top of this, I am getting older and it feels like I am just wasting my life in a small town so at the end of the summer of 2013 I decide to pack my stuff in to a closet, pack the important to 2 suitcases, take a gap-year and move to Prague in the Czech-republic to play online poker professionally.

I start the campaign quite well, but I grew bored of the constant grind quite fast and it starts to feel like a job for the first time. The days of easy money are gone, countries are restricting online poker and the level in the games is tougher than it has ever been. On top of this I am falling out of love with the game. Most professional online poker players are looking for an escape out of the profession, much like me they don’t necessarily possess any real skills, all they ever have done is played cards all their adult lives.

In this blog I am looking to complete my life bio with something cool. I have some ideas of what I wan’t to get to do next, hopefully with some good old hustling attitude I can make it happen.

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