Your success rate

Your success rate, meaning how many girls that you approach you end up fucking.

First time sexual encounters / approaches = Success rate

I go out and see pickup dudes take every single approach way too seriously, their egos are really attached to whether some random bar slut happens to like them or not.

You should keep in mind what you are trying to do fill her holes with white sticky matter.  Its only natural that girls would be a little bit reserved when everybody is trying to bust their nut in to them. And then if they reject your motive you take it personally, your approach % just went down.  If you look at it from perspective, it is pretty comical,  you shouldn’t take it too seriously.

If you think it from business perspective, say you are an entrepreneur starting your little shitty business and it fails. Was it really a complete failure. You probably learned a shitload of stuff. Building up websites, starting business, the red-tape of it all. Maybe you made some mistakes that you are not going to make again. 2nd time you are more likely to succeed on it. You will be remembered from your masterpieces, not from you failures. Nobody cares about the initial failure, people will even respect that you kept on going, you certainly will.

It sounds very feelgood to say that there is no rejections. But there kinda is not rejections because it is never over, if you stay patient and don’t go too overboard you can re-approach multiple times and she might turn around. So cheesy to say but if you actually enjoy the process as much as the results you will get better results, you will win more. Sometimes it is hard to break out of the winning focused mindset, you will still need to play to win of course, but if you overly push for it, it can be really bad people can sense that something is wrong. The man of action, going for the win mindset doesn’t really directly apply to meeting girls. Pull yourself out of the mindset that success is beautiful, the shit is dirty like national geographic.

They say success is what happens when skill meets the opportunity. Opportunity * Skill = Results.

It is not a numbers game and it is not a skill game it is both.

Everybody can play the numbers to their favor, even if their game wouldn’t be as effective and awesome as mine. I don’t think almost anybody is completely hopeless on this if they do like 500 approaches, they will probably hit the hole once or twice. Even with lower % you can still get laid few times a year, just give yourself a chance to get laid.

Take the pressure off of yourself with the mindset that your % will never be too high. If you have to measure yourself with something, I prefer the model penetrations/sessions=Success rate. I of course like this model a lot more since it makes my success look a lot better 😉

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