Taking action to be fulfilled

If you are striving to be somebody you are constantly seeking ways to make little improvements in your life. You wan’t to run things more efficient, you wan’t to tweak things and you seek that perfection.

I got so excited about improving myself and owning life that other things almost didn’t matter anymore. At times it got so extreme that people that didn’t want more in life just seemed weird to me.

Most people are not able to focus on anything long-term, just wanting instant results on everything. They think greatness is born and they can’t achieve it, being a loser is easier that way. These people are just turning a blind eye to their problems in life, it’s easier to convince ourselves that we will deal with the problems later. They can’t handle the adversity.

Whatever you try to master, it is going to take a long time, there is no fast lane to the glory. You will have to go through the though the tedious learning process.

Do you appreciate the challenges you face in your life? If you have enough perspective you will see how it grows you in the long term. You might even get a bit of a kick out of it when you are conscious of the end result.

So many people are just stuck in not taking action, victimizing themselves, finding an identity in their situation. In their minds it maker them important. The more these people procrastinate the harder it gets to punch themselves through because you will start rationalizing that it was a big deal to begin with. There must have been a good reason why you didn’t deal with it.

How are you not going to be awesome at life if you.

1. You understand that you are in charge of what happens to you.

2. You don’t doubt your capabilities, you understand that you can change.

3. You execute.

“The will to do springs from the knowledge that we can do. Doubt and fear are the great enemies of the knowledge, and he who encourages them, thwarts himself at every step.”   -James Allen, As a man thinketh

Training myself to the elite: The daily habits.
I know close to nothing about TV, music or celebrities. I have little interest in those things. For 3 years my life was mostly school and poker. I owned my way of life, it was full on commitment to my interests. Those years were hard but at the same time it was really fulfilling time in my life.

I started to develop and fine tune the habits that helped me forward. They weren’t always easy to follow, but over time I have started to appreciate the internal fulfillment over the external stimuli. The right action is the reward. If you’re not doing anything in life it feels like there is this void. You need a sense of mission in life.

The masculine priority is purpose and direction. By analyzing your purpose and re-aligning your direction, you can solve many of your emotional problems. – David Deida, the way of the superior man.

Every time I’ve played the best poker I have committed to my daily rituals. That’s how I have found the most consistent success.


Healthy foods.                    (Broccoli, carrots, 90% dark chocolate, nuts)

No computer after 2 am.     (Having the time to reflect, training your brain to concentrate)

Meditation                          (Ease stress, create perspective)

Exercise                             (Optimizing my brain)

Study, review.

There is more, and I’m constantly fine tuning these. But these are the most important.

With a strong drive, these things are effortless, your mind is focused on the benefits and not on what you are giving up. I have simply bought in that I will be better off.

I have my own standards for life, moving toward the virtues, almost like my own self-help cult. You have to have the unwavering belief in your cause or you are just going to give up and rationalize when the temptation arises.

Right now I’m going out full sober, when the temptation to drink is there I just change my perspective, focus on why it’s so cool to not have the need to drink. It is not always pleasant but eventually these kind of hard things feed into your self-esteem and makes you value yourself in a new way.

“Make your life an ongoing process of being who you are, at your deepest, most easeful levels of being.”   -David Deida


Just figure: How to start being more awesome. That is the most important thing, the end destination will come. Get on it and correct your course along the way.

I think I have the responsibility to be awesome, anything less is pathetic. You weren’t brought to this world to be a statistic.

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