Moving in to a new home

New city. New adventures.  New house. New life. New opportunity. My second chance 🙂


Oh yeah. I have a home once again!
Not as glorious as my Prague penthouse but almost.

19m² of pure beauty.

Its really close to the clubs. All the clubs are close together, its a small town.

20150111_130917_PanoI have always thought where you live is more important than how you live. This location is amazing. I can just quickly walk where ever I want to go.

Other than that. The goals are coming along pretty nicely so far. As they should since I have had so much free time. I need to get a bit better with my reading but I think my brain will adapt to the pace. Eventually when my reading and concentration improves I get my daily 50 pages done faster and have some energy for the other important stuff afterwards as well.

I’m also Excited to get back to gym. I promise to have a six pack in a couple of months. I will start building a bit of an endurance base on the beginning it take it from there.

This town is a good place to have some non distraction hustle. I always get a lot done here. It can be a benefit that there is nightlife only 2 nights a week. Hit it hard when it’s on. It is going to be a good challenge for me to turn my Vaasa life  in to an amazing porn film.

I was thinking I have been with a fair amount of girls by now
and many of their stories are documented in writing BUT
I don’t have any pictures stored of these girls.
I think this is was a huge injustice that had to be made right.

I created a picture collection: “the girls of the past.”
Kind of like a collection of my childhood I can look back on when I am a horny old man.

I am a big believer in documenting life, if you don’t record what is happening the memories  quickly fade in to this kind of fuzz.
So I dag deep on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and Whatsapp to hunt down any pictures I still could find.

2-by-10-would-not-bang-19Some people say keeping a list is stupid because it makes you do it for the wrong reasons. I disagree, I think whatever gets you motivated, use it.
Some people say I am doing this to feed my ego. BUT.

To deny this would be to deny history.
As a humble man I asked myself the question:
Who am I to deny history?

I was able to find face pictures of 57% girls who got fucked.

I took the best 3 pictures of each girl that were within half a year of getting together.

And I love the album 🙂

So document your life, your children deserve to know who you are.

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