How rich am I really?

People often ask me how much money I made from poker.


I made enough so that if I wanted I could retire today

I could live quite an average life somewhere far away and sunny

In countries like Cambodia or Bangladesh.

To be honest, I am a bit worried about the 6-7% growth rates in these countries.
GDP growth brings inflation with it.

Instead I might choose some other place with less of a developing economy.
Like Swaziland in southern Africa might be a solid choice.

Not too many retirees ruining the scenery.
Chill out with my multiple wives.
Sunny weather, yet far enough from the equator to give little mercy for my white ass.

But, why am I talking about moving to f*cking Swaziland.

It just illustrates my thinking that for a long time I though this way.

That money is just something you buy freedom with.
And it’s so scarce you have to accumulate every penny and protect. It’s hard to make.
Something that allows you to retire because making money is painful and always sucks.

Why am I thinking this?
I don’t even want to retire.

It’s easy to feel like money is really abundant when you’re just making a lot of it.
Printing it playing poker.
Then when you’re not, you’re kinda dropped from the sky back to ground level.

Especially when you surround yourself with poor people like I did in Thailand, Vietnam & Cambodia. These scarcity mindsets are infectious.
It hammers in to you that money is scarce because a dollar is a lot of money over there.
It’s easy to buy in to. A lot of backpackers (me included) were being really cheap. I’m sure that when they go back home to their wealthy countries they are not the same there, they just spend it up.

Same thing happened to me a little bit.
It doesn’t make any sense.

Wealth beliefs!

I’ve been working on how I think about money a bit.
It’s funny to dive deep in your mind and try to figure out why you’re thinking and beliefs are the way that they are. Dive deep in to your mind.
You start to unlock these beliefs little by little.


Why do I perceive money to be so scarce?
It’s probably one of these things that I inherited from my parents.

Some things happened like 20 years ago and they are still running the show.
And I have all these beliefs based on these things.
I had no idea why they even existed.

We tend to think we’re these rational beings whose thinking is all logical.
When it’s more likely to just be that random events happened to you and you became you.

Most people never question their beliefs.
We are just looking to strengthen our existing beliefs.
Like a lens blocking out everything else.
If you don’t question your beliefs they tend to stay the same..

I really needed to work on these.
I felt such scarcity when it came to money.
If it’s this hard to make money, how could I ever become an entrepreneur?
All that would be left would be to be a company man. Make the dollars per hour.
It would be a huge limiting belief, being an employee would be the only option.
There would be nothing else.

It’s quite exiting. The more I have dived in to this.
The more I think about it.
The more I start to just be certain that business can be done.
It’s not impossible by any means; if I just stick at it success is eventually more likely than failing.

It’s just a complete mindset shift in two months.
My plan making my goals for 2015 was just to grind some passive income online affiliating or something.
Now I have 5 or so ideas I could do to probably get in to €50k+ years.
Next step: Execute

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