Taking my company public

Every year I want to try out something out that is a little bit different to what I have been doing.
For 2015 it was starting a web-development agency business.
For 2016 it was focusing on Shopify Ecommerce.
And since its now 2017 I want to try out some thing new again, something different, challenging and interesting.

So I am starting to push out a lot of content for my business. So in a sense I am taking my company and myself ‘public’.
This means I will be pushing myself out there and generating inbound leads for my business and really aim to position myself and my Shopify agency as top experts in my field.

So I thinking and planning of the best way to do this and decided that I am going to be pushing content on YouTube.
And then shamelessly promote that content throughout the Internet.

I believe in this plan because in my mastermind group this has been proven to be a good (Although very time consuming) way to get new leads for business.

I hope and believe long-term I will be a lot better off because of this.

Initially with content marketing it is most likely going to be like a J-curve. It can take a long time and a lot of effort to get noticed but once the work is done it should eventually reap continuous benefits.

And that is the aim here:
1. Create content that speaks to my target customer.
2. Position myself as an authority.

So the goal is to drive leads through that.
Not to grow a subscriber base but to get the right people on the phone with a right mindset.

Check out my YouTube channel here.
Check out my companys website here.
If you haven’t yet, you can also connect with me via LinkedIn.

Lots of cool stuff coming up on YouTube.
Ecommerce is always interesting and it is more relevant than ever so keep in touch 🙂


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